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Alternity: The Elements of Eternity - Starships

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Machiavellian Rue, The

An incredibly fast ship that is absolutely alien in origin and technology. Currently in possession of a mercenary known as Jon Erebus it makes jumps across the Ominiverse a fraction of the speed it takes most ships with prototype drive systems.

Despite claims of ‘being lost’ several times, it always finds its way back into the ownership of Erebus. He’s been known to loan it out from time to time.

Type: Ultralight 	        Size: Colossal (–8 size)
Subtype: Fast freighter 	Tactical Speed: 4,500 ft. (9 sq.)
Defense: 2 	                Length: 110 feet
Flat-footed Defense: 2 	        Weight: 450 tons
Autopilot Defense: 2 	        Targeting System Bonus: +3
Hardness: 40 	                Crew: 4
Hit Dice: 20d20 (400 hp) 	Passenger Capacity: 10
Initiative Modifier: - 	        Cargo Capacity: 300 tons
Pilot’s Class Bonus: - 	        Grapple Modifier: +16
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: - 	Base Purchase DC: NFS
Gunner’s Attack Bonus: - 	Restriction: Unique


2 fire-linked blink cannons –8 ranged (27d12/20) (175)

2 fire-linked starload missiles –8 ranged (30d8) (135)

Attack of Opportunity:

Engines: Inertial flux engines, warp drive, thrusters

Armor: Ablative

Defense Systems: Improved autopilot system, advanced damage control system (2d10), magnetic field, stealth screen, deflector shields, missile lock alert

Sensors: Class IX sensor array, targeting system

Communications: Ansible, radio transceiver

Weapons: 2 fire-linked blink cannons (range incr. 5,000 ft.), 2 fire-linked starload missile launchers

Grappling Systems: tractor beam

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