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Pictures that remind you...

Sakurako Hino

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...of your character. It could be any. Just as long as it reminds you of your character here.

I was looking at this one site that had pictures from the local Anime convention here in the twin cities and I came across this:


I thought... This would be exactly what someone would catch Endeavor wearing.

Endeavor: "Yes, I fixed that code protocol that was locking up the server."

Unknown Person: "Why thank you... Hey!... Kid! How did you get security access?!?"

*Alarms go off*

Endeavor: "Uh oh..." O.o;

Sorry, lack of sleep and too much caffeine makes me crazy.

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My god... that's the first time I've seen a picture of someone at a con wearing a Sailor Moon costume who isn't an extremely overweight, bearded guy with a bad blonde wig. [shudder]

Then again, I saw that guy every year at GenCon, so I guess it was his schtick/fetish.

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Hey, I'm innocent on this. I was half tired when I posted that when I was digging through different photo galleries of Anime Detour 2004. Sort of, screening the con before going in '05.

And yes, she reminded me of good old Saku-chan. Without the pink hair of course.

And it was something akin to a generic schoolgirl uniform the girl in the picture was wearing, not an outright Sailor Moon costume.

Of course, I'm splitting hairs, so let's just say, pretty good for a cosplayer.

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