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Aberrant: Children of Heaven - [Profile] Moira Fitzgerald

Moira Fitzgerald

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Name: Moira Fitzgerald

Age: 32


Moira is a beautiful woman who, at a glance, looks to be in her mid to late 20's. In truth she is in her early 30's but a healthy lifesyle keeps her looking young. She's fairly average in height, about 5'7", with beautiful pale green eyes and fair skin.

Background: Moira was a regular Irish-American girl from Brooklyn. She was raised Catholic, was a dutiful daughter and an excellent student, and graduated Valedictorian of her senior class. When she decided not to go directly into college her parents were understandably distraught, but she was convinced that she needed to experience a bit of real life before she pursued an education. After all, she didn't really have a clue what she wanted to do anyway. So her family relented, under one condition. They would still pay for her college (she was only one of the two siblings out of five that had a desire to go, after all, so they were pretty sure they could handle it) if they approved of where she was planning to go, and what she was going to do. So she decided to go home.. to Ireland, that was. Born and raised an American girl (though she still retained a bit of a lilt to her voice from her Irish-born parents), Moira had always been curious about her native country, so with her parent's full blessing, she went to stay with a great-aunt Kathleen, who still lived in a little village outside of Cork.

The three years she spent there with her aunt changed her life completely. Moira had always been a curious girl, interested in everything from history to literature to the latest gossip. But now her curiosity developed a focus. The land and the legends seemed to inspire her, her aunt's stories of the old ways engrossed her, and eventually, she found herself wrapped up in the odd mixture of Christian faith and Pagan belief that so permeated Irish culture. She eventually fell in with a group that practiced the old ways - they were scattered all over Ireland, in heavier quantities than most would imagine, and she immersed herself in the rituals and magic of days gone by.

By the time she finally kissed her aunt - the very woman whom had started on her new spiritual journey - and headed back to America, she was no longer a curious girl without direction. She was a focused young woman with a destination. She spent the next several years acquiring her degree. She double majored in Archeology and Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in Ancient Religion. She spent some time after that in the field, but realized eventually that she took no real joy in spending hours digging through the dust looking for objects. She was much happier getting to handle the actual items themselves, for it was the items that held the mystery to her.. she could always read about the layers of dirt it was found in, or what the soil composition might mean. But when she held an artifact, it was like she could feel the weight of history, and all the secrets of the past in her fingertips.

For two years she worked in a museum, cataloging and documenting artifacts, their names and dates and details, and at the same time absorbing everything about them that she could. She lived with her parents in New York, and visited her Aunt Kathleen whenever the opportunity presented itself. But then one day, she received a call from a cousin in Ireland, and her world shattered around her. Kathleen had died, and the family wanted Moira to come speak at her wake. She agreed, of course, though her heart was breaking, and she packed up and headed back to Ireland with the family that could make the journey with her in tow, to pay homage to the woman who had so influenced and inspired their sweet Moira. It was a traditional Irish wake, full of laughter and tears and celebration for a richly lived life. Women keened mournfully at the funeral, their voices swelling and fading in the long cry of death that had been heard through Ireland for hundreds of years, from one generation to the next.

When it was all said and done, and the family had gone back to their homes, and the grave had been filled with rich, black Irish dirt, Moira met with Kathleen's lawyer. She couldn't imagine what her aunt had left her, for Kathleen had lived in a simple old stone cottage that had been in the family for generations. Moira had assumed that would be going to a local family member, but to her surprise the old woman had left her not only the cottage, but a small fortune as well. She had stockpiled her husband's money when he was alive, and they had both been simple people, Moira knew. But she'd had no idea when she came to live in her aunt's simple stone cottage, and lingered on her raspy old words and stories, that she had been setting herself up to inherit a good sum of money.

She made arrangements for a family member to live in the cottage, and pay her a small amount of money for rent in exchange for taking proper care of the place and notifying Moira immediately if there were any repairs or maintenance that needed to be done. She had no intentions of letting the family cottage rot unoccupied, for she fully intended to move there one day. But she wanted to experience life first, and that was hard to do for a woman in her prime with a degree in all things ancient and a love of adventure to do in Ireland. That was for later.. when living there would bring back happy memories of her aunt and the times they'd shared, instead of breaking her heart all over again.

She packed up, and moved back to the United States. She paid her parent's mortgage, and sent her youngest brother to college - the rest had become cops and construction workers and mothers and fathers and all other sorts of wonderful things that didn't involve a bunch of crazy college kids and four years of getting drunk on cheap American beer. She decided she'd experienced enough of New York, though, and with money came a certain freedom that she'd be able to see her parents and her family whenever she desired. So she took the rest of her funds, and opened a small shop on the other side of the continent. It was little, and dark, but it smelled of herbs and flowers and magic things, and there was a small room in the back that only certain clients got to visit, full of all sorts of things wonderful and ancient that Moira acquired on her occasional visits around the world. And for now, that was enough.

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