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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - [Fiction] Stranger in a Strange Land

z-Mercury Fire

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Merc woke up, expecting her blue morning light. Instead, it was a distressing golden yellow. Yellow, the color of sorrow and grief. Merc could still remember when her father's father had died - the yellow drapes on the walls, the yellow flowers; everything in the house had been yellow. Today, the color still made her feel a little ill; made the memory of the scent of the dying flowers hang in the air like a sickly perfume.

She missed her blue sun. She thought that in time she'd get over it, that she'd move past the strangeness, but not even a decade under a yellow star could make her feel at home. And she hadn't had a good stretch in years.

Sighing, she kicked back her blankets and stood, her air cooling her bare body. She crossed to the window and looked out, knowing that no one could see past the tinted screens over the window. It wouldn't do to hurt her image by being caught in the nude on film. She stared out at a grief-tinted and missed her home like a knife wound.


Harm came over after her shower and breakfast, walking right into her kitchen. She didn't mind; her backup vocalist was one of the people who got to walk through her security. The thought that she was so carefully guarded always amused her. First, she didn't need it, not really. Second, she'd worked her way up through the ranks back home, and the thought of being guarded made her laugh. She'd nearly killed herself a hundred times over; protection was not on the top of her mind.

"Hey, Harm," she said, looking up from her grapefruit. "What's up?"

"A high school?" he asked, flipping his long bangs out of his eyes. "Really?"

"We'll censor some words," Merc replied, digging into the fruit viciously. "It'll be great."

"It's a fuckin' high school!" Harm snapped. "We're talking-"

"Our core fan base," Mercury replied.

Harm huffed. "But it's at a high school!"

"This is their reward for surviving the recent tragedy," Merc stated. Her pale eyes met Harm's. "We're doing it, ok? It's a good thing." And I need to see these people close up.

He sighed. "Right. Ready for practice?" Harm could get going, but when he was shut down, he took it. It was one of the nicer things about him, unlike some of the humans she'd met.

"Yep," she said, standing and leaving her food behind. The cleaning service would get it.


They practiced for several hours. As always before a big concert, most of the practice was just playing around. Merc loved having a sound studio in her house; it was one of the few perks of being here. Having a job playing music was about the only good part about being here.

Sometimes, though, she missed space. She missed being in space.

God, she wanted to go home.

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I will add more as I get inspired.
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