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Adventure-Abberant-Trinity Crossover-brainstorming


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Hey Folks,

my friends and me have started a "One Shot of the Month"-Series. The idea is, that once each month people gather to game and someone will be GM with one of the games he has dusting on one of his shelves.

The GM will provide some Characters to choose from and the adventure should be not too long, so that it can be run in one session of a couple of hours.

I thought about running a cycle of the Aeon Continuum, in chronolgical order over three meetings. So first Adventure!, the Abberant, then Trinity. To strengthen the feeling that its one continuum, I'd like the adventures to have a somewhat consisting topic ... as some players will probably attend only one or two of the adventures, it should be a loose string. Just so that the guys who attended the Adventure! session and join again for Trinity will recognize some things.

Now I just can't think of a good topic for that .... and I'm not very much into the Abberant-stuff until now, still have to read it ::blink

So, anyone some idea what the series could focus around?

.... just need some starters to get of ground ::ultracool

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Well, technically that's "in order". ;)

If you're going to do that then you need to live with (and enjoy) the "everything you know is wrong" concept.

I.e. in Trin you're Psions fighting monsters (Novas). In Abby you're novas fighting the conspiracy. In A! you're building the Conspiracy.

There are reasons, sound ones, why everyone is doing what they are.

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