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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Tannin

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Personal Information:

Birth Name: Samuel Erickson

Nova Name: Tannin, aka "The East River Dragon"

Identity: secret (more or less)

Occupation: World's largest predator

Legal Status: confusing for everyone involved

Marital Status: N/A (he has the Sexless aberration...)

Known Relatives: none

Affiliation: Monster, the Teragen (loosely affiliated)

Concept: heroic monster

Nature: caregiver

Eruption: suicide

Physical Traits:

Weight: 8,709 kg. (19,200 lbs.): base weight: 136 kg. (300lbs.)

Height: shoulder height: 13’9” (4.19m), standing height is 51’3” (15.62m – including neck tendril): base height: 6’5” (with neck tendril: 12’10”)

Neck Length (including head): 19’7” (5.98m), Body Length: 19’7” (5.98m),

Tail Length: 39’3” (11.96m), Total Length: 78’6” (23.92m) Wing Span: 78’10” (24m)

Age (apparent age): 46 (indeterminate)

Gender: N/A

Ethnic Background: Caucasian (originally)

Nationality (place of origin): American

Eye Color: Bright gold with vertical irises

Hair Color: N/A

Handedness: N/A

General Appearance: looks like an enormous dragon

Powers, Skills, and Personality:

Known Powers: Tannin's powers are almost universally physical in nature. It possesses incredible strength, stamina, and speed, and the capability to survive in all known terrestrial environments. Its hide has also proved to be utterly impervious to date, though whether this is a reflection of its actual durability, or a lack of exposure to truly damaging forms of attack is not known.

What most surprises observers when seeing Tannin in action is its incredible speed and agility. Tannin's huge size gives the impression of a slow, if powerful beast, but in reality his raw speed is incredible and his physical agility and coordination are second to none.

Tannin also seems to possess very low-level shape shifting abilities, being able to alter various minor aspects of its physical form, such as its spines, wings, and the coloration and patterning of its scales, with great ease.

Tannin's senses, in particular its sense of hearing, are quite accute. Furthermore, though very few have had opportunity to discover this, Tannin's mental facilities are also far above the baseline norm as well.

Abilities/Special Skills: Tannin's skills, like its powers, are largely physical in nature. Aside from displaying frighteningly high levels of skill in its unique - and highly vicious - style of personal combat, Tannin is a terrifyingly stealthy predator, and possesses great survival skills honed from decades living in the wild.

Personality: Tannin could most accurately be described as an intelligent predator, in terms of his personality. He is proud, solitary by nature, aloof from "prey" animals, and their petty squabbles, and above all, dangerous.

Interests: Hunting down his next meal.



On March 23rd, 1998, 8:25 EST, the Galatea’s smoldering contrail still glowing softly in the morning sky as it stretched eastward over the horizon, a young college boy named Samuel Erickson leapt off of the Empire State Building in an attempt to kill himself. His body never reached the pavement one hundred stories below, nor was it ever found, and there have been no eyewitness reports matching the physical description of Samuel Erickson in the nearly three decades since. Under other circumstances, the disappearance of Samuel Erickson might have seemed extraordinary, but this was N-Day, and it was full to bursting with events far more extraordinary still.

Take, for instance, the sudden appearance, at approximately 8:30 EST, of a monstrous reptilian creature witnesses later described as looking like nothing so much as a gigantic, living dragon more than thirty feet long on the corner of 5th Ave and West 30th Street, less than five hundred meters south of the Empire State Building where young Mr. Erickson had just staged his vanishing act.

It didn’t take long at all before the monster found itself surrounded by all manner of city law enforcement and emergency personnel. The creature appeared distraught, in pain, and confused, but before it could be captured or put down by the police it leapt back into the sky from which it had appeared and quickly vanished. Witnesses aboard the river barge Abundant Pearl reported seeing a large, “dinosaur-like” creature drop from the air into the East River at approximately 8:50 EST, but there were no corroborating reports, and the creature was not seen in New York again (at least, not for many years). But as has been said, this was N-Day and it was only hours later that Randel Portman erupted on live television. New York quickly forgot about dragons or other fanciful beasts appearing on 5th Ave – they now had their very own super hero – what was there to worry about?

The East River Dragon:

There are people in this world who make it their business to know as much as possible about novas, and any other fantastic “beings” that might appear. In due time these people took notice of the unexplainable disappearance of a young college student and the appearance, mere moments and less than half a kilometer later, of a story book monster, and they quickly formed a plausible – if unprovable – link between the two.

