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Ichor: The Char Gen & Experience Thread


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So? Char Gen ... as standard from the book? Yes. Standard allotment of points for a Hero level Scion. For each dot of Legend above the base of 2 please be ready to explain to the STs what your PC did to grow their legend and assume that it adds roughly 1 year since your character's first Visitation. Any pantheon in the Scion material is fine with the exception of the Atlantean, Yankee, Axis, and Ally pantheons from the Companion. Additionally no Fan Made pantheons or Gods, there's more than enough choice in the books.

Originally Posted By: Divine Knowledge
Can I use Boon/Relic/Creature/etc. XYZ from Book ABC? At this time we will be using the following Scion Books: Hero, Demigod, God, Companion, and Ragnarök as resources for this game. For anything cribbed from a book other than the Hero core rules please reference the Book and Page where the entry can be found. This will help the STs stay sane.

Geasa ... cool! Hold up there bub. Members of the Tuatha Dé Dannan may NOT choose their own Bans when creating their geasa. The STs will find something appropriately mean for you. Yes we are meanies.

I want a birthright that allows me access to a Purview I don't yet have boons for ... is that ok? Yes and no. If the Birthright in question has multiple purviews and you will be using some but not all at char gen that is fine, if you are just buying a 1 dot relic with a future boon purchase in mind ... Well why would mommy or daddy give you something you couldn't use right now? See below ...

I want to reserve some of my Birthright dots for later is that ok? Yes. If you want to be able to have your PC gain a new birthright after some RP time you can reserve points at Char Gen and assuage some of the hoops that the STs will push you through to get a new birthright. This is also appropriate if you know at Char Gen that you will want a relic for a purview you will not start with any boons for...

OK I built my PC and wrote my background, now what? Once you are ready to submit please send the character to the STs (all of them; check the list of Moderators) as a PM with the subject [sCION] {Character Name} and we will review and feedback to you. Once you have gotten approval from 2 of the 3 mods you may create a post with your character's Sheet.

Control and Athletics seem to have some overlap, what's the deal? They work as written. More specifically Control covers any form of vehicle from skis, bicycles, and surfboards, to cars planes and tanks.

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What is this about Experience? Exp will be accrued on a monthly basis. The Exp cap for a quarter year (3 months) will be 36 Exp. All awards are based on the month in which the Threads were completed.

  • Every month at the end of the month you earn 9 experience. Flat.
  • In addition at the end of the month you will gain +1 exp for each story completed that month (regardless of IC or Fiction). Up to a maximum of +9 exp every Quarter.
    • Q1 - Jan, Feb, March
    • Q2 - April, May, June
    • Q3 - July, August, Sept
    • Q4 - Oct, Nov, Dec
  • A new PC coming into the game late will get a Flat Exp bonus equal to the base Experience of the game thus far (if you join after 10 months you start with 90 exp)
  • Plot threads will count double toward the bonus limit (2 exp)
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Character sheet format (optional), just quote and copy the text with all the coding. Thanks to Dave for setting this up.

Birth Name:

Nick Names:



Known Relatives:




Ethnic Background:




Eye Color:

Hair Color:


Distinguishing Marks:








Physical: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina



Mental: Perception, Intelligence, Wits



Social: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance



Abilities: Academics, Animal Ken, Art, Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Command, Control, Craft, Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Investigation, Larceny, Marksmanship, Medicine, Melee, Occult, Politics, Presence, Science, Stealth, Survival, Thrown



Join Battle







Health Levels:

Dodge DV:



Legend Points:

Misc. Equipment:

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