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As such, I wasted 3.50$ on listing fees.

So, Let me try another approach.

This is where the Trinity fans are. So, let's try selling it here.

Make me an offer. I'll tack on 3.85$ for shipping (USPS Priority Mail, 2-3 days delivery to US, I can ship International, but it will be so much it probably will not be worth it for the buyer to pay), and I'll take the Best Offer that people here can give, assuming I can at least recoup the cost of the book. We can handle the payment through Pay Pal. It's easy and actually free, or at least I've not found hidden charges in the ToS yet...

So, anyone, someone?

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Well...before I offer a bid on that (seeing as how im mostly broke most times) what price are you going to start at (i.e. what wont insult you)?

I would like the book, but like I said im mostly broke and cant afford to shell out the $40 most of them go for.

Also...I dont use paypal...bad experience where they have taken money *out* of my bank account on their own accord and I didnt notice it till it was too late. Would you take any other form of payment?

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Well, as I said I want to at least recoup cost of the book, 25$ is the least.

Pay Pal doesn't charge you anything unless you're using it in place of a credit card. You might want to be sure you didn't buy something using it that had hidden charges that came out later.

As for other forms of payment, I suppose I could alo take books in trade. In that case, I'd pay shipping on what I sent out, you (or whomever gave me the best deal) would pay for shipping their books to me.

In the case of a book trade, I'm willing to negoitate for any combination of the following that roughly equal the TPG, again, best offer would fly (using smileys as bullets);

::devil Exalted: The Dragon Blooded (as that's hardcover, I'd call that one even up unless someone offered that +, then I'd have to take the better deal of course.)

::smile Exalted Storytellers Companion + Screen

::dozingoff Exalted: Book of Three Circles

::ninja Exalted: Time of Tummult

::smokin Exalted: The Abyssals (again, hardcover so even up trade unless... )

::devilangel d20 Modern

::crazy d20 Call of Cthuthlu (sp?)

Yes, if you get the idea by what I'm looking for, I'm thinking of starting an Exalted game, and want more input. The d20 stuff is for Con, cause d20 is king at my local cons.

So, everyone, look it over, think about it, make me an offer. To be fair, I guess I'll give everyone a week to weigh in on what they want to trade and/or pay.

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