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World of Darkness: The Academy - [Mortals] Sean Cassidy (Student)

Tatiana di Jadzian

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Name: Sean Cassidy

Gender: Male

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 191 lbs

Eyes: Grey-Blue

Hair: Black

DOB: February 7th, 1992

Age: 16

Grade: 11/Junior (needs tutoring in History, since he learned the wrong one)

Extra-Curricular Activities: Football (Power Halfback), most of the other sports teams

Concept: Your Friendly, Neighbourhood (actually, sort of foreign,well... Canadian) Jock

Appearance: Sean is an extremely good-looking young man, with a powerful, broad-shouldered build. He has short, stylishly unkempt raven black hair from his mother, and stormy grey-blue eyes from his father. He generally has a smile for everyone. He tends to wear very casual clothes, usually just jeans and sport jerseys.

Personality: Good-natured and out-going, Sean is willing to be friends with anyone. Though a member of the cool crowd, he doesn't really care about being that cool, and he does try to curtail their behaviour towards the coolness-impaired. He doesn't like bullies, and has to keep a rein on his anger against their antics. He tries to keep his familial pain to himself. At this point, he'd care more for his friends, than for his family (or so he tells himself). Now he just needs some new friends.

Background: He has dual citizenship in Canada and the States. His parents are divorced, and he was living with his dad in Whistler, BC. Dad got a new girlfriend, so shipped him to his mom and his two sisters in Denver. Mom, not wanting to deal with a boy in the house, forced him to apply to boarding school.

The Trevor Dalton Academy was the first to respond.

Now Sean gets to start a new school year at a new school, in a new country, for the first time in a boarding school, spending all his time away from home.

Click to reveal.. (Expanded Background)
Background: Ever since he was born, Sean has been trying to get his parents’ attention. Since birth, his mother barely acknowledged him, except with looks of condescension and disdain. He didn’t understand why, his sisters were both spoiled and doted on, so he focused on his father. From an early age, Sean threw himself into physical activities to earn his praise. And his father did praise him and encourage him. He always said he’d be there for Sean’s big games or other sporting events, and then would inevitably miss them, but would promise to be there for the next one. And like a dupe, Sean would fall for his father’s false assurances, time and again.

When Sean was 10, his parents divorced; he hasn’t found out why, though his mother always seemed distant. He stayed with his dad; his sisters went with his mother back to the United States. He still spent a month and half during summer living with his mother in Denver, CO, but he always had the feeling his mother barely tolerated his presence.

He thought this would enable him to get more of his dad’s attention, and it did… for a while. Then his father got a new artificially attractive girlfriend, Candi. He never found out what she actually was, he guessed stripper or porn star, but whatever she was, Sean couldn’t compete. Sean began switching sports, instead of just excelling in just one, to catch his father’s notice, but that didn’t work.

By the end of his latest school year, Sean was starting to be scouted for football and boxing, and had a beautiful, steady girlfriend. Then when he was getting ready for his annual incarceration with his mother and sisters, his dad informed him that he would be staying with them this time. He and Candi would be starting a new family, and he thought this was best, since technically, his mother had legal custody of all their children. His dad gave him a small trust fund, and sent him on his way.

His mother wasn’t happy about this new development. Her and his sisters all gave him the same look of condescension, as if he was beneath them. His mother informed that he would be going to boarding school, anyone that would give him a scholarship, since she was not going to pay for it.

The Trevor Dalton Academy was the first to respond.

Now Sean gets to start a new school year at a new school, in a new country, for the first time in a boarding school, spending all his time away from home.


Special Thing: No Clue

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