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  1. Have an idea for a Human (Male - shock, I know) Mage Detective - most magic would focus around divination and senses, and would supplement them with a trusty sidearm or shotgun. Are magic items possible, analogous to technical items (Magic cloak, wands, etc)? ,, Had a brief idea of ressurrecting Incantatrix for this - typical mage with a wide variety of spells and stuck as a teenager, but prefer the detective. ,, Other idea for the detective is instead of actual magic, has magical tattoos or a golem-like body enhancing his natural abilities. ,, I'm fine with whichever you think works best for your setting, Carv. ,, Oh, there is always a remake of MegaGirl, the cheerful if someone oblivious elioud.
  2. This was one of the first games I joined when I first found this home of mine on the web, and for that I will always be grateful to it and to you, Dawn. ,, Thank-you for all the effort and time you put into it and I wish I could have kept up the zest and drive that I had when I first arrived here, but times change and we change. And you shouldn't be forcing yourself to prop up one game at the expense of others. ,, I'm sure Sean and Swan will find a home somewhere else, someday.
  3. Ravi hissed as Sean heaved him off her with fury-fueled strength and climbed back to her feet. Blood trickled down her cheek from where the panther-man's claws had gouged her and dripped from her chin, and her blue eyes glittered like black ice under the flickering light, rage subsuming her aches and pains. ,, Under normal circumstances, Sean would have felt regret and self-recrimination for seeing her friends being hurt and not being able to stop it, but the raging SoulFury precluded that. There was the vague thought that she wished she had flares or some other means to make more light in her pack, but it faded away as the Chideran Amazon charged the Keeper once more. ,, With the writhing mass of shadows, there was something solid inside the Keeper, something that could be hurt. His throat, his spine, his heart, whatever it was, she'd find it and she'd tear it too pieces. Barely making out Lucia's shadowy tendrils tying down the Keep, Sean grinned viciously. ,, "Hold 'im still, Lucia!" Sean shouted, long legs eating up the distance the Keeper had thrown her. She couldn't see it, but she had a target now, hands tightening in eagerness to pulp and rip whatever was inside the Keeper, then tear it out. "We got 'im this time!" ,, Sean dipped low to avoid Lucia's shadow arms, her fist going under then up in a powerful uppercut to find the solid bit hiding inside the ephemeral shadows.
  4. Sean was pissed. Her SoulFire burned hotter and hotter as the Keeper used the shadows to throw Renata through a wall, bind Ms. Dorn, and to menace Swan while it was all she could do to stop him from reeling Lucia in. One thought managed to seep through the growing need to lash out in full assault. ,, "Lucia! If it's his shadows yer usin', stop 'im from usin' 'em on us!" Sean snarled, Chideran rage making her husky voice sharp and hard. She shifted position to better confront the Keeper rather than hold Lucia, flashing him an aggressive grin. "Now, asshole, if you wanna pick on girls, pick on me!" ,, Sean let her SoulFire blaze into full on SoulFury, feeling a release as intense and visceral as orgasm as her focus narrowed to the opponent in front of her and the need to win, to conquer, to triumph. With a wordless battle-cry, the unexpected Amazon launched fist after metal-bladed fist at the Keeper, powered by a strength that was greater than human. ,, Notes Entered Soul Fury as a Reflexive Action (-1 Essense) and attacking the Keeper, through still trying to keep between Lucia and him. ,, Current Physical Attributes: Str 8, Dex 6, Sta 5, Defense 6, Armor 1 (+1 vs Bashing attacks) ,, Essence: 10/12
  5. "Nobody's stayin'!" Sean snarled, infuriated the cage hadn't been dealt with before the warden showed up, pissed that Renata had been thrown deeper into the monstrous house before she'd done anything. ,, The supernatural dread emanating from the shadowy figure beat futilely against the incandescent rage of her SoulFire. The young Amazon straightened from trying to flip cage and rolled her broad shoulders, the planes of her sculpted face harsh under the ruddy light tossed up from the flashlight laying on the ground were Renata dropped it when she was knocked back. ,, "Someone, get the flashlight - take off the lens! But keep it away from Lucy's mom!" Sean commanded, darting smoothly around the cage to close with the menacing figure, her hands up in a mobile boxer's stance, silver-bladed Dragon Claws painted crimson under the light. With the SoulFire burning beneath her breasts, Sean had no presence of mind to deal or banter with the shadow-being like Renata had. Anyone who keeps women in a cage deserved a pounding. ,, Swan backed up Sean, circling cage from the other side, short sword in hand, though she was far from confident as to its efficacy compared to the dweomer-crafted blade Sean had freed her from. Still, she would stand by Sean's side. ,, The shadows have substance... ,, Barely refraining from launching her first punch at the Keeper, Sean threw at strong jab at the solid mass of shadows reeling Lucia in. "Let!" She followed the jab with a left hook. "Lucia!" Finishing the combo with an over-hand rabbit punch, Swan complimenting her bladed fists with quick slashes of her sword. "Go!" ,, Sean struggled to interpose herself between Lucia and the Keeper, thoughts of self-preservation drowned out under her Chideran birthright. "And let her mother go, and we'll leave and never come back. Otherwise, we're gonna bring the light and the hurt, you bastard!"