If Samuel Erickson’s life could be described as an open book, it was a book with very few pages; all of them double-spaced and typed in very large font. The facts were easily uncovered, but provided little in the way of help or clues.

His parents both died about two years before his fateful leap. No family, no close friends, reports written by social workers indicating signs of withdrawal and feelings of isolation. Then Sam enrolled at TCI University and attended most of his freshman year. He made a few casual friends, attended a few parties, gave every indication of rejoining the rest of human society and recovering from his grief, and then got up one morning and decided to jump off the Empire State Building (the fact that it was the morning of the Galatea incident appeared to be entirely coincidental).

No warning signs, no indications as to cause. And no sign of him or his corpse after the fact, either.

As for the “East River Dragon” (as the media later dubbed the mysterious beast), it was not seen again for over a year. It was first spotted again in the Azores, on the tiny island of Flores, before quickly vanishing back into the oceans from which it had come. Over the next twenty-seven years the creature was spotted at various points all over the globe, including various regions of Africa (particularly around Lake Victoria and Tanganyika Lake), India, China (where it was sighted within the Gobi Desert – the first time the creature gave indication of being able to survive in exceedingly dry environs), Antarctica (proving beyond doubt that it was not cold-blooded), South America, and even several areas within the United States. Descriptions of the beast have varied over the years, especially in regards to various minor details of its physiology – leading some to claim that there is actually more than one “dragon” in the world.

One trend that those who pay attention to such things can’t help noticing – and worrying about – is that the East River Dragon is getting bigger; it is now more than twice as large as it was when it first appeared, and recent indications are that this process might only be accelerating. Even more interestingly, many of the isolated towns and villages that have come in contact with the creature honestly believed they were dealing with a real dragon, and treated the creature accordingly, in some cases going so far as to offer sacrifices to it.

In 2018, a creature believed to be the East River Dragon was reported to have taken up residence in the area of Japan’s Inland Sea that surrounded the holy island popularly known as Miyajima. The island has been one of Japan’s most sacred sights since the 7th century, AD, and was the sight of a famous shrine dedicated to the daughter of the Japanese water god, Ryujin, who was himself a powerful water dragon able to take many different forms. The various wildlife on the island had been considered sacred and untouchable, along with the island itself, for centuries, and as a result the deer there had flourished and were unaccustomed to dealing with predators.

It appeared (to Utopia personnel, anyway) that the East River Dragon had decided to take advantage of this situation, and Japan’s already whole-hearted acceptance (not to mention outright worship) of novas in general, and had been making forays into the island’s interior to prey upon the local deer. The dragon would occasionally make appearances at the Tori Gate, and more often at the so-called “hidden temple” atop Mt. Misen. It was even reported that Bodhisattva Masato himself had come to speak with the creature at one point – which in itself was news because, if the Bodhisattva had been successful, it would have been the first time on record that anyone had managed to communicate with the creature.

Utopia took a dim view of what it regarded as being either the shameless depredations of a nova con-artist, or the actions of a nova rendered hopelessly insane from taint. Regardless of which it was, Utopia felt it necessary to send in T2M to try and “rehabilitate” the East River Dragon, and remove it from a designated World Heritage site. The operation was a complete debacle.

Much to everyone’s shock the Dragon spoke (in Japanese, no less), calling the Tomorrowites unwelcome interlopers who had intruded where they did not belong. When the Tomorrowites challenged its right to be violating the sanctity of a World Heritage Site and preying on sacred animals, the Dragon was reported to have replied, “this sacred island has been set apart by the people of Nippon for the use of gods and dragons, and it so happens that I am a dragon. Let the one who has more right to be here than I tell me to go, and I will leave!”


Needless to say, T2M-Asia did not take well to this rejoinder, and in short order the situation had fallen to the attempted use of force. Unfortunately for T2M, not only did the Dragon prove be a much more formidable opponent than T2M had accounted for, but Nippontai arrived on the scene only moments after the altercation began. By the time it was over, two of T2M-Asia’s members had been seriously wounded by the East River Dragon, who had retreated back to the waters surrounding the island and had disappeared rapidly after that, and Utopia had been roundly rebuked by Nippontai (on behalf of the Japanese government) for attempting to remove a “sacred being” by force from Japan’s most holy place after it had been welcomed there by the entire nation of Japan.

Utopia offered public apologies to Japan for the actions of T2M, and promptly discontinued any further “rehabilitation” attempts on the East River Dragon. Since that time, the Dragon has reportedly been seen at Miyajima several times over the years, but sightings are far less common now than before the T2M incident, much to the disappointment of the tourists who still regularly flock to the island in hopes of catching a glimpse of the mythical beast.


