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  1. You know what i'd be up for this. I'll even take the challenge of using one of your characters, sign me up to play an athelete. If I catch you in chat today I'll describe the genesis of a background and see if it works.
  2. can I make the case of starting with essence 3? I believe everyone's planning to start with it, can we please not have to waste points on it?
  3. guess I'm up for a second dawn caste. I don't really care to play anything else.
  4. It isn't you. I've enjoyed every game of yours I've played in. sad fact of the matter is the playerbase has shrunk drastically on this site, and when RL smacks players, it can have effects across nearly every game. Generally, my experience over the last 11.5 years here is that if people ain't havin fun, they're gonna tell you. RL smacking players has killed more games on this site than anything else out there. Granted my own opinion may not matter so much, as I'm not playing in this game, but I have always enjoyed your games.
  5. 1. Pre-Dark Age Battletech/Mechwarrior Some authors are better than others, personal favorites are James D. Long, Michael A. Stackpole (Warrior and blood of Kerensky trilogies are must reads of the whole series) 2. Robotech series by Jack McKinney first 6 books (macross saga) are the best, and end of the circle, the grand finale. the rest gets abit preachy. 3. Halo- Yes based on the video games, but I admit freely I hate the games, but love the world and story. I don't bring the books to work simply because I find them extremely hard to put down if I've not read them before.
  6. Ayato looked to his teammates and then to Bates. "I had little success initially, and admit I agreed to help the only local who seemingly took interest in me. This lead to an incident in a bar and gambling hall, but if the intel is genuine, worth the backlash. The local witnessed some Belkins posing as Farmers looking for Atlantis, and even provided their gate code." ,, "They were even kind enough to provide the Gate code in hardcopy. Afterwards, I was asked by her if she and the sibling I rescued could be taken with us, as they're likely going to be in trouble after the incident that I escalated. I explained that the call wasn't mine, but I'd at least ask you if such a thing would be possible." ,, The entire time he spoke he kept his voice low enough so only those within the team could hear.
  7. Ayato looked at the two youths. I have to go and meet my comrades. I'll explain your situation, and with luck I can get you abit better reward than not getting broken by those two thugs. Do you have someplace near the gate where you can stay without difficulty?" ,, He looked around having put the radio away, and began walking back to the gate, the three of them a dingy trio few would ever give another notice. They drew near to the bar, as the two had yet to tell him anything. They could wait outside, he doubted they'd be allowed inside.
  8. Ayato nodded. "I will ask my boss. It is his call, but when this checks out." He held up the paper, "He may be more inclined to help you both out." He believe it was correct, and his words showed now doubt, then Bates sent out his own communication. "Speaking of.." ,, He made sure no one else was nearby, then pulled the radio out. "I have two indigs with eyewitness intel. A slight mess was made. Where do you want to rendevous?"
  9. Ayato didn't spin around like people always do in movies, instead he turned slowly, his eyes narrowing as he looked at Conn, then his sister. He knew what she meant, and more than that he knew that the information she just shared would be gold for his own commander. He'd almost written this off as a pointless sideline to his mission, but this little girl could hand him the whole enchilada. Talk about a reversal. Still he knew she was far smarter than she let on, and likely if he were to enthusiastic, she'd ask for more. In truth she had little left to lose.. ,, "Can you give it to me, and tell me where I can find them?" he smiled. If she proved unwilling then he'd leave, just the fact he now knew what to look for was a start, but if she'd give him the gate code, well so much the better. His time would be well spent, helping them out. "No need to say it." he produced a small notepad and pen for writing, and offered it to her. "You can write it if you don't wish to say it.'
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