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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Contracts, Lawyers & Wills [Complete]

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The well dressed gentleman pauses a moment before knocking at the door, he’d seen the footage recently, and found it rather, surprising. To watch such a lovely looking woman beat up someone who appeared much stronger and tougher, and do so in a manner that made it look easy, was rather surprising, though not as much as it might have been in the days before nova’s were common knowledge.

Still it was enough to remind him that this woman did not have the limits that he and other members of the baseline human species did. He reached up to knock at the door, and before he his hand touched the door, d he heard a voice speaking.

“I can hear you breathing out there, no need to knock, come right on in.”

And now, he was reminded again of how unusually perceptive the various novas could be, he hadn’t known she possessed super human levels of perception though. That could make this easier, or harder, he wasn’t quite sure which it would end up being. Still, she had invited him in, and he did very much need to speak with her, so he opened the door and walked in, then paused.

The vision that greeted him, was that of a living room, with the furniture against the walls, and the woman, who considering her appearance must be his client. She was presently in the center of the room, feet up in the air, one hand extended, perfectly balanced, with her hair hanging down behind her. She must be wearing what must be her eufiber colony, considering that she was wearing what appeared to be a body tight exercise suit, with tendrils wrapping around one arm, the same one she had extended toward the ground, and several tendrils of her eufiber suit appeared to be all that was holding her up. He hadn’t known that could be done with eufiber, but his thoughts were more on the woman who was holding herself.

For a moment, he had to catch himself, as his thoughts started to drift in a more erotic direction, and he had to remind himself that she was younger then his daughter.

He opened his mouth to speak and she spoke up again.

“You’re from the law office that represented Eagle Thunder’s last will and testament, and it either names me personally, or he wanted to pass something on to the next Municipal Defender. It's also possible your here to bring me the contract that the city of Seattle would like me to sign. Or Both”

“I.. yes.. How..”

“Did I know? Your suit is immaculate, your shoes are perfectly shined, even though it’s raining outside, and your suit is most likely priced at over a $1000 dollars. Furthermore, your carrying a briefcase, and the pen in your right front pocket say’s ‘Law Offices of Thompson & Mallory’. Who, I knew were already the one’s who were representing him before his death, he would have registered his last will and testament with you. For that matter, you have served the legal needs of the last two municiple defenders of Seattle”

He blinked, she was extremely perceptive, he would have to make sure to include that in the reports that they might file on her. With a twisting flip he didn’t think anyone human could manage, she flipped back onto her feet from her balancing act, with such a perfect grace that his mouth almost dropped open a moment before he gathered his composure again. Even so, there was something just a touch off about her, he felt out of place, and his brow furrowed slightly, there was a causal ease about her, a fearlessness and certainty that he found, almost, disconcerting.

Her clothing shifted as she shifted to her feet, becoming a long and white lovely dress, that left her arms bare, and clung to those lovely legs. She seemed to be incredibly healthy, to all appearances, and he didn’t see any sign of taint that many nova’s expressed, she just was beautiful, a vibrant healthy beauty that he found incredibly attractive. As he sat there just staring, she smiled slightly and reached out to tap his shoulder, causing him to blink, and then blush slightly at what he was thinking, something that caused her to chuckle slightly.

“While I thank you for the compliment, I don’t think you’re here to just stare at me.” She winked, and he shook his head slightly, to clear it and then to give himself a moment he asked a question. “What were you doing?”

“Practicing, and refining my control.” He gave her a puzzled look, and she gave him another one of those radiant smiles. “I am intimately aware of every aspect of my body..” She held out her hand. “Blood circulation, nervous system, endocrine system, everything, this extends to the eufiber that I wear and have attuned, I was practicing and testing how far it went.”

“Oh.” he wasn’t completely sure what she meant, from his understanding, most nova’s had considerable control over the eufiber that they wore. Perhaps she was indicating a greater level of control then normal? In any case, it didn’t really have any bearing on his purpose here. She smiled at him again, taking a seat on one of the couches against the wall. “Please, have a seat, and we‘ll see to business.” Again he blinked, then took a seat on a chair nearby, setting his briefcase down carefully.


“Call me Aurora, or Dauntless if you must.”