  6. Sean glanced back and down at Renata, doubtful expression barely seen in the gloom, pale face ruddy and blue eyes almost purple in the low light, and nodded. Though brimming with SoulFire and standing confidently at Lucia's side, the heavy and malignant darkness weighed on her, and a feeling wasn't something you could fight away with your fists. ,, "On it. We'll have you out of there in a sec, uh... lady." ,, A feathered woman in an oversized birdcage was something tangible to deal with. And in this place, anyone in a cage deserved to be broken out. Sean tilted the flashlight down, the darkness encroaching even closer and everyone subconsciously huddling closer, and switched the lenses once more. ,, Having lost the cage in the brief moment when switching the lenses, Sean panned the light around the interior garden, the white light painfully bright after the muted red as it flickered across the walls and alien plants. She wasn't sure if she was imagining the faint tortured keening she heard or not. ,, The light fell across the dull, grey iron bars of the cage, which began to darken, adding a bitterness to the air. Then the white light touched the pristine whiteness of the bird-woman. Instantly, the flawless plumage started to blacken and smolder, the acrid scent of burning feathers assaulting their noses. ,, "Holy Jesus Fuck!" Sean shouted in a voice much higher than she would be proud to admit, immediately turning off the flashlight and plunging them all - except Lucia - in unrelieved darkness. Hastily, she switched the lenses back. "Sorry, sorry!" ,, Turning the flashlight back on, bathing them in red light once more, Sean thrust it Renata, glowering. "Well, that didn't work, Ren. Hold this - we'll get her out my way." ,, Stretching and limbering her arms and shoulders, the tall young woman studied the cage. It was bell-shaped, made of thick iron (or some sort of metal at least) bars, closely spaced enough that someone would have to be able to dislocate their skull to fit through. There was no door, but the cage was all of piece and set into a molded groove in the ground. It was a lot of metal, but she was strong, and with her SoulFire burning, was stronger still, and she didn't like seeing women bound or confined. If she could get her hands under the bottom rim of the cage, she should be able to flip the entire cage over... ,, "Get behind me," Sean commanded, stepping right up to the cage, and bending at the knees, carefully placed her hands to get a good grip on the lowest crossbeam. Then with steady exertion, she began lifting, grunting low and long through her gritted teeth. Even under the leather of her armour, the rippling of hard, toned muscle in her legs, back, and shoulders could be seen. ,, Game Mechanics Activating Vigor 2, raising her Strength to 6, and Sean has the Strong Back merit, which gives +1 Strength, for the purposes of lifting and carrying. If that is still not enough to tip over the cage, Sean will enter Soul Fury, in an effort to free the captured bird-woman, increasing her strength even more. ,, Essence: 11/12
  7. The malignant, oppressive ambiance of the alien house pressed down on Sean and the clean heat of her SoulFire surged in response, strengthening her toned limbs and fortifying her flesh. She stood tall and straight, quivering with an almost feverish intensity. She held her right arm up to block, holding the flashlight, left arm cocked back to strike, bladed knuckles gleaming wicked under the red light. ,, "Rosa, Ahvia, get behind me!" Sean commanded in a fierce contralto as she glided ahead of them, the creak of her leather armor loud in the heavy darkness, Swan at her side with her hand on the hilt of her shortsword. "Everyone, stick together, but don't cling, so we still got room to move. We're all in this together. Lucia - Hold up!" ,, Sean glared at the washed out gloom, feeling eyes she couldn't see on her. The darkness seemed to press against the bubble of red light thrown from her flashlight, which didn't travel as far as it should. The shadows were almost tangible, almost had substance, that they had to struggle against, trying to reach Lucia.
