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  1. Hopefully she's thumbing a ride to whomever gave her that haircut so she can get her money back and punch them in the face. They deserve it.
  2. At 6:45 on a random Tuesday Deek would most likely be at a random crime scene or in a random crime lab analyzing random evidence for any random crime case. Randomly.
  3. Hands buried deep in the pockets of a fluffy pink bath robe, dirty white bunny slippers looking up at the world around them, big red hearts on his boxers and a t-shirt that declared him as 'F.B.I.' or 'Female Body Inspector' one would think Deek was off to a typical morning as he wandered the halls with his hair disheveled and an ongoing confused expression. Something wasn't right, and if it bugged anyone it probably bothered him the most since his memory, despite never using it to its full potential, was nearly flawless. Clearly in his mind was something important involving Lucia but after a few moments of clarity he discarded it as a wet dream, hell, it wouldn't be the first time he or any other guys at Lancaster dreamed about the "ol' grunt n' thrust" with lil' Miss Perfect and topped it off with a game of man-glue ski ball up her spine. Lucia? Why would she be important? He hadn't talked with her in almost a year, at least not about anything any sane person would consider 'important'. He wandered through the halls, the courtyard and anywhere else his mind could wrap around a clue but nothing came to him. He nodded and gave his typical witty greetings to those he passed, most hardly off put by his appearance; for Deek this was just the same shit just a different day.
  4. I'm with Mala. Her ideas make sense. Over all here are some comments I have (in no particular order of importance). They may be blunt, but they're not intended to be rude. Bagging the cat - May as well, frankly if you started us all off at day like none of the last year happened I wouldn't mind a bit. Either way, there is not enough time among the players to post fictions so we'll right back at square one: not really knowing each other and no back story and just going where the ST takes us. Super-powered high schoolers - Huh? Doing what exactly? Super-powered explorers - Pretty much just SG all over again, so we'd have three SG venues going... Or throwing in the towel - Not my preference. I just think the players need to start putting more effort to be a part of the games they're in and if they aren't willing to do that do the rest of us a favor and move aside so we can continue on with the story writing.
  5. One of my gripes is that some of the PCs had these long, convoluted story lines, like Sean. He was some mage, he was left with pretty much all the info he needed (which trumped the research Deacon did, which wasted my time) then was some supposed to protect this person and that person... Player 'A' has so much going and some of us felt (myself included) 'why am I even in this story? Player 'A' pretty much has the low down on everything and the spotlight hasn't left them since day one.' I was kinda just going through the motions near the last bit of posting. I felt my PC was more filler for the story than actually a part of it. I ain't gon' bullshit anyone. I liked the characters that were made. Some of their grasp on all the sudden oddness was about as believable as me trying to say I' Mala's and Dawn's RL bastard love child, but hey we all know we got different styles of play. I think the psycho janitor and Sean's balls out 'kill em all!' attitude was poorly done and I felt they only backpedaled their intentions simply because someone called them out on how moronic and psycho the PCs made admitted themselves to being. Introduction of PCs... seriously? I mean seriously? Really now? Every Tom, Dick and Harry that 'stumbled' on to us talking we just told them everything!, oh but it gets better... they had no problem with any of it and were 100% accepting! It was like being railroaded and having to totally make my genius PC out to be complete moron because someone stumbled into our business and now we all had to be okay with telling them everything. That part sucked. Where's the character interaction? Besides some guy telling Deacon that he could use anything Deacon made for him (which is a mistake, because arrogant douche bags like that find all of Deacon's toys work for everyone but them) no one really seemed to talk about or do anything except revolve around the doors and the Caramines. I tried to introduce some levity and humor with Deacon, specifically some hints that he and Lucia either had a past or some kind of falling out in a previous year (probably due to their views towards success and education) but then just started wondering to myself 'what's the point?' since the plot didn't seem to slow long enough for anyone to do anything but plan for months for a three minute trip. I was at a school with no schooling or free time or parties or... well, anything but Caramines, Magic Doors and the epic tale of Sean and how he was going to save us all. Did I like the game? Yeah, had fun up to a point. Interesting concept, especially since Avatar was released. I'd love to imagine a PC of mine exploring a world like that. As Max said though, the venue seems to be heads and tails of a coin "Power Laden High School Students"/"Awesome Worlds to Explore". The problem in my opinion is it's two sides of totally different coins at the moment, one's on a dime the other's on a quarter. Our best bet is to find a happy medium and get everything on one coin. Would I give it another shot? Not if nothing changes. It needs some love and Max hit a few good points.
  6. "We weren't told a damn thing." He pointed out to Sean. "You might have been, but sure as hell no one told me there was a second door, and if they did I missed it." "And I don't know," he shrugged taking his GPS back. "The big voice in the sky told me this one would work and when I got there it didn't. That's the thing about the big voice... it's picky like that and its communications skills really suck. Very whimsical and seems to forget things a lot. I could try whipping something up but there's no guarantees, and it'll take me some time, at least several hours."
  7. "Yeah, that's the gist." Deacon said to Ravi. So many people were coming and coing into this debacle in the past 48 hours that when a new face showed up he just assumed they were another 'guest account' logged into their life. "And that's what I was thinking too. Another door somewhere she used, and I think I can whip up something to track it down and hopefully it works better than the last device." For the group making the rule 'don't let this get out' they sure made a habit of telling everyone who asked what was going on. He looked to Sean and shrugged. "Well, have at it then Sean. You seem to be the epic hero of this grand tale. You sure as hell seem to be quite a bit more busy then the rest of us. So head on through there big guy and go after her, I guess we'll wait here for you to save us all."
