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  1. Nina: Ah ok, cool. Rorx: Yeah, I thought of that stuff too. Again it comes down to utility. When I think of how useful that power is to others, it certainly demotivates me to spend my precious xp there instead of on other things. Anyway, thanks everyone for your input. I'll talk it over with my storyteller and see what we come up with.
  2. Yeah it hasn't really come up in our games before either, but we've started a new game and this time I'm playing a clear, Al Alif actually, and Bloodhound is really their thing, so it's kind of important. I was trying to think of possible use cases for this power, and given the psi print rules I couldn't really think of one. Like say you're tracking down some criminal. You couldn't use it for initial investigation so you'd have to rely on conventional methods first. That's fine, so then suppose you track down their hotel room or secret lair, anything that they would have on them often enough for this to work would by definition most likely still be on their person, so you won't find it there (unless they are there, in which case there's no need). So basically you'd have to get really lucky that they've left that important item behind just when you need them to. I've thought that perhaps the game designers were intending the power to be like a physical scent, which takes time to build up and then later dissipates. That makes sense, but again what use cases? Perhaps chasing after an escaped convict and hope they've dropped or accidentally torn some of their clothing? Again, you'd have to get lucky. It might be useful in a kidnapping but again you'd have to be lucky that something was dropped in an altercation. Am I just missing when and how to use this? It just seems like compared to other Clairsentience powers, it'd be really hard to use. For example Dowsing has plenty of use cases, from keeping track of enemy positions to finding the cookies in a grocery store. Before this character I thought that Bloodhound worked the same way as Dowsing actually, just for specific items and people instead of general ones, that you only need to have encountered the specific individual before in order to track them down, but I guess the game designers thought that was too powerful maybe? What gave you the impression that I was?
  3. Just wondering how other people handle this. As I understand it, a psi print is created when an object is in a person's possession, or simply nearby, for at least 6 hours, and for each of these six hours, the print lasts for 1 (adding to the total your psi score), at which time it dissipates at a rate of 1 every hour. As near as I can tell, this would work for virtually nothing beyond those six hours. An example they use is your wallet, which many people keep on their person every day. But while that may be so, it is not usually near that person for 24 hours that day, most people don't sleep with their wallets, or anything else they typically carry around with them during the day. So while they are sleeping for say 8 hours, that psi print is going to fade away. This severely limits the use of them and seems broken to me. In their example in the book, a guy carries around his minicomp regularly for a week, but in order for the rule to work as stated, he'd have to sleep and bathe with the thing, so unless that is true, their example does not follow the rules. And for that matter, what if the print is partially faded, how does it work then once it is back in your possession? Does it just start from scratch? That'd be annoying because then all you'd have to do is leave it somewhere for a minute and it's as good as gone. So I was just wondering how other people handle this rule.
  4. Well I can already think of one hold they have over her, they can prevent the companies she works for from dealing with her. As a model, it's not like she can work "under the table" as it were. Perhaps it depends how much influence any particular company has with any particular government? Or perhaps one of these criminal groups, like C-Z. Hmmm, that sounds like it has the making for some fun getting the PCs into trouble... You know, in exchange for the odd... favor, like taking this package with you next time you go, give it to Dimitri...
  5. I have a PC in my game with Teleport, so she can go pretty much anywhere in the world she likes. This wasn't a problem before, with the game mostly "mission" based, because she could just slip into some country, do the job, and get out. However now she's getting official job contracts around the world (Mega-Att, modelling), and I am thinking that these companies will require her to have a work visa of some sort, where it would become known what she can do. Now, all countries not being equal, I think most will be pretty leery about someone coming and going as they please virtually undetectably (perfect for smuggling, which is why some criminal groups are interested in her too). Worse still, with 5 Attunement, she can carry another person with her as well, potentially letting anyone in the country. So any thoughts on how to handle this? I've had a few myself, but I'm afraid I don't know much about this stuff, and I want to strike a balance between realism and playability (neither a comic-book game, nor a reality simulator). I'd just like to hear what anyone thinks about this, or has done themselves.
  6. Ok, so I'm looking at this "Unified Trinity Timeline", and I see something in there that doesn't make any sense to me: Can anyone enlighten me as to what this means? I mean, it's too early for Ab, and to late for A!, so what is it referring to? And in what book is this talked about? Given the intro to the timeline, the compiler didn't consider this a "minor" event. So what gives?
  7. Thanks guys. I knew I could count on you for a better analysis of this than I could do alone. Combined intelligence and all that. ::wink Really? Thus far I've found the S&W to be really useful in making powers make more sense in-game and not just generic (I'd love to tell you about how well one NPC of mine worked out with his "darkness" theme this way!). Perhaps the players in my Ab game just aren't munchkiny enough to have tried to take advantage of any flaws in the system yet. I know one player who definitely would, but he works too much these days to game. He's brought entire games to a halt doing that, but I've found it useful when making new RPGs because it's like rigorous playtesting. Or even published rpgs too; like be careful who you let play a Fiend in Demon: The Fallen, for instance. But I digress. So it looks like there'll be no Sylar-like characters in my game for a while.
  8. I don't know if this has been covered before (I couldn't find it on a quick search), but how about this: Quantum Imprint, with one level of duration Strength (APG) making it permanent. Easy way to get powers? Is this legal? Should it be allowed? I'm just asking for thoughts and opinions here so I can judge it's use in my game.
  9. Great to hear! I can wait... ::nuclear oops ::tongue And definitely thanks for all the updates! I've seen too many projects that you didn't know if they were alive, dead, in stasis, etc. ::thumbup1
  10. I just tied it again and it works for me. Maybe you just have to wait a bit as it might just be a connection hiccup between you and the server. If not, might be something at your end. Have you tried a different browser?
  11. Ok, I've got the file and should be able to have it up in the next day or two. I'll post where you can find it then.
  12. Goodness, if you need help I'll host the file until you get this sorted out. I need something to tide me over until TNF comes out! (Plus we have two British characters in our game!)
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