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My Black Friday rant...

Sakurako Hino

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So true, so true. Don't forget the fun and games that ensue when...

Some one starts off by INSISTING on speaking to a manager and not to you, you get hold of a manager and they tell you, I'm too busy you can deal with it... (top-tip for call centre queries here - don't even bother - just leave the poor sod on hold for a few minutes while getting on with some paperwork. Four or five minutes of listening to a computer-tune-version of "Rain drops keep falling on my head" normally induces a sort of amenable hypnotic state. When you tell them "All the managers seem to be busy on the phone right now" this makes them tell you their problem which you can usually sort out in 30 seconds flat.)

How about this one. You send a query to the accounts department stamped URGENT in big fuck-off-red-letters having told your client that it will be dealt with within 2 working days. A week later your client phones up again threatening to pull a couple of million pounds worth of business that you're responsible for because this query hasn't been dealt with. You just know that when you phone up accounts they will have no knowledge of this query at all even though you've got an email from accounts@shitecompany.com saying it's being dealt with or you went downstairs and put it in the bloody in-tray yourself. (either that or they will claim that they've sent the relevant details to your clients accounts dept.)

Don't even get me started on what happens when you work for a company that orders stuff from other companies for a third party...

Aaahhhh, work is such fun. THAT sort of shit is soooo why I don't do work dealing with the public/large organisations anymore.

There needs to be a new revolution in customer-company relations that restores some power to the poor opressed proletariat worker. We need to replace "the customer is always right" mindset with a bold new vision which I like to term "if you don't like it you can fuck right off." wink

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