He blinked again, then continued. “As you like, Dauntless, I will attempt to be more casual if you prefer. In any case, as you surmised, our client, named the next Municipal Defender as heir to certain effects, which legally is you. Additionally, I know you’ve agreed to serve as Municipal Defender, and I have been tasked to deliver the contract that the city would like you to look over and sign. Lastly, if you would like to sign on with us, we‘re quite willing to serve your interests as well”

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Let me see the contract and the will, I’ll look both of them over.” She took both of them and was about to start with the will, when something regarding the contract distracted her, and she put it down, turning her full attention to the contract. “No. This will simply never do. I am not willing to responsible for damage done while in battle with belligerent novas, no matter how much property damage. I am willing to make every effort to prevent people from being harmed, but even there, I am not in perfect control of anything but myself, I can not be certain of what might happen. Nor am I willing to sign something that requires me to serve as defender for five years, without the option to terminate the contract. You can take this back to the city and tell them to be more reasonable, I’m not about to be a slave to their desires. ”

She paused a moment, perhaps she could point out why they should be more reasonable. “I have very few needs, I don’t need to sleep, eat, drink or breath, I’m immune to poison and disease, with my eufiber I can wear anything that pleases me, and other then a few treasures, I have few things that I desire. I could quite easily live on the moon if I chose too, but I’m living here to make it easier to get in touch, because I want to, and to learn more of life in the city.”

“I am willing to work with the city officials and the local law enforcement to be called in like a one person swat team, as requested here, to deal with nova’s who commit crimes, or are involved in terrorist activity. But, I’m doing because I wish to make a difference, and because Eagle Thunder asked me too with his dying breath.”

“Now, here’s my counter offer, instead of paying me the high salaries that some defenders ask for, the city will cover prosperity damage and legal fees should they be necessary, and I will attempt to keep such things to a minimum. Furthermore both parties can terminate the relationship based on dissatisfaction with the other party, but must give three months warning. Let’s go speak with them, now.”

She looked at the lawyer a moment, who nodded. “I’ll go with you to speak with the mayor and other the city officials with your issues, if you desire, but you might want to finish reading the will first.”

She blinked, then grinned. “Alright, I’ll give it a look over.” She reached down and picked up the will, looking it over, then blinked. “He wants me to hold a Wake, after the funeral? And he’s already set aside the funds for it? Oh, and you have a large number of files and notes for me, regarding the people and business of the city, as well as some of the criminal activities and groups common to the city?”

The man nodded in responds her question. “Yes, we are prepared to send all of that to you, and download the files to your account, as soon as you agree.”

“Fair enough, let’s go talk to the city leaders now; I’ve a few things to say to them.”

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She began to walk with the lawyer downstairs, thinking how slow this was, she could be beside the city hall in an instant with but a thought, teleporting there in a moment. Of course, just because you could do something, didn’t always mean that you should, but she didn’t really care to much about that. Mainly, she’d just decided she wanted the lawyer with her when she discussed matters in the city hall.

It took them about 30 minutes to make it there, traveling in the lawyers car, and she spent part of that time looking around, but once they stopped in front of city hall, she snatched up the contract, and marched straight inside, with the lawyer trailing behind her.

She marched though the building, then stopped, and looked at lawyer. “I’m not sure which office I should be going to.” She smiled at him a moment, and he gestured down the hall.

“This way, ma’am… Dauntless, I mean.”

She almost sighed, apparently she wasn’t going to be able to get him to be informal with her, perhaps he was attempting to maintain his distance, or something like that? “I’m going to have to hire you, I think, to look after my interests in the city, I don’t want to have to be doing things like this constantly.”

He looked at her a moment, and then nodded. “I’ll attempt to insure you are completely satisfied with our performance, and I’ll be by your home with the proper papers later.”

That done, he lead her down to the office she asked for, and she marched straight in and began to make her case, directly and immediately. The lawyer spoke up several times to clarify and point out the situation to the city, and in due time, they began to write up a contract that was more to her liking, with her looking over. It took some time, which meant she got up and walked out for about an hour, roaming around the city, using her teleportation abilities, before returning.

She was slightly wet from the rain in the city when she reappeared in the office, teleporting there directly, and startling both of the men working on the contract. “If you would like to read it over, here’s the rough draft, with the changes you requested.” She took it, reading over how they had changed, nodding here and there.

“Ok, this is acceptable.” She gave it back to them, and they went to work actually putting the it into document form, and shortly they had set of three, one for her, one for the lawyer, and one for the city. She sighed all three of them, and then picked up her own copy, and teleported away and then back to put it where she wanted to keep it.

“All done then, I’ll see you later.” She then walked out of the office, generally finished with the whole business, and glad to be. Choosing to walk out of city hall and look around, she stopped at the steps and took a moment to stretch her arms overhead, generally pleased with how things had gone

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