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Tired of losing character sheets?


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Well, since I'm busier than ever (I still compulsively check on QZ status but I feel guilty about doing so...:P) and I've just used rainlendar to organize court proceedings I must attend to (doing pro bono), meetings I've gotta hold, deadlines to meet plus I've got notes I desperately don't want to lose...I just found a great app!

Cobian backup

Just scroll down a bit and you'll find it...I just scheduled weekly backups of my Rainlendar events and todo files as well as all of my law notes. Super easy to use...actually was so quick I think I'll change that to daily backups.

Right now I'm just saving to a particular isolated folder though I think I'll arrange an FTP backup every week, which is also easily doable with Cobian... ::thumbup

Anyway, back to the grind... ::brick

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