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Warhammer: Shadows of Empire - Apprentice's Primer

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Here I will post stuff to help you get a better handle on the game.

As an example, to relate to how tough you are, here is the average Beastman (the soldiers of the Chaos cause and a perpetual problems in the forest realms):

Beastman (Gor subspecies)

WS:43 BS:25 S:35 T:44 Ag:35 I:26 WP:25 Fel:25

A:1 W:12 SB:3 TB:4 M:5 Mg:0 IP:0 FP:0

Skills: Concealment, Follow Trail, Intimidate, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Shadowing, Silent Move, Spk. Lang. (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Keen Senses, Menacing, Rover


Mutations - Animalistic Legs, Bestial Appearance, and Horns. There is a 25% chance of another mutation.

Silent as the Beast in the Woods - Beastmen are naturally stealthy, and most are also experienced hunters and trackers. They gain +20% Silent Move Tests and +10% Concealment Tests.

Armor: Leather Jack

AP: Head-0, Arms-1, Body-1, Legs-0


Hand Weapon or Spear; Hand weapon or shield; Horns (SB-1)

Slaughter Margin: Average

Typical Imperial Soldier

WS:36 BS:31 S:31 T:36 Ag:36 I:31 WP:36 Fel:31

A:2 W:13 SB:3 TB:3 M:4 Mg:0 IP:0 FP:0

Skills: Animal Care, Common Knowledge (Empire), Dodge Blow, Drive, Gamble, Gossip, Intimidate, Perception, Speak Langauge (Reikspeil)

Talents: Hardy, Quickdraw, Strike Mighty Blow, Specialist Weapon Group (Two Handed), Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Very Resiliant.

Armor: Helmet, Full Leather Armor, Mail shirt

AP: Head-3, Arm-1, Body-3, Legs-1

Weapons: Halberd, Hand Weapon(Sword), Shield

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Difficulties for Tests:

Very Easy: +30 (Reading a Beginner's Tome when you have all day)

Easy: +20% (Gossiping up some drunk patron at a bar - if you are both of the same race)

Routine: +10% (Hunting for food in the forest in the fall)

Average: 0% (Sneaking past a watchman on a moonlight night)

Challenging: -10% (running across an ice-covered lake)

Hard: -20% (Using your off-hand to hit somebody)

Very Hard: -30% (Casting a spell of a scroll you've never read before)

So, if you ask me what you know about a certain city, I will say give me a Routine Common Knowledge Test. If it was about a town, it would be an Average Test. If it was about a village, it would be a Challenging Test. All this is based upon the size of the burg and how much taffic it has. A village well of the beaten path might be a Hard Test.

Now for combat (I'm making some of this up):

Behind somebody in Melee +10%

Behind somebody who has no idea you are there in Melee +20%

Enemy is Prone in Melee + 20% (yes, if someone is prone and on their stomach, they are +30% to hit)

Standing Still +10%

You are lying prone -10%

Enemy is Prone in Ranged Combat -10%

Aiming (1/2 action) +10% (+20% with Sharpshooter Talent at Range)

Firing blind -30% (you know the general area the target is in)

Cover protects the body parts that are hidden.

Hit Locations:

Head 01-15

Right Arm 16-35

Left Arm 36-55

Body 56-80

Right Leg 81-90

Left Leg 91-00

Roll your 100% dice to hit, then reverse those numbers to determine your hit location. Say you roll a 52 to hit (and you hit), your hit location is 25 (Right Arm).

With most creatures, when you do their wounds, they are dead, or dying. Only named Creatures get the benefit of the Critical hit system.

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