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Aberrant: 200X - Contessa Jane Danae


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Contessa Danae

Real Name: Contessa Jane Danae
Nicknames: Tessa, C.J., Ceej, Calamity Jane
Occupations: Student
Legal Status: No criminal record.
Identity: Public.
Aliases: None.
Place of birth: Van Buren, Michigan
Date of Birth: February 29th, 1992
Age: 16
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents (divorced): Wendy Danae (mother), Peter Danae (father)
Group Affiliation: None.
Eruption: Self Erupted
Date of Eruption: March 24th, 2008
Height: 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, straight and long.

Distinguishing Marks: Contessa’s accident left her severely burned and scarred: so much so that the healing process literally fused three of the fingers on her left hand together (the pinky, ring and middle). Since her eruption all her scars have disappeared and she now has perfectly lovely and fully functional fingers on each hand, however it’s noticeable that she tends to keep those three fingers together unless she consciously prevents herself from doing so.

Strength Level: The upper limits of her strength have yet to be tested.

Known Quantum Powers: Contessa Danae possesses the quantum ability to create identical physical duplicates of herself. It is not yet known precisely how Contessa’s cloning abilities work, although scientists suspect some form spatial manipulation may be involved, as she does not appear to be transmuting nearby elements into her likeness, they simply appear in a flicker of golden motes.

Distance and gravity seem to be under her control as well, however she refused to demonstrate these talents for research teams. It is known however that she is able to anchor herself and not be moved unless she desires to be. It’s speculated that this some sort of spatial manipulation that roots her to a specific point.

Abilities/Special Skills: Contessa is blessed with an incredible intellect. Even long before her eruption she possessed an I.Q. well surpassing most people her age.

Personality: Contessa is fun. She always seems happy, giddy, and always ready to rush out into the world and have the best time life has to offer her. Unfortunately she suffers from a social anxiety disorder that stems from years of people treating her badly and self-induced solitude. She is prone to extreme worry even to the point of making herself sick when the prospect of having to deal with other people becomes a possibility.

She is resolute and determined to overcome this, but as of yet has been unsuccessful. Her lack of real social experience has left her with little skill in social endeavors and she continuously embarrasses herself, which only serves to reinforce her anxiety even more.

She is a complete nerd in every sense of the word, surrounding herself with everything imaginable to help reinforce an imaginary life for herself. Comic books, fantasy novels, computer games, sci-fi and fantasy movies are all her tools to escape from a world of cruelty and embarrassment.

History: Contessa Danae was born in Van Buren, Michigan where she lived with her parents Wanda and Peter. One late winter evening the Danae home caught fire and the family lost everything. In the blaze two year old Contessa suffered severe burns across more than sixty percent of her body.

The years that followed were filled with painful physical therapy and medical treatments. The child spent more time with tears on her face than should ever be experienced. The poor child was melted flesh pulled taught over a human frame, an ugly vision that she would have to live with her whole life. As time passed her skin healed as best it could but the scarring was always a constant painful reminder of her accident.

Her parents tried to make her life as comfortable as possible, like any loving parents would. They tried sending her to public schools, hoping she could find normal children her age to be friends with, but what she was shown was how harsh and vulgar small innocent minds can be. Contessa was called names, picked on, and treated with cruel intentions that for some odd law of the universe only the innocent are capable of.

The emotional stress was more then parents could take and eventually they divorced for reasons unknown to Contessa. They claimed they fell out of love but she never believed it for a second. Afterwards it didn’t take long before she regressed into her own little world, refusing to leave her room and drifting away into a world of books, games, and fantasy reality. Hours spent on her computer and weeks buried in mounds of books slowly shaped her mind into a keen tool housed within an innocent but depressed frame.

As she grew older the solitude wasn’t enough. She would watch the ‘normal’ kids and teens in her neighborhood from out her window. They played in the snow, held hands with their spring crushes. During puberty her depression became more and more difficult to deal with. As she developed into young adulthood the reality she had lived with her whole life seemed to come brutally into focus; she would never be beautiful. In a world that is hung up on appearances and glamour that truth can open a young mind and deliver a shattering blow.

Contessa believes that her life long wish of being beautiful and wanting to live a normal life has finally come true. With each passing day however she realizes that her life will forever be far from normal, but she is trying her best to have a greatest time she can to make up for all the days she lost.

Birth Name: Contessa Jane Danae
Alias: C.J., Ceej, Calamity Jane
Nature: Follower
Eruption: Contessa erupted naturally with no outside assistance.
Allegiance: Humanity and Video Games. Oh… and pizza too!

