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Any ideas for cool flash?


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(continued from another thread)

Hey Flashmaster! How did you find the sites? Yeah, I know the .org one needs a facelift. The last webmasters were kinda putzes.

Ok, here's a lowdown on my (rough) ideas so far. I have 3 main concepts in mind right now, but whatever you can do (whether more or less) would be muchly appreciated!

The first one is a quick intro to my .ca site. See the logo at the top? That actually has a bigger logo that used to be on the front page before the site got nuked (with PostNuke Content Management Software! Very cool stuff. )  Anyway it's just a short animation of the elements in that pic. I actually have it kinda scripted in my head already. I'll send you this "script" and the pic for visual to your e-mail so you can see what you think. If you can come up with something better, then by all means, let me know, you're the expert!

My second idea is for a flash intro to the .org site. I'm thinking of it being a "shocking you into reality" type thing. A bit like the InUn preview, perhaps, showing many of the problems today (like pollution, unemployment, war, poverty, overcrowded hospitals, crime, etc.), and then ending with something to the effect of "here's the solution at last" kinda deal. For imagery ideas, check out http://adbusters.org/campaigns/question/  and click on "Click to view quicktime". I dunno, again, any creative input is certainly welcome (from anyone).

The third one is a sort of text presentation idea. Along similar lines as the last portion of the Noetics demo you did. What sort of presentation could be anything, but we could use one of my hypertext presentations of Technocracy that would look real cool spiffed up to flash. You can find it here: http://www.technocracy.ca/simp/start.htm . Here I can imagine all the words moving around, out of the way when you click a link and stuff (kinda like this page: http://www.hetecon.com/ ). For theme I'm thinking cool computer kinda graphics, like you're accessing some futuristic mainframe/database. Maybe the words should move around less then, as if it's on a data terminal or something.

Again, let me know what you think. You probably have some pretty good ideas yourself. Heck, I just got another one, based on your Noetics one. You see, Technocracy was first developed in 1918, and later became an organization in 1933. Almost the era of the old part of the Noetics flash. Maybe this one could show old photographs of Technocrats in the early days (I have many), perhaps even other depression-era pictures (Technocracy was originally a solution for the Great Depression, even though they had predicted it before it actually happened). Then moving on to the futuristic motif, show what we have now, or even what is possible, and the background music corresponding to era like in yours. How good of an artist are you? Or do you know any? What we really need are good concept artists, to show what sorts of cool things are possible in a Technocratic society (for ideas you can check out this short article: http://www.technocracy.ca/simp/urbanates2.htm ).

I hope this doesn't overload you with info. Let me know what you think about all this and if you (or anyone else) have any questions about this or Technocracy, just let me know! I also welcome anyone's suggestions for improving my sites! www.technocracy.ca  and  www.technocracy.org .

::robotmonkey  Thanks!

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Sorry about the late reply.. my personal life tried to jump me *hits it with a stick* but I taught it who was in control  :D .  I really like the ideas, actaully I was at a loss of ideas because although I knew what Technocracy did, I didn't know what to show it doing.  So yes thank you, as for artist I'm pretty well versed with magnificant photoshop skills although I do not consider myself the best or even close to best but I am good.  I really like yor ideas thus far, I'll try to get working as soon as possible on a few samples of your idea and show them to you.  Currently I'm being stretched over a variety of projects and might lose even more time to an upcoming job.  Then again, it'll give me an opertunity to think of new things when I'm bored... maybe ask a couple customers for some ideas  ::devilangel that could freak them out.  ::smiley1

But I'm still up and I'll get working on a few of the trailors asap.  They don't sound too overly complicated I can probably get some images I might need (like the old images) from you and those will help a great deal.  I'll reply with more info in a couple days, again sorry for the late reply.

Flashmaster Watts

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Hey, that's cool. I was starting to get a little worried, but instead of bugging you I just kept reminding myself: "You know, he probably has a real life too..."  ;)  

So yeah, when ever you can is great. Maybe just a periodic update or something so I know you're not dead or anything; here or in e-mail is fine (you have mine from the e-mail I sent you). As for the pictures, you can get most of them from the Technocracy.ca website in the Picture Gallery. You can get them at medium or high res; when you click on the thumbnail, you get the medium res, click on that picture to get the high res. They are all of Technocracy events and Technocrats, however. If you want scarier stuff (like for the second idea), then some sort of stock footage I guess will be fine.

