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  1. In AsAs it is said that the Bandits or Pirates or whatever in Myanmar are recovering the genome code illegaly to do something with it. Don't remember what ^^ I think it was in the description of the country. Btw I don't know how they can't have the Genome discovered in Trinity. As far as I know, for Craig Venter it was ab bit isolating and lots of processong power, with the Computer available in Trinity every Biolab should be able to do it in one weekend-shift. That sounds really cool! Do you have an outline or something of the adventure, that you would like to share? ::smile
  2. 1- As far as I know about Aberrant, Divis Mal surpasses the power of all other Novas by far. In the Trinity-time, the older Novas are as old as was Mal when he vanished, so it can't just be that he had more time to train than the later Novas, I think the Hammersmith-incident produced much more powerfull Novas than the Galatea-incident. So I always imagined that Max' Timetravel-ability is like Mal's, its a normal Quantum-power (or Psi-power, doens't really matter) thats very focussed to Time Travel, it's just way beyond the limits of the Novas that erupted in 2008 or later. It's not that they absolutely can't learn to timetravel like Max, it's just that they are not powerfull enough. Just my thought, I'm not very educated about the topic ::wink 2- I handled it this way: there are Novas and there are Abberants. Mesmerits and Stalwarts are low-powered Psionics or Novas who use their power unconciously and the classification in Mesmerits and Stalwarts as well as Z-rays comes from the fact that the people in the Adventure-era just don't know better. Daredevils are just cool, point ^^ That's why I don't like it that the Adventure-hero-types are re-introducend into the Trinity world in AsAs, it doesn't feels fitting. PS: Sorry for the probably bad english translation, I'm ill ...
  3. If you want to try some really weird Steampunk look out for the Castle Falkenstein-rpg .... it's really weird, but really funny, too ::happy http://www.talsorian.com/cfindex.shtml
  4. I think this question fits in the topic ... So I was thinking about the Allies and Assets Humanity might have when the Ark hits the our System. And I came up with two thing I didn't read anything about which might be relevant and want to know you're opinion. 1. Nova supertech Might the Trinity store big quantities of powerfull asskicking tech from the Nova-era? Originally just to have it when it was needed or perhaps becaus Max Mercer told them to do so because he feared/knew that something like the Invasion would happen? And the Nova-tech found and confiscated after the Exodus must go anywhere and I imagine the Trinity being the institution to got to if you have some Abby-tech that should be stored or destroyed. 2. Independent Novas/Abberants I imagine that most Novas either went with the Colony or Eden. But I like the idea of more or less widespread, small colonies of Novas living somewhere in Space who want nothing to do with the maniac Colony but are still to bitter about the Exodus to be in leage with the Edenites. But when they get knowledge, that some horrid Alienrace is on their way to rape Humanity (whom they might still se as their cousins oder unbeloved brother) and Terra (which they might have some spirituell bond with, even in the 2nd or 3rd generation away) they might be bothered. And when they see the Colony forming an Alliance with this threat, many could well decide to side with Humanity. While the Edenites are very powerfull, I would devise this group as fairly low-powered Novas with larger numbers than the Edenites, with a handfull of leaders who are more powerfull but are chosen only for the time until the fight is over.
  5. I wondered about the Arcologies in Trinity. Till recently I had a vague concept how an arcologie would look and feel like, mostly from Science Fiction films like Blade Runner. Now in Trinity there are many types of Arcologies like the one shown on one picture in the America Offline book and the Brasilia Acrology from Terra Verde and I got thinking how to do an adventure in one ... of course including the feel and atmosphere this should provide. Thinking about that blasted my concept about Arcologies ^^ Does anyone have good Information about Arcologies? From scientific to pure fiction, I would be interested in nearly anything ::smile
  6. Finally I got got hold of the Adventure! Rulebook - thats really good stuff ::smile I think adapting some things from there will do for more anime style.
  7. About the UK-Book ... I read and I like it. Many coole ideas and nicely written What I don't get is why the Chinese Secret Service should sabotage the Beanstalk-project. What can they win by sabotaging it and what could they loose by letting it happen?
  8. Sounds a bit like the European Union today ::wacko Why do you all say the UAN is a mayor force in the UN? I can't remember reading anything about it, did I miss it somewhere? The Core Book states that India is big at negotiations and mediating between other countries, so I think they would be very influential in the UN, too.
  9. I would have guessed that the most important change is how people accept the UN. Today most people consider it unimportant or a tool to reach their own goals. In the Trinity Era, when the UN declared and mainly waged the war (although unsuccesfull) to save Humanity from the Abbis and with the newly discovered external threats like the Coalition and the Chromatics I think most people are able to see the need to rally behind one organisation which keeps peace on earth and coordinates the nations, NGO and all others in kicking alien butt, should they come to close to Terra. Just consider what would happen today with the world order, if possibly hostile aliens would be discovered flying to earth and to land in say 50 years ... Rallying behind the US? No go for many nations, as well as Rallying behing China, India, Russia, th EU ... leaves only the UN ::smile My opinion ^^
  10. Perhaps one or two Daredevils would be cool in a rival regiment with which the characters regiment holds an old grudge about who is best, coolest and get the most women ::tongue
  11. Found it ::smile Players guide, Page 92 - 93. Summs up to the UN having a military force in civil war regions etc (in larger conflicts in cooperation with forces from different nations) and a better equipped UNAC (United Nations Aberrant Commando) which serves as the frontline against Aberrants and Aliens.
  12. I think I remember reading that the UN has it's own military forces, at least in space. I'm not sure if it's right, but when so, it would be a major difference, too.
  13. Hey Folks, my friends and me have started a "One Shot of the Month"-Series. The idea is, that once each month people gather to game and someone will be GM with one of the games he has dusting on one of his shelves. The GM will provide some Characters to choose from and the adventure should be not too long, so that it can be run in one session of a couple of hours. I thought about running a cycle of the Aeon Continuum, in chronolgical order over three meetings. So first Adventure!, the Abberant, then Trinity. To strengthen the feeling that its one continuum, I'd like the adventures to have a somewhat consisting topic ... as some players will probably attend only one or two of the adventures, it should be a loose string. Just so that the guys who attended the Adventure! session and join again for Trinity will recognize some things. Now I just can't think of a good topic for that .... and I'm not very much into the Abberant-stuff until now, still have to read it ::blink So, anyone some idea what the series could focus around? .... just need some starters to get of ground ::ultracool
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