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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive] Deacon Knight (Student)

Deacon Knight

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Name: Deacon Knight

Date of Birth: February 9th, 1992

Height/Weight: 5'11" / 151 lbs.

Hair/Eyes: Dirty Blonde / Brown

Appearance: Deacon is a rather attractive young man but possesses no features that cause him to stand out and be noticed. He certainly doesn't hold to the cliche' of taped glasses and pocket protectors, in fact, his appearance is rather disheveled pretty much all the time. Although he bathes regularly, his hair is never combed his uniform never pressed and he hardly bothers with shoes anymore, usually a pair of huge, fluffy, bear claw themed slippers. Despite being always out of dress code he never seems to catch any flack for it.

Deek posseses a charming smile and shameless, open minded attitude that puts people on their heels when first they meet him.

Background: Deacon is the son of Damon Knight, a billionaire who is so serious a lump of coal up his ass would yield you a diamond in only six weeks, and Marley Knight, a a world renown fashion model and pop diva whose career is more important than her son... or anything else.

If there were two people in the world who should have been sterilized, it was Deacon's parents. For the first ten year of his life Deacon's clothes were always perfectly pressed, his hair immaculately combed and his appearance nothing short of that of a Disney Prince. He excelled at all his scholastic endeavors because it's only through hard work that man will make anything of himself and Damon Knight would not accept anything but the best from his offspring. His mother was just glad she was able to loose the weight she gained and the little bastard didn't leave her with any stretch marks.

When their son began showing signs of being smarter than both his parents (combined) his father was overjoyed and thought it best to nurture his intelligence in an academic environment that was suited for higher learning. His mother grew more and more and more frustrated because she didn't understand the big, confusing words Deacon would use.

Deacon was a prize student, always punctual, polite, kind, respectful and a sponge for knowledge. At age 13, three years after he arrived at the Trevor Dalton Academy, Deacon designed and built a working hydrogen engine as his science project... with common household items. The praise and the adoration of the school's faculty was certainly welcome, after all, students like Deacon made the school look fantastic. However, Deacons parent's never showed up or called to congratulate him. They didn't even send a fruit basket.

Some say he cracked, others say he went full blown crazy, but a few days after the Science Fair, in class, Deacon just snapped. He was in class paying attention like he always was, if only a bit depressed because of his parents not caring, when when his hands slapped down on his desk (loudly) and he rose up like Christopher Walken in the Weapon of Choice video and started to dance wildly. Arms flailing, hips gyrating, head banging, nothing could stop him as he got funky through out the halls like an epileptic on speed.

After that day he was never the same boy, in fact, he smiled a lot more. It was as if he stopped caring about the world around him and proceeded to just 'go with the flow'. He's been that way ever since and his legendary exploits in the fields of school pranks and irritating the faculty have made him quite popular with most of the students on campus.

New students often refuse to accept he exists until they've finally met him.

[OOC]Deacon suffers from Neocortical Epilepsy but has refused to go to anyone about it, even since it's on set in his early childhood. Luckily Deacon's case is not very severe and he's learned to cope. Although no one has yet to witness him have a seizure or suffer any severe affects from his affliction in public he will sometimes begin acting weird and suddenly 'flee the scene'. Deacon has learned the 'warning signs' of his malady and learned to control some of his seizures through sheer force of will, choosing to go someplace quiet and 'ride it out'. He keeps a mouth piece on him and pops diazepam like candy, but soon his luck will run out and he'll suffer more from his affliction than he's capable of handling on his own.

Personality: Smart but funny, Deek (as everyone calls him) always has some witty quip or one liner to share with a group. He speaks plainly but seems to not possess a single ounce of shame. If ever there was a person whose blinders to life were off it'd be Deek, he enjoys the company of all and never seems to dislike anyone (despite whether they dislike him). If tossed an insult, he'll toss one back, but not because he's offended or angry but because one good shot deserves another.

He appears to be an emotional bastion, nothing ever gets to him. This encourages some to see if they can get on his nerves or offend him, or just find someway to get under his skin. So far none have been successful and it irritates both the students and the faculty at times that he seems so in control of being out of control.

Deek has an open door policy on his room, no one ever knocks and at any time of day people can be seen letting themselves in, either for his council, his assistance, or pretty much anything. Everyone knows, or knows of, Deacon Knight.

Click to reveal.. (Deacon's Character Sheet)

Name: Deacon Knight, 'Deek', Deek the Geek'

Age: 17

Concept: Irresponsible Genius

Faction: None

Group Name: None

Virtue: Justice

Vice: Gluttony



Intelligence - 5 , Wits - 2, Resolve - 2


Strength - 2, Dexterity - 2, Stamina - 2


Presence - 2, Manipulation - 2, Composure - 3


Mental Skills (-3): Academics 3, Computer (Hacking) 3, Crafts 2, Science (Physics) 3

Physical Skills (-1): Athletics 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 2

Social Skills (-1): Empathy 1, Persuasion 2, Socialize 2, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge (Bullshitting) 2

Other Traits

Merits: Encyclopedic Knowledge 4, Fame (The Academy) 2, Resources 1

Willpower: 5

Morality: 7

Health: 7

Initiative: 5


Speed: 9

Experience: 5/5

Equipment: Up to the ST

-10 Bonus XP = Wits +1

-10 Bonus XP = Resolve +1

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