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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Origin] Jennifer Summers [complete]


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A few days before Z-Day…

Jennifer was reluctant to get up. The alarm was ringing for the third time and this time she missed to hit the snooze-button. Slowly she got out of bed and yawned. Today was going to be a long and tough day. First meet the doctor and get the results of her physical and after that a photoshoot downtown.

As usual she avoided to look into the mirror while she brushed her teeth. Lately she couldn’t bear looking at her reflection. She hated who she saw. She hated her body and constantly thought she was too fat.

Putting on make-up had devolved to an automatic routine and it almost felt to her as if she was applying it to someone else – not on her face. It helped her a lot to imagine it wasn’t her face else she’d feel like puking.

Jennifer took the bus to the doctor’s office and waited impatiently in the waiting room. She already knew what she would say. Dr. Klein told her months ago that she was bordering on being anorexic and that she had to change her diet to keep her weight. Jennifer didn’t listen, didn’t want to hear what Dr. Klein had to say. All she knew was that she was fat. She saw herself in the mirror and couldn’t stand the way she looked. Her legs were too fat around the thighs, her breasts sagged and her arms felt like bloated sausages to her. Overall she hated herself.

“Ms. Summers? I got the results and I must confess I don’t believe you’ve been heeding my advice. If you don’t listen to me I have to put you into a hospital and keep you under surveillance – you are a danger to yourself, Ms. Summers.”, Dr. Klein insisted.

Jennifer took the report and gave it a halfhearted look-over shaking her head. “I don’t have time for this, Dr. Klein. I got an important photoshoot right after this appointment. This is important for my career – I can’t spend some time in the hospital now. What would my agency think of me? You’d ruin everything I’ve been working so hard for!”

“The only thing you’re ruining is your health, Ms. Summers!”, Dr. Klein interrupted her losing her temper. She had seen young women starving themselves for a career as photo or catwalk model and this was going too far but she was helpless unless she could proof that ignoring her counsel would cause severe damage to her body.

“Don’t force me to put you under intensive care – I can take your rights under my responsibility if your life is at stake.”

“Don’t you dare!”, Jennifer spat. “I’ll sue!”

The young woman glared at the Doctor and then stormed out of the room leaving the office behind. She hailed for the next cab and let the driver just drive for the moment – then she started to cry. Still sobbing she asked the driver to take her to her next appointment while she refreshed her make-up. The right make-up could do wonders if you knew how to handle it.

At the set no one noticed that she was crying just a few minutes ago. The crew was still fully in preparation and it looked like they would have another swimsuit edition for one of the various sports magazines. At least she got good money for showing herself half naked for a shiny magazine. It was hard to keep the balance between sensual and slutty and very much was dependent on the photographer and the company he was working for. Fortunately Jennifer had never run into any shady business types and therefore her pictures and jobs never drifted into the darker shadows of the business.

It turned out she was too early and that they had planned to make the shot around 9 pm instead of 9 am which left her with half the day off. Jennifer decided to visit her boyfriend since he lived closer to the location than she did. The couple had met 2 years ago but kept separated apartments which she sometimes regretted. She was sure that his steady presence would’ve a positive effect on her self-image and thus make all the problems she had redundant. John was a very dominant partner and put much emphasis on his freedom which included maintaining his own apartment. Just in case they needed some “space”. He told her that it would keep their relationship healthy and that she shouldn’t worry too much – but she did.

John didn’t know that she secretly had made duplicates of his keys and could access his condo anytime she wanted. She had never dared to make use of this privilege before but today was such a shitty day and she needed to be somewhere she felt save and comfortable – even if he wasn’t at home she’d feel better being there for a while. In the case he’d surprise her she’d make something up how she entered his condo – he would understand, she was sure of that.

At John’s she carefully checked out the windows before she used the keys. He was gone for work presumably and she settled down to watch some TV before taking a nap on his couch. John’s cat Mr. Bigglesworth noticed her with his usual nonchalant attitude towards everything but didn’t relent his spot on the couch.

Jennifer carefully snuggled herself next to the large cat and tried to get some rest and quickly slipped into a dreamless sleep.

Suddenly an odd noise awoke her. Startled she practically jumped off the couch and tried to determine the source of the noise. Mr. Bigglesworth was on John’s couchtable and hit the remote with his paws turning the TV and the DVD-Player on. On the screen were two ridiculously large breasted women that were heavily engaged in a soft-core lesbian scene. Jennifer couldn’t remove her eyes from the screen both terrified by what she saw and extremely disappointed. John always told her she was his dreamgirl but the DVD proved him wrong. Jennifer was nothing like the women on the screen.

Both women were extremely busty and curvy yet retained a slim waist. It was obvious they were surgically enhanced but Jennifer had never seen anything like that before. The women’s breasts looked like someone had stuffed huge balloons under their skin. As Jennifer slowly processed what she saw she heard someone entering through the door. Panicked she swirled around and picked up her stuff but it was already too late – John caught her in the act.

“What the…”, he started to say glaring at Jennifer. He was half angry and half surprised by her presence. Jennifer looked selfconsciously to the floor and wanted to apologize when another woman entered the condo.

“Alright Stud, bed or shower?...”, a platinum blonde and very well endowed “beach bunny” asked but quickly realized that something was wrong.

“Bad timing, babe.”, John said flatly. “Jennifer, what the fuck are you doing in my condo?”

Jennifer started to cry unable to say anything and shoved herself passed him and out of his apartment. “We’re done.”, she quietly said and left his place.

Outside she simply walked wishing her life would end – she wished the whole world would go to hell…

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