The preceding paragraphs detail what is known by the world at large about the nova they call “The East River Dragon”. But that is not what this nova, who is no mere taint-addled beast, calls itself.

“Tannin” is an ancient word - one of the oldest words for the creature known in the modern, English-speaking world as a dragon - and this is the word that the former college student named Samuel has used to refer to itself for longer than many novas today have been alive. Tannin speaks as little as possible, however, so it is no surprise that its name for itself has not found its way into the public consciousness. However, there are those who know very well what the East River Dragon calls itself, and have spoken at great length with the creature.

Most of these individuals can be found within the Teragen, specifically, that part of the Teragen that calls itself The Harvesters. Tannin has been a nova since the very beginning (or so most, including himself, believe – the fact that certain novas predate the Galatea incident is not exactly common knowledge), and perhaps that, combined with his high taint, caused him to have to come to terms with his inhuman nature far more quickly and far more early than most. By the time that the Harvesters had become a fully-formed faction in their own right, Tannin had long since become completely at peace with his predatorial nature, his monstrous form, and his inability to interact normally with a baseline-sized world. He had long since begun to carve out his own place in the world, paying no heed to the petty concerns of the materialistic culture of humanity, and taking no part in the “great” events of those first two decades after N-Day.

In itself, this early grasp of what the Harvesters see as a fundamental truth of their existence would have been enough to have earned Tannin respect within the Teragen. However, the fact that he had done so on his own, not only independent of the Teragen, but independent of anyone else’s input, has made him something of an example to be followed within the twisted ranks of the Harvesters and, to a lesser extent, within the rest of the Teragen as well.

Despite his reputation and influence, Tannin is hardly a driving force within the Teragen, nor does he carry any real authority at all.

In fact, in a fashion similar to Orzaiz, he is something of a controversial figure to many Terats, because of his apparent unwillingness to learn or develop Chrysalis. Tannin is - truthfully and entirely - happy in his new existence. He sees no reason to “deal” with his taint, such as it is, and has always lived simply, being precisely who and what he is without reservation or self-consciousness. Tannin suffers no guilt or shame over his need to slaughter living animals and feed on their flesh in order to survive; he is a predator, a natural part of the cycle of life, and predators kill. He feels no need for money or material possessions, nor power – personal, political, or religious, nor even a place to call home.

In short, Tannin has all but forsaken every aspect of his former humanity, and has done so without becoming a monster or a sociopath in the process. As this is the final goal of many within the Harvesters, and not a few within the larger Teragen organization as a whole, it is unsurprising that Tannin’s reputation and standing as a nova among novas has only increased as time goes by. The final fact that Tannin has been a nova for longer than all but a very rare few Terats only adds more weight to his words and personal choices.

In recent years, however, Tannin’s steadily increasing levels of power and the taint that has accompanied it have led him to realize that he has been in effect, “getting off easy” on many levels. His massive size and unique physiology had granted him a number of natural advantages in terms of strength, speed, and durability that few could (or can) equal, leaving him with little need to push himself in those regards (and thereby removing much of his risk of building up dangerous levels of taint). Recently however, he has begun to accept that this is nothing to be proud of, and that if he is to continue to progress along the path that he, and Fate, have chose, he has much that he can learn from the Teragen. Tannin is proud, however, so this will likely be a slow and difficult process. But, he is also an old and powerful nova; time is something he has plenty of.


Str: ●●●●● ● (athletic)

Might: ●●

Dex: ●●●●● ● (agile)

Athletics: ●●●

Martial Arts: ●●●●● - Multiple Opponents

Stealth: ●●●●●

Sta: ●●●●● ● (resilient)

Endurance: ●●●●●

Resistance: ●●●●●

Per: ●●●●● ● (keen nose)

Awareness: ●●●● - Smell

Int: ●●●●● (excellent memory)

Linguistics: ●●●●●

Survival: ●●●●

Wit: ●●●●● ● (clever)

Meditation: ●

Rapport: ●●

Tactics: ●●

Weave: ●●●●●

App: ●●●●● (imposing)

Intimidate: ●●●●

Man: ●●●● (subtle)

Diplomacy: ●

Subterfuge: ●●

Cha: ●●


Allies: ●●●

Cipher: ●

Dragon Bone & Dragon Flesh: ●●●●●

Fame: ●●

Influence: ●●● (Teragen)

Influence: ●● (Harvesters)

