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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive] [Mortals] Brad Bracks (Teacher)

Ira Sagebrush

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Bradley Bracks, or Mr. B, as he is more commonly known, is a former student of Dalton. He graduated 10 years ago with outstandingly normal grades and a career path to nowhere. In school he only retained information long enough to spit it out on the tests, except art that is.

Brad took to all things right-brained, and the school's fine arts allowed him to learn the techniques that gave Brad the self confidence to bloom into a real artist. Enough so that some of the local galleries in Estes Park displayed and sold his work. However, it was nowhere near enough for a career, so upon graduation, he went to college at Greeley, earning the infamous Master's of Fine Arts.

To supplement his income through school, he took his talent for consuming damn near anything and performed with a Geek show, where he acquired his ink as well as his skill on guitar.

While in Denver doing a show, he received the Alumni E-Newsletter revealing the sad announcement that the current Art Professor was retiring, heading to Southern France or some lame P.C. crap. Having tired of swallowing and regurgitating light bulbs and bolts, and fresh from college, he emailed in his resume.

Lo and behold, after some grueling panel interviews, he was offered the job, and has been the Art Instructor for the last four years, as well as the Jupiter Patron for the last three.

He is the professor that everyone loves, very relaxed, easy going and his classes are damn near impossible to not get an 'A' out of. Art is subjective right? Excluding the Art History class of course. Brad hates lectures, and if the class wasn't required by curriculum, he would ban it to the 7th circle of Dante's Inferno. Because of this resentment, the class is boring more often than not, antiquated videos being the standard fare.

His parents are both tenured professors at UNC, though both are nearing retirement and look longingly to the warmer weather of Arizona. Brad is an only child.

Appearance: Brad bucks Dalton's 'preppy' trend and tends to wear whatever he wants, throwing his painter's coat over his clothes to keep the 'powers that be' happy with his appearance when needed. He keeps his hair buzzed, and almost always is carrying a 20oz soda with him, usually stashed in the deep pocket of the painter coat.

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