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Aberrant: Wild Card - Elizabeth "Lizzie" MacIntyre

Helen Booth

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Real Name: Elizabeth MacIntyre

Nicknames: Lizzie, Liz

Occupations: Forensics Science student at University of Washington (Senior Year)

Place of birth: Seattle, WA.

Apparent Age: Early twenties

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives:

Mother - Rachel MacIntyre

Father - Patrick MacIntyre

Brother - Edward MacIntyre

Height: 5 ft. 7 in.

Weight: 137 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: An intricate Celtic tattoo on her right bicep that matches her brother Edward's.

Background: Lizzie was born Elizabeth Mary MacIntyre three minutes later than her twin brother, Edward Marcus MacIntyre. She is the black sheep of the family, though a dearly loved one. Lizzie's mother teaches choir at the high school she attended in Seattle as a child. She is also a performer in a local Irish folk band and performs at Renaissance Festivals up and down the west coast, when she isn't busy fiddling with a novel she's going to publish one of these days or playing fantasy computer games with people on the Internet. Her father owns an art gallery in downtown Seattle that specializes in local artwork. Her twin brother is philosophy student at the same college she attends, and hopes to travel to Australia for a walkabout after his degree is finished. Their parents have promised to pay for it, if he clears college with a 3.5 GPA.

Lizzie, on the other hand, is their "science girl". The only one of her family with her head not in the clouds, she prefers to keep her feet planted firmly on solid ground, and preferably behind a microscope. Lizzie was born to facts and logic, and has never harbored any inclination to follow in her family's artistic and philosophical pursuits. Not that they begrudge her a different point of view.. it just baffles them a little. She can sing a little though - with a choir teacher as a mother, there wasn't a lot of options there. Her and her brother both have pretty good voices, and she enjoys the occasional karaoke night. Still, they're proud of their little brainiac, and Lizzie has high hopes of graduating with honors and pursuing a degree in criminalistics. Whether she wants to be an actual CSI or a lab rat, she hasn't decided yet.. but she's looking forward to graduation, and the next step of life.

That's not to say she doesn't know how to have fun - far from it. But where she got her sense of fun from, nobody can quite figure out.

Lizzie and her brother Eddie's Tattoos:


Edward and Lizzie:


Lizzie on a glamorous day:


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