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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Are we gods?No. We are just men...


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When a man type has power. No mater the of power. It doesn't mater if that power is money, physical prowess, a silver tongue,a sharp mind, or many other traits that sets a man part from others, and he could wind up thinking he is god, or at least think he is godly. It is an issue of pride. It is an issue of youth. Still, did any of these men really posses anything more than human? Not one on those men could do what Wesson could do. Did that make him a god? Did that make him godly? Thinking to himself, as he went back to his truck. He Saw Min. It was clear to him just then that no he was not a god.

"Min, I am going to have a look around, see what type of area we are dealing with. You know what you need to do."

He knew there was a river near by. In his youth he loved swimming in rivers.The fresh water on his skin, the mud in toes. Even in the war. Rivers were mostly places of peace for Wesson. Life was to short for his taste, and he was too old to act like an old man. Still, his mind was focused on the thoughts of was he a god. He knew he wasn't, and the fact May was dead was proof enough for him on many levels, but he was still a man.

Wesson, picked up a chance of cloth, and a note pad, and some of his tools. He walked out into the wild.Well out of the base, no one really bothering him.It was just a day to. First things first, he walk to the trees. They were a good thing. Given enough luck, and skill, he would be setting up a mil here soon. Put people into houses.

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The sun was still rising. The day was going to be good.It was morning. Sleep just didn't seem to catch him anymore.The mind never slowed down in the past, now his was also unrelenting.

Moving to the trees. He placed his hand on the back, and patted it light. It was beautiful in nature as a living work of art, and as part of the civilized world. The wall they made. He had walked past tent city and he was full of shame. People were to short sighted to see that their brothers needed real cover.It was not like a tent was enough to keep you safe in a real storm. He brough his hand back and slapped the tree. It was a hard smack, that could be heard far from him. The wood cracked a bit. He loved feeling the power. He wanted to feel more. He looked at his hand and still saw the blood.He knew he had power, but in the end he was just a man.

He moved away looking over the three, he move threw the wood. Give him a month and there would be no need for tents, at least not here. Wesson was a firm believer that give a man something worth fighting for and you will have a man ready to fight. If that something is a home, they will fight to defend it, and those around it.If a man has nothing he will fight for anything. Never trust a man with nothing to lose.

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