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Aberrant RPG - ley lines, nodes, nexuses

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Been playing Rifts doc ?

What Ley lines (or whatever else you want to call them) should be in a game of Aberrant...

I guess it depends on what you want in the way of atmosphere. It's worth noting that Ley Lines are actually included in the canon Trinity setting (Alex Cassell makes a reference to them at some point, but I cannot for the life of me remember where).

I would recommend against allowing a nova to replenish his node from "Ley Lines" or almost any other source...

on the other hand, it makes a cool limitation for Quantum Regeneration as a power, neh ?

Using Ley Lines etc. would give a more...mystical feel to the game, I guess. Given that in Aberrant literally _anything_ is possible (the bugger of dealing with quantum phenomena is that "non-zero probability" thing), I suppose you could fit them in. I can't say the idea seems all that exciting to me though...

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Actually, he's pulling that concept from RIFTS though it's an old idea in the real world. Ley Line, sometimes called Dragon Lines, go through a lot of permutations in real world beliefs and were described as everything from "rivers" of positive and negative chi to a kind of sacred geometry linking sites of power. Some sacred/mystical sites were believed to be built on nexus points, areas where two or more Ley Lines converged and were therefore "more powerful". In RIFTS, and it's quasi-predessessor BEYOND THE SUPERNATURAL, the concept was developed to high science and makes for interesting reading.

The idea of Ley Lines could actually be ported to Aberrant, if you were looking for a more mystical bent, but I would think the advantages and disadvantages ultimately balance each other out. It would take a refined character concept to actually make advantageous use of the Ley Line concept, which is more than possible since not everyone buys into modern science and quantum physics, but those that don't wouldn't even notice a difference.

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