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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive] Zachary Hunter [Mortals] (Student)


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Name- Zachary Hunter

Date of Birth- June 5th, 1992

Height- 6'

Weight- 190

Hair- Black

Eyes- Grey

House- Lancaster

Classification- Junior

Zachary Hunter is the eldest son of Alexander Hunter and Misa Ayano-Hunter. He inherited his stunning looks mostly from his father, being of fair complexion and fairly tall. He credits his mother with his raven black hair and steel grey eyes. He is the eldest of three children, his littler sister, Megumi, is thirteen, and his younger brother Andrew, is nine.

Megumi who looks exactly like a younger version of their mother, is very petite, at least a foot shorter than Zachary. She's a very good student and following in her brother and father's footsteps. Popular among the other girls, and guys her age, most are somewhat leery of her, because of Zachary, who's known to be very protective of his younger sister. She has shown that while not as socially adept as her brother, she is a better student.

Andrew Hunter is The spoiled youngest son. He has to be the center of attention, and gets annoyed when others pay attention to his elder siblings, though moreso with Zachary than with Megumi. Even eight years younger, he tries to compee ith his elder brother in every way.

Zach is the easy going Vice President of Dalton Academy's student council. He's the very public fce of the Student government, Known for being very fair about everything.

In his spair time he builds plastic model kits of a multitude of varieties. He says he does this to teach himself focus, and to help him relax. In truth both of these are true, but it's also one of the hobbies his father instilled in him.

His Mother has instilled in him a love of culture, be it American History, or that of Japan, where her parents were from. She carries an odd assortment of items in her Antique shop, and does decent buisness, enough to be self-sustaining.

His Father, Alexander Sinclair Hunter, is a wealthy real-estate tycoon who made his money before the crash, and was dversified enough to survive and start to prosper again afterwards. He also attended Dalton Academy when he was younger.

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Intelligence 2

Wits 2

Resolve 2

Strength 2

Dexterity 3

Stamina 2

Presence 3

Manipulation 2

Composure 3


Academics 2

Empathy 2

Persuasion 2

Socialize 3

Streetwise 1

Subterfuge 1


Striking Looks 4

Resources 4

Status (Dalton Academy) 3


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