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[Scion] Reider Magnus (inactive)

Adrian Moss

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Birth Name: Reider Magnus

Nick Names: Bear Boy

Aliases: Raider

Calling: Hunter of the Night

Known Relatives: Caroline Magnus (Mother), Jared Magnus (Uncle) Harold Magnus (Grandfather)

Nature: Gallant


Age: 21

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Norwegian

Nationality: United States (Massachusetts)

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 185 lbs.

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Handedness: Right

Distinguishing Marks: Thin braids on both side of his head, above the ears; clear complexion and flawless skin.

Appearance: A blonde-haired, blue-eyed Nordic god of winter. Reider possesses flawless skin and a dazzling smile (when he smiles). His body is tight and compact, despite his size. His cheeks are often reddened by the cold and snow, were he often prefers to be.

Personality: Reider is shy and reserved. When forced to speak he is bluntly direct and short-spoken. Mostly he loves exerting himself in the outdoors away from too many people. In sports he doesn’t mind the camaraderie of his fellow sports enthusiast, but he is embarrassed when he is often the center of attention. People tend to think of him as a Zen athlete but he is more a lover of the cold and speed his chosen vocation.

Interests: Winter Sports. Even his teenage infatuation with girls falls in second place to the rush he gets out on the snow trails, slopes, and snowboarding courses. Recently had had taken up the urban sport of skateboarding, though he has yet to establish too much of a name for himself.


When Caroline Manus came back home on her nineteenth birthday, she felt like her life was over. While normally a practioner of safe sex, she had gotten drunk with this mysterious stranger in Aspen and had some of the best sex of her life. Birth control had failed her and now a child was on its way. Her father would disown her if she had an abortion, she settled in for a year away from the world.

Reider was born in a raging snow storm in the Berkshire while his uncle Jared was home from the army basic training. He helped midwife his sister through the delivery, bringing the third generation of Magnus’ into the world. His grandfather Harold was thrilled, even though the boy was born out of wedlock. Caroline was happy to have the little parasite out of her body. As soon as she could she began working on getting her body back in shape for the club scene.

The Magnus family’s joy was short lived as his other uncle, Charles, died in a car accident. The family never got along with Charles’ wife, but they made some effort to make sure Reider and his young cousin spent time together. The children formed a bond that would last down through the years, with Phaedra taking the dominant (older) role.

Reider grew up somewhat sheltered so it was some surprise to him when he went off to his first boarding school that he was called a bastard, and worse. The slight boy was often beaten up and put upon until he retreated inside his own shell. He gravitated to the other outcasts and found himself following along with their antics. His teachers discovered a dim boy who had little passion to learn. They passed him through the system because of his family’s money, but quietly told his grandfather the boy had little hope for a future in higher education.

During a winter break while spending time with his grandfather the two inadvertently discovered that the boy had a love and a talent for skiing. Skiing led to snowboarding and then to the biathlon. As the boy’s talent became known, school became easier socially. More importantly, the outdoors became a great love of Reider’s life.

It was only a few months ago, in March, that everything changed. A group of students on spring break went to northern Canada to go camping and skiing along the tundra. They lost their guide through the ice in a terrible accident and that very night a polar bear attacked the camp. Filled with a sense of duty to his fellow students, a sense of his own destiny, and a terrible cold rage against the bear, Reider attacked the bear with a burning branch from their fire and when he had its intention, he ran off.

The flames must have confused the polar bear because Reider made it away and ran into a small cave. With dreadful resolve, the boy heard something coming closer to his hiding place. He readied an icy club for his fate. Instead a man, or in this case, a god, come into his cave.

“Boy,” the being said, highlighted by the moon in the heavens, his blonde hear shining and his dark eyes burning bright, “are you the type of man that waits like a farmer to be eaten, or are you a hunter that takes the fight to the beast to give yourself a chance.”

“I can’t kill it with a club,” the dull boy responded with a moment of clarity, “ but if I had a spear I would try.”

The figures smile gleamed predatory in the night.

“I’ll do you one better, Son. I’ll give you a bow and a knife.”

He handed his own bow and his knife over to his son, his scion. With that he stood out of the way and let Reider go out into the moonlit night. If the boy lived, he lived. If he failed, he wasn’t worthy of his godhood and much time had been wasted.