  8. "What I was thinkin', exactly," the long-legged were-woman agreed, nodding down at the shorter Ray, then glancing over her shoulder at the others, barely seen in the washed out, crimson light. "Double-time, folks, in case Lucy and Ren are runnin' into trouble." ,, As the group hustled to join the girls at uncanny house with it's alien angles that twisted the eye, Sean felt her Soulfire flare and throb. She hadn't heard the ephemeral song when it was a lullaby - not that it would have meant much, she didn't recall her mother ever singing any lullabies, to her or her sisters. ,, But the love song they all heard now resonated strongly with her, her Soulfire flickering in time to the unearthly (literally) melody. Sean's mother had almost always been a remote, reserved, icy woman, but she now new it was only an act, a mask. With Soulfire burning inside you, every emotion was magnified - or that it what it felt like to Sean. ,, The part-time Amazon glanced down at Swan at her side - the light of her flashlight painted the Caramine's milky skin with vermillion and made the silver edges of the blades of her Dragonclaws flicker like fire. She barely knew Swan, had known her for hardly more than a week, but as the song was sung, her heart sang too. I think I'm fallin' in love with her... As a teenaged boy, Sean had fallen in lust plenty of times, with any number of women, both in real live and seen only on the internet. This time, it felt different, and whether it was her Soulfire or female hormones, it didn't change that. I hope Swan feels something like it too... ,, At the threshold to the house, Sean squeezed Swan's hand, then trailed her fingers up her arm. Tilted up her chin, then bent down to kiss her on the lips as the ethereal song reached a crescendo. Swan responded, and Sean didn't feel the slightest bit self-conscious as she felt a hand slide over her leather-clad, feminine curves. ,, "Have you heard anything like it before, Swan?" Sean asked her girlfriend in a whisper that might have been a touch huskier than normal, as the two of them peeked in through the doorway of the house.
  9. "I ain't wanderin' 'round not bein' able to see, Ray." Sean shot him a scowl he cou;dn't see in the darkness, then nodded at Lucia and Ms. Dorn. "One sec. Ms. Dorn." Sean quickly changed the filter on her flashlight, red light painting the dark foliage in deepest burgundy and purple before she aimed it down on the paving stones at Lucia's heels. "Okay, Lucia, I'm right behind you." ,, This place was alien and uncomfortable. Sean had felt surprisingly at home in the mountains and snow and cold of the Chiderans, not much different than Whistler or Denver in the winter, really. But here, here, she didn't belong. She wondered how the place even worked, with no sun to grow things. She noticed however, like how she had felt at home among the Chiderans, Lucia was moving easily, assuredly, despite the oppressive darkness closing in around them.
