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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Contingencies


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What is the point of contingencies. Simple if a man simply reacts he will always be one step behind. Wesson by his views a powerful but he had came across these people here. he was scared. Rightfully so. Power Corrupted. It at best changed people. Here he was in the midst of so many people with power, and he saw it clearly.

He knew it was effecting him as well. He couldn't trust himself to the right thing if he went to far. He could try to do it but in the end he would have to trust others to do the job. He could plan and plan to but that is the problem, people like him needed to be caught flat footed, and quickly over whelmed. A fair fight was not the way you killed someone who was bullet proof.It could be done but it was just not very smart.

So when Wesson was walking about the he kept his eyes out for other like him.What the people were calling suppers. May the gods grace the unfortunate ones who called Wesson a super, for Wesson had none for them. Still, he watched, he listened. He had seen enough to know that some of the others like him were here only because it was easy to live off the labors of others. He wanted to kill those. Would he. No. It would be a waste, at least now.

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