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It was a litte while since they'd settled into the new HQ, and with a quiet routine of 'how do we get rid of the aliens?' settling over the building Simon figured it was time to look into more personal matters. After all, if he and Savi were going to risk their lives for the planet he'd like to know who was left on that he loved. He let his sister know what he was up to, along with a questioning thought if she would be joining him; he made his way to where Eve had said Sly's room was and knocked politely. Belatedly he realized there was a doorbell button, just like for his and Savi's rooms. Oh well.

"Um, Sly?" he called out. "It's Simon. Do you have a minute?"

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Sly said 'Open', and the door opened automatically. "Come in Simon. Will Savannah be joining us?" Seeing the nod he smiled and gestured to one of the chairs. He had already seen to it that he had a very comfortable chair to spend hours in. He could forsee that there would be a lot of hours spent scanning other distant minds. He suspected it would take days ferreting out the secrets of the Mutant Division alone and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

"I guess we'll wait for Savannah to arrive before we begin. There are drinks in the fridge if you're thirsty." He took a sip of a soda and put it down on the coffee table before getting comfy in his chair.

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Simon waved off the drink off with a thankful smile. He tried to settle back into his own chair but his nervousness kept him just on the edge of fidgeting. "She'll be here soon; she was in the shower when I got here, but she's getting dressed now."

There were several beats of silence before Simon spoke again, "Sly? Thanks for helping us. I know it seems like things are okay now....well sort of. If you don't count the aliens. But Savi and I, well, our parents did everything they could to keep us out of the camps. I-We're still trying to figure out everything that happened and so much time has passed....." It seemed like the young man still had more to say, but he'd run out of words that made sense so he just lapsed into silence again.

Jer's so much better at talking to people; I always just end up saying something stupid or tripping over himself. His cheeks colored at the memory of Tim chiding him over his worry about blowing up the Moon.

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It didn't take long for Savannah to finish getting dressed and ready, and she hurried after her brother to get to Sly's room. There was a quick rap on the door, and Savannah flashed Sly a grateful smile as she was let in. Unlike Simon she happily accepted the offer of a soda once Sly had made it to her, popping open the fridge and pulling out a can of Coke before settling in on the sofa with her legs crossed underneath her, Indian-style.

It was the first time Sly had really gotten to see the twins when they weren't being.. well, defensive. Up until now he thought they did everything in harmony, and were unified. But now it seemed they were polar opposites, Simon drawn and nervous where Savannah was more relaxed and energetic. Savannah grabbing the drink that Simon had turned down was the first time he'd even seen them do anything different from the other.

"Sly, thanks so much for all this. I know Simon already said that and all, but I just wanted to too, you know? Our parents mean a lot to us, and we at least wanna know what happened. They gave up so much for us to be safe, and.. we don't know how to thank you properly, even for just trying. It means so much to us."

You okay? Try to think positive - after all, we're kind of on a lucky streak, you know? I mean, that's kinda weird to say - but it's true. We finally got rescued, no more alien tests, and now we're living in the lap of luxury and being treated like superheroes. If this is real, and not some kind of crazy hoax or conspiracy plot, then maybe our luck will hold, and Mom and Dad will be okay.

Siegfried could, of course, sense the edge of nervousness that threaded through the back of her thoughts. He was the worrier, Savannah was the optimist. She was the one who kept them going, emotionally.. but when it didn't work out, he was there for her, because she always crashed harder than him. In that way, they'd seen each other through the hardest times of their lives. It was Jer's turn now though, to keep him hopeful that this would, miraculously, all turn out okay. If it didn't.. well, then they would reverse. So she pushed her nervousness to the back of her mind, and sent what was almost like a mental hand-squeeze in her brother's direction.

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"Hey, it's no big deal. I understand." Truth was he didn't, he'd been abandoned by his own mother when he was barely more than an infant. He couldn't imagine wanting to find her again. He could still feel her loathing of him in his mind, it was a memory that would never go away. On the outside he just forced a smile and deepened his breathing in the habit he'd developed years ago for difficult scans. Like Savannah he sat cross-legged on his chair and relaxed. "I don't know how long this will take. First thing I want to do is experience your memories of them again so that it is fresh, that should help me home in on them."

This was one of the things he liked most about being a telepath, being able to relive a persons good memories. So often what he did was like dipping his hand in raw sewage in order to find some fact or bit of knowledge. He suspected this was how he'd survived as a child, but living off other peoples good memories. It might explain why he wasn't a monster given the things he had experienced. There was a balance to things, for all the garbage in peoples minds, there was also beauty and love. That's what kept Morgan going.

Gently he went back into the twin's minds and did his best to feel their parents as well as get images of them. This would be a difficult scan since he'd never touched their minds before. difficult, but not impossible, he was the best telepath in the world after all.

"Remember this may take some time so, if I don't find them right away don't fret.

Click to reveal..

Assuming here that Rachel's room is close enough to Sly's that he won't be hit with the virus. He would have ensured he were close to her. If not let me know and I'll drop one of his mega dice to avoid the virus.

(06:03:48) ChatBot: (Sly) rolls 10d10 and gets 1,1,8,7,4,4,5,6,7,9.

(06:03:57) ChatBot: (Sly) rolls 2d10 and gets 3,5.

4 successes

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