Node: ●●●

Quantum: ●●●●● ●

Quantum Pool: 32/40 (/including stored Quantum in his "Eufiber")

Taint: ●●●●● ●

Social Penalty: +2

Willpower: ●●●●● ●

Health Levels:

Bruised 0 (8.5min / 3.5hrs): OOOOO O

Hurt 0 (8.5min / 10.25hrs): O

Injured 0 (8.5min / 1day): O

Wounded 0 (8.5min / 4.25days): O

Maimed 0 (25.5min / 8days & 13.5hrs): O

Crippled 0 (51.5min / 12days & 20.6hrs): O

Incapacitated (103mins / 21days, 10hrs, & 19mins): O

Dead O


Stamina: 6B / 3L

Mega-Stamina: 10B / 6L

Armor: 8B / 8L (Dragon Flesh & Dragon Bone)

Dragon's Hide: 24B / 24L (32B / 32 L, with Invincible Hide, and +10 diff To Hit)

Magnificent Scales: varies

Base Total: 16B / 9L

Power Total: 48B / 41L (With all permanent powers)

Maintained Total: 56-164B / 49-157L (w. +0 or +10 Diff to Hit, soak numbers reflect the range of FF soak-adds, depending on individual rolls - average soak add from FF is ~ +38B/L)

Initiative: 21 (18 w/Superheavy)


Run: 132m (158kph/98mph), with Enhanced Movement: 924m (1109kph/689mph)

Sprint: 252 (302kph/188mph), with Enhanced Movement: 1764m (2117kph/1315mph)

Glide: 132m (158kph/98mph), with Enhanced Movement: 924m (1109kph/689mph)

Flight: 350kph (217mph), with Enhanced Movement: 2450kph (1522mph)

Swim: 264m (317kph/197mph), with Enhanced Movement: 1848m (2218kph/1378mph)

Super Heavy Movement:

Run: 102m (122kph/76mph), with Enhanced Movement: 714m (857kph/532mph)

Sprint: 192m (230kph/143mph), with Enhanced Movement: 1344m (1613kph/1002mph)

Glide: 102m (122kph/76mph), with Enhanced Movement: 714m (857kph/532mph)

Flight: 350kph (217mph), with Enhanced Movement: 2450kph (1522mph)

Swim: 204m (245kph/152mph), with Enhanced Movement: 1428m (1714kph/1065mph)


Twisted Limbs (he has triple-jointed legs, and walks on all fours, -2 pt)

Permanent Power (-5 pt)

True Carnivore (0pt)

No Off Switch (0pt, cannot take Dormancy)


Eufiber Attuned (3 pt)

Internal Compass (1 pt)

Runner (2pt)

Aberrations: scales, aberrant eyes, sexless


Mega-Strength: ●●●● (effectively ●●●●●) - Dragon Coil (leap)

Mega-Dexterity: ●●●●● ● – Rush in for the Kill (enhanced movement), Dance of the Hydra (One Man Army)

Mega-Stamina: ●●●●● – Sign of Nature's Fealty (adaptability), Dragon's Flesh (hard body), Reptilian Regeneration (regeneration), Magnificent Scales (resilient x1)

Mega-Perception: ●● – Ears of the Predator (hyper enhanced hearing), Nose of the Predator (bloodhound), Forked Tongue (enhanced touch/taste), Eyes of the Serpent (EMV), Serpent's Paranoia (that creepy feeling), Sense the Prey (blindfighting)

Mega-Intelligence: ●● – Dragon's Tongue (linguistic genius), Serpent's Wisdom (taint resistance)

Mega-Wits: ●●● – Clever as a Serpent (multitasking)

Mega-Appearance: ● - Dragon's Majesty (awe inspiring)

Mega-Manipulation: ● - Dragon's Tongue (persuader)


Dragon's Hide

Armor (L3): ●●●●

Extras: Invincible Hide (Super Heavy), Mastery 1

Strengths/Weaknesses: none.

Effect/Description: Tannin's hide is covered in steel-hard scales that are capable of withstanding even many kinds of heavy weaponry with ease. By "burning a little juice", it can cause its already impervious scales to gather together into a kind of organic platemail that is capable of shrugging off all but the most powerful damaging effects with little trouble. Each dot adds +6 soak, and is effectively permanent in duration. By activating its Invincible Hide technique, Tannin adds +8 soak, inflicts a +10 difficulty penalty on all rolls to hit, and loses three from Initiative, two meters from walking speed, suffers a -5 to Dexterity for determining running/sprinting scores, and loses one die on all Dexterity-baced dice pools.

