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  1. Zack wasn't haf as strong as the others, but he could still fight. With that resolve he hefted the Shotgun and fired. It took three rounds but the snowman went down, missing most of it's upper half. "00 buckshot for the win, eh? I can live with that." Using what little power he had, he awakened the shells in the chamber, so that the struck with all the power within.
  2. Zack ate in silence and attended class in a haze. Oh he didn't show it to the professors, but he didn't raise his hands with answers. He couldn't shake the feeling that things were off. Lunch was a welcome distraction, as he noticed others he felt an odd connection to sitting in the lunchroom. He nodded and sat alone near a window, where he could still see the door.
  3. He got up and got cleaned, dressing almost by rote before heading down to the cafeteria. He remembered being sick, and damn little else. "I hate Mornings." He quickly finished up and grabbed his things for class as he left and locked his room. He couldn't shake the feeling he'd forgotten something, and he walked almost in a daze it seemed, barely acknowledging others as he passed.
  4. 3) Super-powered explorers 2) Super-powered high schoolers 1) Bagging the cat 4) Or throwing in the towel
  5. I just had a massive disconnect from everything awhile back and haven't posted since. I wouldn't mind picking things up again, the story was initially interesting enough to get me to play NWoD.. wouldn't mind trying again.
  6. Zack had remained behind waiting for the room to empty, and then he spoke to the spirit. "Salutations. I'm sorry for disturbing you, but I was wondering if you could answer some questions I have about the content of the agreement you represent."
  7. Zack nodded. "I take fencing lessons, both epee and saber rules here." He finally had a chance to look at the actual treaty and he smiled as he held it in his hands. He called upon the ability he'd only recently learned was truly real and called to the Spirt within the treaty. Click to reveal.. Pres+Soc+ apoth 7d10(22:59:43) ChatBot: (Zack) rolls 7d10 and gets 1,5,10,10,4,7,3. (23:05:20) ChatBot: (Zack) rolls 2d10 and gets 10,9. 3 successes
  8. Zack smiled, Ms. Dorn had taken charge of things and it was likely for the best. He nodded. "Sounds fine, I wasn't really looking forward to another boring semester of classes anyway."
  9. He didn't satisfy Deacon with any sort of acknowledgment, instead he reached forward for it as did several others. Being more polite, he allowed the others to have it and waited his turn, wondering if the awakened ability he'd found out about last night could provide some answers. This would also allow him some time to formulate questions should it actually work.
  10. Zack partakes of everything offered, though in only small portions. The food is good, though abit like eating fast food in terms of fat content and sweetness. When the Chief speaks Zack nods respectfully. "We are honored by such a warm reception."
  11. Zack nodded. "Supergirl." He smiled. "She's good at just about everything she tries her hand at. I haven't seen her yet this semseter, but I had a class with her last semester." He nods. "You're going to have your hands full keeping up with her."
  12. "I went to another world that seemed almost like a veritable Eden at First glance and the people there greeted us as if we were conquering heroes returning from a glorious victory." "Aside from that, nothing much going on. No."
  13. Zack entered, dressed in his uniform for classes, looking calm and awake as always. He nodded to Sean and Jason. "Good morning yo two. From the looks of things I'd guess it was a rough night?"
  14. Zack shook his head and and smiled. "I'm fine for now thanks." He sat when they were told to and looked at the others from Dalton, a question already growing in his mind. Why are we being treated this way?
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