  10. "Jeebus!" Sean swore, her voice seemingly absorbed by the darkness surrounding them. The alien foliage defoliating under the incandescence of her flashlight was damn creepy. Not to mention the natives might get pissed about them inadvertently melting their forest, which wouldn't help Lucia, or any of them. "Shit! Guys, gimme a minute." ,, Sean braced her battered olive, tactical flashlight she had picked up at an army surplus store between her knees, aiming it down at the paving stones. Her leather creaked as she crouched down and dug through a side pocket for the other coloured lenses for her flashlight. The first one she found was the green one, which she quickly used to replace the clear one in hopes a more mellow colour would have a less adverse affect on the local plant life. ,, Sean stood up, holding the red and blue lenses in her hand, slung her pack on her shoulders again, then tentatively aimed the flashlight off the paved path, so see what effect the softer green light had on the 'grass'. ,, Perception roll Perception Roll: 4d10.hitsopen (8,10) = 1 success
  11. Sean sighed at the hint of amusement from Lucia. She didn't think being a part-time girl with a fairly sizable chest was going to get old among her friends anytime soon. She tried to look at it objectively - pretty hard since she was dealing with it - trying to see if she would have been better if say.... Ryan was suddenly running around with a pair of tits and honestly, she didn't think would have been. ,, Shrugging it off and resolving for the hundredth time to take any ribbing in stride, Sean reached over and gave Renata a commiserate pat on the back, the look in her dark blue eyes saying she really understood what Renata was going through. She'd had her life turned upside down, finding out, if her parents were her parents, she still wasn't entirely... human, but something other. She knew what it felt like to suddenly have that revelation. Renata for her part seemed to be taking it easier than she had, or maybe she was in shock. Or maybe it was because her mother hadn't called her an abomination to her face. ,, Regardless, if seemed the first step in stopping the Caramine was finding themselves. Sean snorted. God that sounds trite, but it's true. I've done it, and so has Ravi and Ms. Dorn, or at least we've made a good start. The others have to too, so they don't end up fighting themselves when we've got to fight the Caramine. ,, Sean gave Vaineri a nod. "Well, that's somethin' I guess. Thanks, I'd really 'preciate if you looked inta that. I'm startin' to worry that I'll get jumped when we come through a Door and I'm still tryin' .. uh, tryin' to get my clothes in order."
  12. "Speaking of other worlds," Sean added, folding her arms under her breasts and giving Renata a quick glance and a self-conscious half-smile, "I... uh, look... different, this side of the Door. Something 'bout more, er, magic or whatever in the air than on our side. Is there some way or something that I can use to carry that magical radiation with me, so I can change from b- change between my two appearances when I want, instead of only when I walk though the Door? If there's somebody waitin' for us when we step through and I'm in a bind, could be trouble."
  13. Sean shifted awkwardly on her seat, trying to conceal the self-conscious movement by crossing her legs at the ankle. It was one thing that her friends knew about her... gender issues, it was another that complete strangers seemed to too, even if they were supposed to know things. And he hadn't tamed Swan, just helped look after a girl that seemed in a spot of trouble, however weird she looked. As for her father and what he had done to hurt the Caramine council, it was just plain odd to hear others speak of it - she still wasn't sure if she was proud or ashamed of what her dad had done. ,, Sean gave Renata a hooded look and a tight smile, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. "Not that I don't 'preciate th'offer, but I think I got it figured out and I ain't plannin' on wearin' a dress and heels and whatnot. 'Sides, I think Swan might have something to say 'bout that." ,, Swan arched a brow up at Sean, gave Renate a considering glance, then shrugged nonchalantly. "I am not familiar with all the garments of the Daltonites. Receiving the help of one who has more experience with such is reasonable." ,, Rolling her eyes, nonplussed, Sean turned her sapphire eyes back on their host. ,, "Do you know where we should start lookin' to figure out how to deal with the Caramine Council? And Lucia's mom?"
  14. "Speakin' 'a which, I need a minute or two ta change," Sean explained, hitching up her pants, after she got over her surprise at finding Ravi here. "These clothes fit like ass now." Sean arched a brow at Vaineri, tilting her head questioningly at the reed door. "I can get a little privacy back there?" ,, Vaineri nodded graciously, though there was something in his manner that he didn't understand why. Swan didn't really see the problem either. Ravi smirked, giving the feminine-looking Sean a mischievous once-over. ,, "Why the privacy, Sean? We're all friends here, and you're hardly shy in the locker room." ,, Sean's dark blue eyes narrowed in warning, lips turning down in an annoyed frown - which looked more like a pout with her cover-girl features. Ravi's grin widened. "Well, we ain't in the locker now, are we? And 'sides, I ain't wearing a bra and I ain't givin' you guys a free show." ,, Ravi put a look of mock shock. "My word! A modest woman like you, Sean. Why ever would you be without proper lady undergarments?" ,, Sean gritted her teeth, well aware that Ravi was just nettling her just because, and still unable to let it go. "'Cause I ain't gonna wear a damn bra when I'm a du-" Sean's eyes cut to Vaineri for an instant, amending what