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Who has the most cliched EON Forum name?


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Hey, Divis, welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy the forums.

On the note of topic (Where? Kill it!  ::smokin ), we have our share of cliched names. Heck, some of us actually _are_ cliches.  :P

Why are you looking at me like that Chill? What'd I do?

::eh  ::rolleyes  ::halo



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Well, Nadrakas isn't "Cliche" but....I have used the name for quite a few characters:

Partial "History of the Name Nadrakas"

- A Dwarven Fighter

- The "real name" of a Greek Superhero in Champions. {Hero name was "Polemistis apo Theos" -- Warrior of God}

- A Private Investigator in Call of Cthulhu...who eventually became a Mythos Cult Leader {after going insane and becoming an NPC}

- A Wookie in Star Wars.  Took out a sqad of Storm Troopers...all by his lonesome.

- Another Dwarf.  This time a Priest...of Zeus.

- A Troll in Shadowrun...a very big troll.  {Forget the "magic" type he was....but he had "natural" powers.  Been a while since I played Shadowrun...}

- A Dragon in Rifts

- A Hit Man in a 1920's GURPS Game

- A Scientist in Morrow Project

- A Greek Soldier in Twilight 2000

Hmm...I know I've used "Nadrakas" for about a dozen other characters.  I'll post more "here" when I remember them.

Nadrakas... ::eoncon03  ::eoncon03  ::eoncon03

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