  8. "Okay? So when you go back, you're a woman. Great." Deek spun around, he was less than thrilled. "So now you have a plan. Great. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth..." He pressed a finger to his temple and rubed it gently. "Let me talk slowly so you guys can understand. We. Are. Going. To. Die. If we do not get our act together. There is a number I was given and a bullseye tattooed on my ass. This is not a fucking joke to me, this is my life, that people like Dorn are so casually fucking around with by wasting my time." He tossed his GPS on the floor and it slid in a spiraling display. "That doesn't work, and I've no idea why. If Lucia found away through the door on her own, then so can I. It'll probably be easier then traveling around in small frickin' armies."
  9. So we spent 2 months in a thread getting together a trip to go get Lucia... We get there and not even go 20 feet from the door before all come home where we're now going prolly spend another two months taking stock... What a complete waste of time.
  10. Deek looked up from his gadget and leaned against the wall with a puzzled expression on his face. "So, let me get this straight... we just spent an hour discussing how we're going to go looking for Lucia... another thirty minutes gathering our gear for the trip... ten more minutes getting the door to open... then when we get there we spend all of three minutes there before turning around and coming home." He looked irritated. "This is just one complete waste of time after another. I'm going to be harvested, what ever the hell that means, long before any of you guys get your head removed from your ass long enough to accomplish anything of importance. I'll be in my room waiting for the damn raven people to come kill me. Excuse me." Shaking his head and slapping the GPS unit on the side a few times to 'calibrate' it he walked from the room.
  11. Seeing the strange new species Deacon's eyes grew wide with amazement. "Oh, sweet, they got chadra-fan in these doors. Ryan! Wassup? I see you went and got captured, good plan dude, keeps them from getting suspicious. We were going to try that but we were short on bat people," He thumbed over to Dorn. "But we did locate Satan's second cousin... so I suppose it evens out. Where ya headed and what's up with the neck brace pimp you pull something trying to shave with your feet again?" He looked to Frida. "True story, it's hilarious, I'll tell ya some time."
  12. "Well, certainly," Deacon said calmly as he followed where the merry band of psychopaths was headed off to next. "The real artistry of things lies not on the outside, but underneath all decoration. The whys and wherefores, if you will. The reasons behind why things are the way they are." He pointed to the sky above them. "You see, the blue color of the sky is due to rayleigh scattering. As light moves through the atmosphere, most of the longer wavelengths pass straight through. Very little of red, orange and yellow light are affected by the air. However, much of the shorter wavelength light is absorbed by the gas molecules. The absorbed blue light is then radiated in all directions. It gets scattered all around the sky so in whichever direction you look, that scattered blue light reaches you. Since you see the blue light from everywhere overhead, the sky looks blue." He shrugged and slapped the side of the Badonkadonk-a-tron to get it 'working' again. It seemed everyone's abilities worked fine except his. "The sky is the art, but without understanding the scientific process behind how it gets that way, or the canvas in this case, how can you really appreciate it for what it is?" He chuckled and looked to Frida. "I keep people on their toes by giving them grand artistry, but get a kick out of knowing that for all they think they know about the art, they haven't even glimpsed the canvas. It's a hoot, you should try it sometime."
  13. "You know, I was thinking the exact same thing." He empathized. "People misunderstand me on so many levels. All they see is a strange, burned out genius, who's roguishly handsome by the way but they never stop to appreciate the artistry in who and what I am. Do you know what I'm saying? I just feel, I feel like no one understands the canvas beneath the color." If anything, when creepy artist girl finally snapped this bit of connection they made now would keep her from stabbing him with a screw driver later. She was cute, knowledgeable and certainly possessed a certain somethingp that could hold his attention for hours but she carried a vibe that told him she was Dahmer in a dress.
  14. She startled Deek a bit, being more engrossed in his toys than his surroundings would have made it possible for a herd of raging elephants to stealthy sneak past him. Needless to say the lovely Brit was far more preferable than a raging elephant. She smelled nicer too. He smirked at her, pointing to the screen. "Actually," He whispered softly back not wanting to interfere with Syliva. "It was intentional. See, when thinking about rescuing her I really couldn't think of any reason why we'd want to. I mean, seriously, she's kind of a pain in the ass sometimes. But, then I thought about... 'pain in the ass'... 'ass'... and it fell into place. For all her faults she's got an ass like," Deek made an hourglass shape and exaggerated a great deal on the lower curves, accenting it with what Frida guessed was a slap. "Blaow!" He composed himself, cleared his throat and continued his train of thought (derailed as it may have been) "Ya know? Anyway, since it's calibrated to locate her booty, it seemed like a pirate was a best choice. Sort of a means to remind me why I'm doing all this..." His grin grew wide as he looked to Frida. "Besides, think of all the butt jokes later."
  15. Deacon barely noticed the plaza, the people, the girl or the guard. Although he was aware -in a sense he knew where not to step- he paid more attention to his small, heavily modified GPS. He left the negotiating to Sylvia, she certainly had the tongue for it, all the the group needed was one smart quip from Deek and they'd probably all be tortured and killed. He decided that wasn't a good idea. The Badonkadonk-a-tron started to beep and vibrate loudly, as it zeroed in on Lucia, or, at least the part of her Deek calibrated it for. Instead of the usual droning female voice a vocal pirate could be heard, "Arr! Yer booty be thata way matey! Yarrr!" And an arrow appeared on the screen like a compass pointing in the direction of Lucia, at least, he hoped. "Well damn, it actually worked..." He mumbled softly to himself. He approached Sylvia, rather heedless of any commotion going on. "Uhh, I got her, I think I can get us to her."
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