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Trinity RPG - Familiarity and the Upeo


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As I had started talking about the teleporters in other threads I thought I'd give this topic a shot.

Familiarity is the big issue and limitation with the jumpers, but it is a bit inconsistent in how it is addressed in the rules (Stellar Frontier). I have used the twin evils of Logic and Extrapolation to come up with some of the following points/house rules.

In Transmit Object it says that you have to know where an Object is to summon it to you to within a metre, but for Transmit Person you can teleport a person you are familiar with from anywhere in the universe to anywhere else in the universe as long as you can make the difficulty roll for how familiar you are with both the person and the location.

This means you could pluck someone you have worked with for 6 hrs a day for 6 months (Vaguely Familiar) from anywhere in the universe and deposit them in a location you know as well for a +4 Difficulty and 1 or 2 hour Objective transit time.

All well and good, but you couldn't call your biolaser that you have been formatted to for 5 years from the room next door because you don't exactly where the guard put it! Hardly fair to my mind.

So I allow jumpers to summon/transmit objects with the same familiarity as they do for people, in addition to the standard rules. Obviously, this will generally only apply to personal items they are likely to carry or be around quite a bit and over a prolonged period of time.

Another thought I had is that if a jumper can locate someone will enough to summon them from anywhere in the universe, couldn't he also use that information to send himself or an object to the person?

I also allowed the alternate modes from elsewhere on this site of Anchorhead, Beacon and Tag to temporarily give a Very Familiar rating for locations, objects and people respectively. These were altered to give a progression in there duration, from an intial success x 1hr, to Psi hours with an option to spend an XP to make it permanant, to Psi days.

Any comments?

Have I overdone it, not gone far enough etc...

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