she was going to say. "- when I don't need it. Shut up!" ,, With that brilliant retort, Sean stalked beyond the reed door in what she wouldn't have called a huff, though most others would. Off of the hall0way, she found a room that she thought was the bathroom. Quickly striping out of her own now-ill-fitting clothing, she pulled out some of Cassandra's. Fortunately, despite being a model, Cassandra was still an athlete and had a fair bit of active- and outdoors-wear. Sean slipped on the boy-short panties and racerback sportsbra after only a minute of hesitation, glad to have had practice taking off bras so she had an idea of how to put them on. ,, Then she pulled on convertible, catch- and water resistant cargo-pants, a running shirt, a half-zip hoodie, and finally a pair of Cassandra's hiking shoes. If the pants were snugger across the ass than she was used to and the close-fitting hoodie a teal colour she'd never choose, they at least all fit comfortably and chesticle bounce was highly reduced. ,, In fact, Cassandra's clothes fit disturbingly well, maybe slightly snugger across the shoulders and upper arms. They really were nearly perfect twins. The scary part was, Sean could really see herself getting tired of having to duck out every time to change right after walking through the Door and finally starting to just being blasé about stripping in front of everyone. ,, A few minutes after disappearing behind the reed door, Sean stepped back into the meeting room, her spiked gloves somehow not looking out of place with her hiking outfit. "Don't say a word," Sean commanded when Ravi's mouth opened to say something about the tall, leggy young woman who looked more like she was modeling clothes rather than just wearing them. She took a sprawling seat next to Swan, dispelling some of her feminine image, legs stretched out before her. "This ain't 'bout me, this is 'bout Lucia and helpin' her find her mother." ,, Sean looked towards Vaineri. "How are the Devi gonna go about that? And what do we gotta do to get your help?"
  15. As impressive as the Valley of the Devi was, to one who grew up in a mountain town and enjoyed hiking and climbing the cliffs, the heights weren't much of a concern. The glance their host shot Swan did. She really didn't think he (she?) would do anything, but all the same, Sean stayed next and slightly ahead of Swan, ready to catch her just in case of an 'accidental' bump. ,, "Got that right!" Sean agreed with Renata about the possibilities of invasion, as she gave a hand to anyone going down the ladder who wanted it. "Guess now we know why - or 'least how - the Devi managed to stay out of the last war. My turn." ,, Then Sean started down the ladder, followed by Swan. Her time at HeartStone had helped greatly with helping her grow accustomed to her female form, but this was still the first time she'd used ladder with a hefty pair of breasts to take into account. In addition to the ladder being a rope-and-wood affair, swaying and jerking with the movements of those below and above her. And a heavy pack on her back and a bag of clothes hanging from a wrist - clothes to replace the ones that no longer fit right. With a fall that would be final. It made every extraneous movement Sean felt feel magnified a hundred fold. ,, Hopefully there wouldn't be much more up-and-down to get to the Devi guest quarters, Sean mused, picking up a shoe that had slipped of her foot during the climb and retying the laces As oddly okay she was with switching genders with each step through the Door, Sean was really starting to get aggravated with having to deal with the secondary effects, like having clothes that don't fit. ,, It wasn't like she could prepare first and get dressed in her girl clothes before stepping through the door... Well, she could, but it would be an even worse fit at first and she'd feel like a colossal fool. And that wasn't even considering what her friends would say or wouldn't say.
  16. Sean grunted as Lucia went through the Door without waiting for everyone else, then hurriedly got ready. This mostly entailed loosening his shoelaces and untucking his shirt, preparing to change clothes once he was on the other side of the Door and the other side of the gender divide. Red faced, he got a few articles of Cassandra's plainest clothes ready too, in case his (her) leather armour was unnecessary. He dithered over putting on his Dragon Claws or not, until Swan pointedly told him to put them on. ,, "But I'm just gonna hafta take 'em off again so I can change," Sean protested. ,, "Better to have them when you are not needing them, than not having them when you do," Swan retorted, a hand brushing the hilt of her short sword. ,, Nodding, suitably chastised and agreeing with Swan, Sean put on the spiked, fingerless gloves, he edges of the blades gleaming wickedly. Then with Swan at his side, gripping her blade with casual poise, he stepped through the Door... ,, ... feeling the sudden weight of breasts bouncing on her chest as she stepped onto the sunwashed balcony, her jeans pinching wider hips that swayed with each stride. With no immediate threat in sight, Sean was already reaching for the bottom of her shirt while looking for someplace she could change without flashing her naughty bits when she really saw what Lucia was talking to and where they were. ,, The lizard-bird man was freaky looking, if hardly radiating menace - wearing pink might have had something to do with that. The great valley of white and gold-flecked stone was so bright it almost made her squint, with... beings flying around on wings of white light. It was hardly what she was expecting when looking for Lucia's mother, considering the shadows that tended to writhe around her on this side of the Door. ,, "Uh, is this the right place?" Sean asked in her higher, smoother female voice.