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5
Athletics 2, Brawl 1, Endurance 3, Might 2, Resistance 3, Stealth 2

Mental: Perception 5, Intelligence 5, Wits 5
Academics 5, Awareness 2, Computer 4, Linguistics 2, Medicine 2, Meditation 1, Rapport 1, Science 2

Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 1, Appearance 5
Carousing 1, Etiquette 1, Style 1

Backgrounds: Allies 2, Contacts 2, Node 2, Resources 1

Mega-Attributes: Strength 2, Stamina 3, Intelligence 3, Appearance 2
Enhancements: Strength (Lifter), Stamina (Hardbody, Immoveable), Intelligence (Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Memory, Linguistics Genius, Mathematical Savant,Taint Resistance), Appearance (Seductive Looks)


Polyappearance 2
(Clone, Level 3)
Extras: None
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None
Effect: By focusing with her node and warping space she is currently occupying, Contessa can permit herself to be present in the same location multiple times. In a flicker of golden motes and a slight distortion in the atmosphere, several copies of Contessa will appear. The copies are identical to her in all respects. Her current Clone Cap is 8.

Multi-Spatial Perception 1
(ESP, Level 2)
Extras: None
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None
Effect: Contessa is able to extend her perceptions beyond their normal capabilities. This allows her to see and hear, but not interact at great distances.

Warp and Weft 3
(Gravity Manipulation, Level 3)
Extras: None
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None
Techniques Gravitokinesis
Effect: I can’t think of anything really interesting to put here… I’m all out of techno-babble.

Slack Jawed & Bug Eyed 1
(Boost (Appearance), Level 2)
Extras: None
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: Uncontrolled (Power activates on it’s own when Contessa is flustered, nervous, or feeling sociably uncomfortable), Gradual Increase (When activated the powers effects are not applied immediately. Dots gained in appearance are added at random), Forced Enhancement Use (When her mega-appearance reaches 4 Seductive Looks activates on its own)
Effect: Contessa is a classic case of ‘careful what you wish for’. Although she denies it, Contessa secretly wanted beauty and popularity over all other things in life. While it may be understandable for a person who grew up in situation to desire these things her selfish thoughts gave rise to a powerful ‘aberration’ during her eruption.

When she is in situations where she feels sociably uncomfortable Boost slowly begins to pump more dots into her appearance making her more noticeable and desired. This reflects Contessa’s jaded view that only pretty people are popular while less attractive people are shunned. Although this is not really what she wanted per se, her eruption took her latent deep seated thoughts and made them a reality, turning her into something she hated the most yet always wished she could be: the most beautiful and most popular.

The increase (and decrease, because she can lose points as well) are random, gaining when she’s flustered and dropping when she’s calm. When her Mega-Appearance reaches 4 or more she automatically is forced to activate ‘Seductive Looks’. This is not a good thing and it should not be treated like it is. The result is usually Contessa unintentionally sending the wrong ‘signals’ to people around her. She may smile at the server who brings her the Coke she ordered and thanks to ‘Seductive Looks’ she inadvertently ‘seduced’ him into thinking that the smile meant more than it did. Before she knows it he’s bothering her all night for a date.

It should be noted that this power is not an aberration; it’s just linked to her psyche. Also, no weakness points were gained from this power.

Woooooosh! 1
(Flight, Level 2)
Extras: None
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None
Effect: With a more direct and focused control of gravity Contessa is able to fly at incredibly high speeds.

Co-Location 1
(Warp, Level 3)
Extras: None
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None
Effect: Contessa is a master of the art of connections, the ties between things, and the illusion of distance. By reaching out to a far away place she may bring that place to her folding the two points together that matter most on a long journey: the beginning, and the end. The result is an instantaneous method of travel.

Bastion of Virtue 5
(Psychic Shield, Level 1)
Extras: None
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None
Effect: Contessa is quite the innocent idealist and very set in her ways. Attempts to deviate her from her upbringing of only wishing for people to treat others with a level of decency and kindness she never received is difficult to say the least. There are often times when she just doesn't understand why people act the way they do.

Merits: Sexy (1pt)
Flaws: Severe Pyrophobia - Contessa does not enjoy being in the presence of open flame. A match, a lighter, or even a stove is enough for her to shirk away and feel uncomfortable. If the flame is too large (campfire, BBQ Grill) she will leave the area and go somewhere where she can not see it. If threatened or teased with fire her heart rate will increase and she'll start to suffer from minor symptoms of shock as her mind replays the years of pain and torture she suffered. If she can not escape an area of fire (like trapped in a building, or cornered by idiots harassing her with fire) she will automatically lose one point of willpower per turn and collapse into gibbering madness and tears. If her willpower runs dry she will start suffering phantom bashing damage (1 box per turn) if she's exposed for too long. If not removed from the cause of her fear before she runs out of phantom bashing health levels Contessa will die from shock. With her current stats Contessa can survive her fear for a 1:36.(0pt)

Thanks to her nova enhancements she almost immune to natural fire and her body doesn't burn or scar anymore. She's not willing to put it to the test though.

Willpower: 4
Quantum: 5
Quantum Pool: 30
Aberrations: None
Nova Points: 58/58

Experience Points: 5/81
Expenditures: Mega-Intelligence +2 (15), Mega-Stamina +1 (10), Eidetic Memory (5), Enhanced Memory (5), Linguistics Genius (5), Mathematical Savant (5), Gravity Manipulation +2 (21), Clone +1 (7)
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