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Aberrant: Children of Heaven - [Profile] Zoey Black

Zoey Black

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Zoey grew up in a quiet affluent suburb, to rich but distant parents. As long as Zoey got good grades and didn't cause problems her parents ignored her. In her early days of high school she started a rebellious phase and began hanging out with the goth kids. Not that she really cared about being rebellious or had that much in common with the gothlings, she just wanted some attention both from other kids at school and at her parents at home. It worked for her at school, she had people to be with who could understand her. It was an absolute flop at home. Her parents didn't bat an eye. There was no such thing as a social occasion that included Elspeth so there weren't arguments about how she dressed or the music she listened to. She was too docile to really push them to the point of responding, she just allowed her loneliness at home to fuel her poetry.

Unlike many of her goth friends, she wasn't really all that unhappy with life other than the parental thing. Her on and off boyfriend over the last couple years had taught her two things. His skills for getting into places and things that he shouldn't and a love for manga. Ted was a petty crook in the making and Zoey had no doubt that with in a year or so of his graduation he'd end up behind bars. She had no desire to follow him and be the Bonnie to his Clyde, but she did enjoy the challenge of picking locks and disabling the neighbors security systems. She'd never stolen anything of course, but she could see the appeal it held for Ted. If she weren't so afraid of the consequences she might do it, but the one time she'd stolen a small porcelain dragon the Darby's kept on a dusty shelf in their den, she'd had nightmares about getting strip searched and thrown in jail. The next night she'd broken back in and put the little figure back in it's little dusty place. That had been when she was 15. She was a mature 17 now and laughed at her earlier angst over the whole thing, but she still didn't steal, and she was very very careful never to be caught when she made one of her nighttime explorations.

Meanwhile Ted had graduated and broken up with her when she refused to help him break into her neighbors houses. They had had a big fight a couple months ago and she hadn't spoken to him since.

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