And if you can do any sort of concept drawings (which I know would take more time, so we could consider that a separate project in iteself, but might go nicely with the last idea I gave RE: the old vs. the new), we could SO use those! We should probably discuss that later I guess, but Technocracy is a little hard to explain to people, so cool imagry of what sort of lives they could have would go a long way (worth a thousand words and all). But then, you can do animations, which could be considered worth a thousand pictures???  ::smiley1  

BTW, if ANYONE else out there has any artistic ability they can spare to a poor non-profit organization trying to save the world  ::halo , then please let me know! We take volunteers of all kinds (not just artists). At the very least it's a cool idea to learn about! ::thumbs-up

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Yep... I'm looking at the site right now, saving images left and right as long as my browser doesn't crash on me (glares at CPU) and the pictures are looking good.  I've already started work on an old movie preview so although I may not be activly responding I am still working on the project.  I can probably have the first preview done... well, I don't like to give out time frames especially when I havn't hammered out all the details and I don't have all the source material I need, so it should be maybe a week or two.  Btw, how long did you want them to be in real time, 30 seconds, one minute, two minutes, four minutes, five minutes, eighteen hours?  With the 18 hours one expect a lot of static and pointless parts  ::smiley1

As for lives they could have, I'm reading through material and when I start making the pictures of those lives I'll make them as beliveable as possible (one of my major talents as a graphic artist  :) )

Until next I reply, I get to go to a job interview at 2 today... it's 12:49 right now so when I get back I'll probably start working on it again or where I left off.  Talk to you soon


"The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face."  :D

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Wow, great to hear it, FMW!

As for length, hmmm... For the Tech.ca intro that I fleshed out, I am guessing around 15-20 seconds maybe? There wasn't much to it, but whatever looks good. The second one, the Tech.org intro with the scary images, maybe, 30 seconds to a minute? Kinda of t.v. commercial like, like the "uncommercials" I was pointing to on www.adbusters.com. Let's see now. The third was intractive mostly, so no real time limit there. Maybe just cool "loading OS" type computer stuff ("linking to Technate Central Data Hub" kinda hooey. :) ) The one you mentioned about the old vs. new, with how their lives could be, let me go look at your Noetics one again. (shuffles off) (watches cool flash intro) (returns)

Wow, again I have to say how impressed I am. Of course, maybe it's just simple to you, and I'm suffering from that "Any sufficiently advanced technology appears as magic to primitive societies" type thing.  :P  Anyway, that was about two minutes long. So I am thinking maybe 2-5 minutes??? Very rough. Depends on how much good stuff you can put in, I guess. If it looks good at 10 or more, hey, cool. I suppose another reason I like the Noetics intro was the part about "Science = proven theory", since that is one of the main reasons why Technocracy is supposed to work where all other governments have failed to properly handle high technology. Technology works best in only one way, and using politics and opinions (which see many different ways as being equal) cannot properly administer that. So let science govern the tech, let the people do what they want after that (save killing, stealing, etc.) and all is good. Like I said before, if you, (or anyone else) have any questions about Technocracy, just let me know! We can also talk ICQ if that would help (either Technocracy or the project).

And also, about the lives they could have again, make sure you have a good grasp of the Urbanate articles. They are built from the ground up, like machines you live in, functionally. From the people's point of view, it's like a resort. Think like how in Disneyland they have garbage cans that are connected to chutes that carry the garbage all to one (or several) garbage collection places underground. There is also a good article I have about Utilities Distribution Planning that you might want to read. I will upload it to the Tech.org site today. Urbanates are truly wonderful things once you see what they can be like, even with today's technology!

And hey, if you can come up with a Lord of the Rings length epic about Technocracy, I won't stop you. ;) But seriously, the more art of any kind we get the better. I already have three novel ideas I want to write, as soon as I finish the other two Technocracy books I'm working on. It would be cool if one of them became a movie or something!  ::sigh

Thanks again! And good luck with your interview!

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