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Aberrant RPG - Looking for Abby players for online game on Nprime

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Our ST is looking for 2 players in a game over on Nprime.

The Setting: Post nuclear holocaust America, which was enough decades ago that it’s possible to have up and coming cities. There is no federal government, what we have is city states or anarchy. Sort of Mad Max. Note that the ‘outback’ has for real monsters, i.e. aberrants and novas who have gone mad with taint (the difference is how many nova points they are built on). All novas are members of an up and coming city or collective with (I think) tens of thousands of baselines and a hundred or so novas. Our city actually has electricity… kind of sort of. Any day now someone will invent money so we don’t have to barter (I’m not kidding). Technology crashed big time after the burn although there’s still some mega-int types around making q-tech. Scavenging is a big activity, can be dangerous between the risk of aberrants and radiation.

Building Novas: Standard 30 nova points, standard rules with the following changes. Only one dot of quantum can be purchased with bonus points. *Every* point of taint grants an aberration, although you don’t get negative social mods until 4 (where you’d have 4 minor aberrations). All novas, even at taint 0 and Q1, are instantly identifiable as such simply because they’re more healthy than baselines (gotta love those three free dots of Endurance and Resistance).

Current PCs:

Raider: Technology geek with DD5, attune 5, and healing. 3 aberrations, most recently he purchased healing tainted.

Gregory: A wild child from the outback with Q-Construct.

Doug ‘Courier’: Flying super-strong type, makes a living hauling things between cities (sort of a nova version of two men and a truck), also has psi-link. No aberrations.

Forum thread page: http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php/ubb/p...Board/42/page/1

ST: Dr. Raphael Bradford

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