Reider did not fail though. He stalked the bear and carefully wore it down with the bow before he closed and drive the knife into its breast. Elated like never before, he hacked and hacked away at the creature’s teeth and claws as proof of what he had done. He back tracked to the cave, but could find no sign that anyone had ever been there. He took the bow and knife with him and went back to his friends. He told them his story and come daylight, showed them the bear’s corpse. Pictures were taken. The knife it turns out belonged to the guide and the bow was freshly made. How he got them was a mystery.

After being rescued by a bush plane, the young men waited eagerly for a return to their version of civilizations. Shying away from the people at the station, Reider found an isolated spot and waited for the inevitable attention he so wished to avoid.

“What are you doing her boy?” the Stranger said coming upon Reider silently. The boy remained silent himself, not feeling much like answering anyone he didn’t have to.

“You need to be more than you have ever been before … and I see you are going to need some help getting there.”

He reached out and touched Reider on the head.

“I can’t yet trust you with the full scope of my powers, Son.”


“Because … because of reasons I think you are well aware of. You aren’t that bright Reider and you need to be clever if you are going to be my son.”

“So I’m not good enough.”

“Not yet, but you will be.”

“Good enough for what?” Reider asked in a dull voice. He was really on a roll.

“Though your world is barely aware of it, there is a war beginning between your Kinsfolk and the Jotun - Giants. Other deities … gods and goddesses are fighting the Titans – beings older than even the gods. Your part in all this, for now, is to find their minions and servants in this world and stop them. We can not long spare our attention away from our own Halls and domains. Find others like you and take the fight in this world to those who would overthrow the order we all live by, that’s what.”

“I don’t know if I can,” he said uncaring.

The Stranger looked off and clucked his tongue.

“Yeah, you’ve got a lot to learn and a long road to travel before you are ready for the real power; still … I have to leave you with something if you are going to have a chance.”

He touched Reider and let an energy flow through the boy.

“This will make you stronger were you are strong and show you how to grow were you are weak. I don’t trust you with much power, but your valor versus the bear shows promise. I will give you a small portion of the bear’s strength and mine so you will know the roads that lay before you.”

“I don’t want any part of this fight,” Reider said dejectedly. This sounded like real work and not a lot of fun. He wasn’t good at exerting himself in things that didn’t interest him and he knew it.

“Do you want to see people who can’t defend themselves be beaten up, abused, and murdered, because that is exactly what will happen without you. It is your Fate to come across those who would do such things and if you don’t no one will.”

“I don’t want people to die because of me. This doesn’t seem right.”

‘Odin’s Beard’, the Stranger cursed, ‘that took forever. Now for the truth.’

“Boy … Reider, I want you to do this for another reason. I want you to do this for your family.”

“Grandpa? Uncle Jared? Are they in trouble?” Reider said with some real interest for once.

“No, your Father’s family Reider, I’m your Father. My name is Uller, have you heard of me?’

Reider had a blank expression on his face which was answer enough.

“Well, I am the Norse God of Hunting, Skiing, and Archery. Your Grandmother is Sif.”

Still no name recognition.

“Well, I’m your Father, Reider.”

It took a moment for Reider to come to some inner conclusion then he reached out and suddenly hugged Uller. This was not quite the reaction he was expecting. Most boys left by their fathers at birth would be angry, but this boy’s close relationships with the men in his family left him particularly vulnerable to his father’s presence now.

He let go of the hug and looked at the Norse deity,

“What took you so long? Have you been in touch with Mom?”

And the conversation went on like that for a while longer until the plane arrived to take them home. Uller suddenly vanished as quickly as he appeared, but Reider was left with a head full of information and a sudden, growing belief in something else that would be fun to do – save people. He could do that. He could be good at that.

They were flown back home and soon the story made it over the Internet – the boy that killed the bear. Reider was taken under the wing of his uncle Jared. He sent him to live with his cousin Phaedra, now known as Sapphire (one of the hottest exotic dancers ever), while his fame ‘died’ down. Instead of dying down, as summer has set in, Reider has begun to create quite a stir in the skateboarding community. He has also began to grow into his sense of what he has become and gathered some equipment to help him in the times to come. His legend transforms and morphs, but will not perish it seems.