  17. Sitting in the attic, Swan at his side and the bag of Cassandra's clothes shoved surreptitiously behind him, Sean munched on a Cold Cut Trio from Subway. His eyes were still a bit grainy from the rough night and talking with his dad. That had been difficult, in some ways because Swan was there, though she had made it easier for him in others. He pulled out the leather-bound diary he his dad have given him and slid it into the center of the circle of students for all of them to see. ,, "So, Dad can't actually come with us right away," Sean admitted, finishing his sub and balling up the wrapping into the take-out bag. "He's just comin' back from his honeymoon and hast'arrange stuff with work so they don't question his absence." He nodded at the book. "But he did give me that. It's a diary written by one of the original members of the Adventurer's Club, Shelby, a first hand account of their adventurers, from what Dad told me and from skimming through it." ,, The handsome, raven-haired jock frowned, his blue-grey eyes serious as he panned his gaze around the circle of students. "She died." ,, Sean leaned towards Lucia, meaning his words for her, though everyone could still hear him. "I asked Dad about the Devi. He didn't know much, didn't have much interaction with them, if any. Said they weren't a big or expansive, uh, race, I guess, so they didn't really consider them powerful to help them fight the Caramines. Sorry I couldn't find out more."
  18. "Well, the offer of Vanessa's - my... mother's place, I guess I should say is open, Ms. Dorn," Sean said in response to the teacher's suggestion. "It's a ways off campus, so Pritchard probably won't have eyes on it. And if there's stuff people have to get that they don't have in their rooms, they can probably get it in Denver." ,, Sean nodded at Lucia, taking a deep breath that made the air hiss over his teeth. "I think I can make it in five hours - if my Dad already got a flight back from Vienna - he was on his honeymoon. I know you want to go after you mom right away, Lucia, but this has been a long day for all of us. Dont'cha think maybe we should all get a night's - day's - whatever, six or eight hours of sleep first, then head out fresh? Even with Pritchard out there, we're still better off restin' in a place we're familiar with, then out there on th'other side of the Door, in yet another world we don't know." ,, The burly jock held a pair of placating hands. "It's just a suggestion. This is family stuff, so the decision's yours, Lucia, and I'll back whatever you choose. Just want the team to start out fresh, rather than startin' out rough. Your mom already has a big lead on us - sprintin' now ain't gonna help us catch up in the long run." ,, Sean put an arm around Swan's shoulders as the group began heading out of the store room on their way to put their plans in action. Those plans were hardly written in concrete, but they were still teenagers, making them up as they went along. Hopefully that flexibility would help rather than hinder in achieving their goals.
  19. Sean intends to help Lucia find her mom, and considers this part and parcel with stopping the Caramines. They still have to learn about the worlds on the other side of Door, and finding those with experience with it, who also know about the 'real' world is a definite plus.
  20. "You stabbed yourself in the fuckin' chest with a sword! I think I was entitled, dude," Sean grumped with a wry twist to his mouth, then shot Ryan a grin as he chucked him in the arm. "Knew you'd pull through, Ryan." ,, Sean gave Ray a nod, then rolled his shoulders, settling his pack on his back. "I hear ya, bud. But if we all are goin' out and gatherin' our stuff before headin' out again - maybe after Ms. Dorn wrangles up an excuse fer us, so there's less questions asked - maybe you should come with, eh? Just so Pritchard don't got no chance as gettin' one of us while he's alone." ,, Sean's stormy grey-blue eyes landed on Lucia, his good-natured smile turning fierce and determined. "I have every intention of helpin' you find your mother too, Lucia. But I gotta drive down to Denver to meet up with my dad. He said he'd help us, but he needed to get some stuff first too." His gaze took them all in. "Ray - any of you, can come with me, if you like. Micah, you too - I can try an' give ya the recap. Drive's just a little over an hour each way. If you have to pick anything up along the way, I'm sure we can find it in Denver." ,, Recap Yeah, I really don't want to type out everything they did. Dozer/Micah, just read the previous threads and assume Sean tells you basically what happened - though he doesn't mention what he actually did at the HeartStone, nor does he mention his gender-bender ways until someone else does. Don't worry, it shouldn't be long.
