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[Scion] Ayato Nishima

Richard Reynes

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Player: Justin/Long

Birth Name: Ayato Nishima

Nick Names:


Calling: Adventurer

Known Relatives: Aoi Nishima (mother), CEO of Nishima-Tanadi Enterprises

Nature: Bravo

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Japanese

Nationality: Japanese

Height: 5'8

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Black

Handedness: Left

Distinguishing Marks:

Appearance: Ayato is a full-blooded Japanese man, of moderate height and wry build. He's an avid Athelete, maintianing his bod in near peak human condition through rigorous daily training, mostly kendo and jujustu. He wears his black hair fairly short and is almost never seen in formal attire, especially for formal events. He speaks both Japanese and English Fluently.

Personality: Ayato is a restless spirit and adrenaline junkie. He wishes only to search the world for the next awesome thrill. He can be abrasive as hell when he's denied, and among the nicest and most genial of fellows when trying to get what he wants.

Interests: He loves extreme sports, but he also loves the bizarre and unexplained. If he can combine the two so much the better.

History: Ayato was born to the daughter of a wealthy Japanese industrialist, much to his Grandfather's chagrin. He pushed the boy to excel academicly early on, but it was clear that wasn't really an option. Ayato was simply too restless, hating to be trapped in a desk for too long. Instead he became very involved with athletic programs, and suprisingly enough, the martial arts. His Mentor is Akisame Ketsuji, a jujutsu and Kenjutsu master from the old schools of Japan. The old man saw something special in the young Ayato, and saw fit to take him in and train him. He is the only person Ayato will listen too without a smart-assed comment.

Ayato did at least finish highschool before deciding he wanted to go out and see the world. It was on his flight to Hawaii that disaster struck and Fate intervened. His plane entered a ferocious storm, and began to break up in the air. A number of passengers were torn from the plane, including Ayato. He watched as the others fell to their deaths, the plane falling below him, breaking up further before smashing into the sea. With his last breath he cursed his fate. It was such a boring way to die. It was then that he heard a voice. "I can save you, but you will owe me."

Figuring he really had nothing to lose at this point he accepted. "Alright do it." Then he hit the water, at terminal velocity. First he noticed the Impact didn't hurt, at all. Second, he realized he was breathing in the water. The voice went on to colesce into a man, one who looked similar to Ayato. He explained that he was Susano-o, and his Father. Then he explained the bargain. He could continue to live as he had, in fact his Father enjoyed the antics of his son, and wished for him to think even larger. But from time to time he would be called to fight things that were beyond human ken. He was epected to fight, and to triumph. "In the shadows?" "Of course not. Anything worth doing is worth being seen doing it." Afterwards he was left in the waters off Hawaii, the lone survivor floating on a piece of driftwood found by the coast guard.

He had been given a Katana, The sword of Storms, and told it would allow him to channel his Father's power as his own, and that he must always keep it safe. Since that time he's done most of the fool things that can be done on the water, not always succeeding, but usually walking away from it. The fact that no stunt's too far out for him adds to his status as a hellraiser and thrillseeker. There's at least two videos of him punching sharks barehanded, as well as a dive that should have broken his neck but he cme swimming to the surface as if nothing were wrong.

Unfortunately the times he's been called to actually show off his considerable combat prowess there hasn't been a camera around, but he subdued his opponents quickly and decisively. He's grown greatly in physical strength and physical reaction times since his visitation. He carries his Sword on his back in a tied wrap so as to not alarm people, often telling them it's a stand for a camera.

He loves the beach and always seeks it out wherever he goes. Currently he's ended up on the American East Coast, around Boston. When he travels, mostly he just drives, though when he needs to he charters a private plane if speed is a necessity.

He's not a compulsive gambler but he sees every challenge as a way to build himself up and better himself, even the ones he's really got no hope of winning. To this end he never backs down, as long as the gains outway the risks. Through it all he still takes time to visit mom, if only because it means he can also visit and train with Akisame-sensei. Akisame, though somewhat dismayed by Ayato's antics seems to realize there's a real reason beneath it all, and sees how actively and whole-heartedly Ayato throws himself into his shenanigans and relents, usually only making him suffer through mildly excruciating and unusual training when they meet.

Pantheon: Amatsukami

Patron: Susano-o

Virtues: Duty-2 Endurance-3 Intellect-1 Valor-3

Physical: Strength-4, Dexterity-4, Stamina-3

Epic-Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 1

Knacks: Titanium Tools, Crushing grip, Omnidexterity, Untouchable opponent,Self Healing

Mental: Perception-2, Intelligence-2, Wits-3

Epic-Mental: Wits 1

Knacks: Opening Gambit

Social: Charisma-3, Manipulation-3, Appearance-3



Abilities: Academics-1, Animal Ken-1, Athletics-4, Awareness-3, Brawl-4, Command-1, Control-1 (jeep), Empathy-1, Fortitude-3, Integrity-1, Investigation-1, Marksmanship-1, Medicine-1, Melee-4, Occult-1, Politics-1, Presence-4, Stealth-1, Survival-1, Thrown-2

Birthrights: Relic 3 (Sword of the Storms) katana (Access to Sky, Water, Chaos) Guide 2 (Akisame Ketsuji Martial arts instructor)

Boons: Sky's grace (Sky 1) Water breathing (water 1) The Wakeful Spirit (Tsukumo-gami 1) The Watchful Spirit (Tsukumo-gami 2)

Join Battle

Attacks: Brawling (Dex+Brawl) = 8d10+[2] auto

Melee (Dex+Melee){Katana} = 9d10+ [2] auto damage 9d10+[2] auto

Thrown (dex+Thrown= 6d10 +[2] Auto

Marksmanship (Dex+ Marksmanship) = 5d10+ [2] auto


Stamina: 3/2

Epic-Stamina: 1/1/1

Armor: bullet proof vest 2/2

Total: 6/5/1

Health Levels: 7

Dodge DV: (4+4+3)=11/2= 6+2 for epic dex = 8

Parry DV : (4+4+1)=9/2=5+2 for epic dex= 7

Willpower: 6

Legend: 3

Legend Points: 9

Misc. Equipment: Cellphone, handheld GPS, Jeep Wrangler, wetsuit, Surfboard. hanglider, bulletproof vest (used for cushioning falls ostensibly) Camera.

BP history 15/15

7 for Legend 3

2 for Athletics 4

1 for Awareness 3

1 for Brawl 4

1 for Fortitude 3

1 for Melee 4

2 for Presence 4


Event         (EXP change / current EXP / Total EXP earned)
June 2009                  +9 /  9 /  9
A Night at the V (Q3)      +1 / 10 / 10

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