Pantheon: Norse

Patron: Uller

Virtues: Courage ● ● ● ● Endurance ● Expression ● Loyalty ● ● ●

Physical: Strength ● ●, Dexterity ● ● ● ● ●, Stamina ● ● ● ● ●

Epic-Physical: Strength ●, Dexterity ●, Stamina ●

Knacks: Holy Bound, Trick Shooter, Self-Healing

Mental: Perception ● ● ● ● ●, Intelligence ● ●, Wits ● ● ● ● ●

Epic-Mental: Perception ●, Intelligence ●, Wits ●

Knacks: Predatory Focus, Fast Learner, Rabbit Reflexes

Social: Charisma ● ●, Manipulation ● ●, Appearance ● ● ● ● ●

Epic-Social: Charisma ●, Manipulation ●, Appearance ●

Knacks: Inspirational Figure, Stench of Guilt, Lasting Impression

Abilities: Academics ●, *Animal Ken ● ● ●, Art, *Athletics ● ● ● ●, Awareness ●, Brawl ●, Control (Skiing) ●, Control (Skateboarding) ●, Control (Snowboarding) ●, Empathy ●, Fortitude ●, Integrity ●, Investigation, Larceny, *Marksmanship ● ● ● ● ●, Medicine ●, *Melee ● ● ●, Occult, Politics, Presence ●, Science, *Stealth ● ● ●, *Survival ● ● ●, Thrown ●


● Relic (Necklace of Polar Bear claws and teeth)

Allows access the Frost Purview

● Guide Jared Magnus (Veteran Soldier)

Financial support and real life, grounded advice.

● ● ● Creature (Dire Wolf)

Vjorn is a large, white wolf, a gift of his true father Uller. He’s large, smart, and loyal and waits for the day he can lock teeth with the children of that traitor to all creation, Fenris.

Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5, Charisma 2, Manipulation 1, Appearance 3, Perception 4, Intelligence 2, Wits 3

Virtues: Courage 3, Endurance 2, Expression 1, Loyalty 3

Abilities: Athletics 4, Awareness 2, Brawl 4, Investigation 1, Presence 2, Fortitude 3, Stealth 2, Survival 3

Supernatural Powers:

Epic Strength (Uplifting Might)

Join Battle 5

Bite Acc. 11 Damage 7L Parry - Spd. 5

Soak 5B/3L

Health Levels 0 0 -1 -1 -2 -2 -4 Inc.

Dodge DV 5 Willpower 6

Legend 2 Legend Points 4


Frost ● (Frost Immunity)

Jotunblut 0

Justice 0

Join Battle 6 [1]


Unarmed, Heavy - Acc 4, Dmg 5B, Parry DV 5, Spd 5

Unarmed, Light - Acc 7, Dmg 2B, Parry DV 8, Spd 4

Hadseax (Knife) - Acc 9, Dam 4L, Parry DV 5, Spd 4

Skeggax (Axe) - Acc 9, Dam 8L, Parry DV 5, Spd 5

Desert Eagle - Acc 10, Dam 5L, Rng 50, Clip 7, Spd 5, Piercing

Remington - Acc 13, Dam 7L, Rng 200, Clip 4, Spd 6, Piercing

Bow - Acc 10, Dam 5L, Rng 40, - , Spd 6

Remember, Damage is Weapon Damage +1 + successes


Stamina: 5B/3L/0A

Epic-Stamina: 1B/1L/1A

Armor: 1B/0L/0A (Heavy Clothing)

Total: 7B/4L/1A

Health Levels: 0□ 0□ 0□ -1□ -1□ -3□ Inc□

Dodge DV: 7

Willpower: 7

Legend: ● ●

Legend Points: 4

Misc. Equipment:

Skateboard or snowboard depending, Desert Eagle, knife, sometimes a bow, Remington, and Axe. His clothing is heavy with leather and cottons layered together.

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Event         (EXP change / current EXP / Total EXP earned)
June 2009                  +9 /  9 /  9
Not All Damsels (Q3)       +1 / 10 / 10
A Night at the V (Q3)      +1 / 11 / 11
Truthiness (Q3)            +1 / 12 / 12
Vjorn's Homecoming (Q3)    +1 / 13 / 13
Dealing with Origins (Q3)  +1 / 14 / 14
Intelligence 2             -4 / 10 / 14
Charisma 2                 -4 /  6 / 14
Manipulation 2             -4 /  2 / 14

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