  21. Sean picked up the football with the practiced motion of long familiarity, flipping it over and around with an idle and deft motion, raven-wing brows crinkling for a moment before he saw the writing on the ball. He grinned and showed the ball to the others. "'Door Open - Coast Clear.' Told ya Ryan would pull through for us." ,, Without pausing to consider it further, Sean turned around, tossed the football through the Door with an easy underhanded toss to give Ryan warning, then followed it through, Swan on his heels. Balmy Darkness surrounded them like a velvet cloud, then dispersed as their feet sounded on wooden planks. ,, Sean couldn't help it, a hand checking his chest, despite being reasonably sure they were going from one to another on the same world with the same magic-levels-doohickery. Still hard, muscled, and male... ,, "Thanks, Ry - Micah?!" Sean exclaimed in surprise, which settled in a wryly welcome grin. "Thought you managed to escape the madness. Ryan drag you back in?" His grin turned into a frown and Sean took a step back and to the side, fists coming up warily, remembering his belief that Bitchard was faking some students still being at Dalton even when they weren't. Swan, picking up on Sean's concern, slid over to Micah's other side, a hand on the hilt of her short sword. "Bitchard doesn't have Ryan, does she? And how do I know you're you?" ,, It might have been a silly question, but Sean didn't look silly and his muscular arms and hard fists looked serious. Nor did the slender woman with the eyes of solid black.
  22. Sean gave Ms. Dorn an uncertain shrug, his grin quirking wry. "Maybe he did, but if'n so, I gotta say, th'geography classes are missin' some things. History too." He held up a placating hand before Ms. Dorn could retort - er, expound on her view. "I know I've - we've all - got learnin' still to do, but like Lucia said, it ain't all gonna be in the class-room no more. It can't." He snorted in amusement, his eyes on Lucia. "I'm agreein' with you 'bout the calculus, but that don't mean we still can't learn stuff that we can use on th'other side of the Door at Dalton. As for th'others and their social games..." Sean spread his arms, gesturing at Swan, their panthery hosts, and suggesting what surrounded them. "... do you really still care what they think?" Sean glanced at his wrist, forgetting his wasn't wearing his watch, then looked around, but didn't see a clock. He grunted in exasperation as he hefted his backpack over his shoulder. "I think we gave Ryan 'nough offa head start. Mister FitzCoventry, think I can get someone to lead me back to the Door? I'll wait there for Ryan to pull through, with anyone who wants to come along, then relay the message to anyone waiting here. But be ready to move, eh? Ryan might not be able to keep the Door open long."
  23. I can probably promise a post a week with Sean(ette), as long as others are posting at the same rate.
  24. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up!" Sean exclaimed roughly, dark brows lowering over his storm-coloured eyes as he folded his thickly muscled arms. "Who said anything 'bout splittlin' up, eh?" His blue-grey eyes were understanding as he reached out and patted Lucia on the shoulder again. "Look, I know you want to go after your mom right now, Lucia, but give Ryan a chance, huh? It sounds insane, but you wear freakin' shadows, Ren here turned a bladed Frisbee into a buzzsaw, I - well, y'know - and we're surrounded my were-panthers at the moment. Who says Ryan can't get there and back in a few minutes or an hour, eh? Eh? A few hours, a day at most, and we all can be back at Dalton, resupply, then on our way to meet the Devi and lookin' for your mother." Sean stepped back, an encouraging and determined grin on his handsome face as his gaze took in all the Daltonites. "And we might even have someone else to come with us. Someone who's traveled the Doors before. My dad."
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