Form of the Dragon

Body Modification: Dragon Tail (tendril), Serpentine Neck (tendril), Dragon's Tools (extra limbs, x2), Dragon Feet (macropod and foot pads)

Description/Effect: Tannin's neck is no longer the short, stubby, useless thing most baselines (and many novas) are stuck with, and is instead long, graceful, and deadly. Likewise, it has grown an even longer and deadlier tail that it can use as a weapon, or even as a limb, while on land, and as a powerful method of propulsion while underwater. Over the shoulders of its forelegs, Tannin has grown powerful limbs that are useable, in conjunction with his Dragon Flesh & Dragon Bone ability, for a wide variety of purposes. Most commonly, it uses them as gigantic wings for flying, but occasionally it will reshape them into enormous piercing weapons, capped with needle sharp horns the length of spears. In more mundane circumstances it uses them in place of normal arms for manipulating objects and carrying things. Tannin's gigantic paws are supported by thick pads that, in addition to offering additional protection to its nigh-invulnerable form, make Tannin's footfalls surprisingly quiet for a creature so large. Additionally, the muscles and tendons of its legs have altered in shape so that they are ideally suited for leaping great distances; Tannin is thus capable of covering enormous distances in a single leap with great ease.

Body of the Dragon

Body Morph (Dragon) (L2): ●●● - digitigrade legs, quadrupedal locomotion, growth (x2), flight (x1)

Extras: none

Strengths/Weaknesses: none

Effect/Description: Tannin is a dragon in body, as well as in mind, and it has the appearance to prove it. Its limbs have altered into those of a quadrupedal animal, giving it much better balance, and significantly improved speed, but limiting its ability to stand or move on two legs. Its size has also increased to that of an enormous dragon (granting it +4 to Str, +2 to Sta, +4 to Dex - only for determining speed - and 2 health levels, it also grants opponents 1 die on rolls To Hit or to spot it). More recently, it has developed the ability to literally float upon the air, or fly at fantastic speeds, with or without the use of its gigantic wings.

Magnificent Scales

Force Field (L3): ●●

Extras: Impervious, Mastery 1

Effect/Description: An alternative (or conjunctive) to Invincible Hide, Tannin's scales can be "charged" with quantum energy, allowing them to reflexively alter their alignment, angle, orientation, and relative density to offset damage from incoming kinetic and/or energy damage. When struck dead-on by an incoming attack, the scales can ripple and pulse outward from the point of impact at incredible speeds, thereby spreading the trauma of the attack over as wide a space as possible. When struck with what might otherwise have been a glancing - but still damaging - blow, Tannin's scales can so quickly alter their alignment and angle that they can instead harmlessly deflect the incoming attack away from their owner, thus preventing it from taking any harm whatsoever.

Dragon's Mystery

Psychic Shield (L1): ●●●●

Extras: none

Strengths/Weaknesses: none

Effect/Description: Tannin's brain has undergone massive alterations to its structure from growing and warping into its current enormous (and oddly-shaped) dimensions. This, combined with Tannin's downright alien perspective on the world, causes most telepaths to find it incredibly difficult to understand what they're "seeing" when they look inside its mind, and Dominators have a hard time finding the right "leverage" to use against it. A side effect of its brain's enormous size and subtle alterations is that it is much more durable and resistant to trauma than a typical baseline brain is, thus allowing it to shrug off what would be debilitating damage for most.

Wyrm's Deception

Invisibility (L2):

Extras: Enhanced Effect

Strengths/Weaknesses: none

Effect/Description: Even Tannin's mundane stealth capabilities are formidable, to say the least, but by focusing its quantum muscle it can all but cease to exist, so stealthy does it become. Tannin has begun to see past its initial, self-imposed limitations - limitations that required abilities that were largely or entirely physical in nature - and is beginning to manifest abilities that go beyond the merely physical, or even explainable, in nature.

Point History:

Freebie Points: 22: 14 points spent on raising quantum. 5 points spent on Merits. 2 points spent on Willpower. 1 point spent on backgrounds.

Nova Points: 90: 3 points spent on tainted quantum. 10 points spent on quantum. 9 points spent on tainted armor with mastery. 3 points spent on super heavy extra for armor. 33 points spent on mega-attributes. 3 points spent on enhancements. 7 points spent on attributes. 1 point spent on willpower. 3 point spent on abilities. 1 point spent on backgrounds. 6 points spent on body morph (dragon). 1 point spent on extra limbs. 2 points spent on tendrils. 4 points spent on psychic shield. 3 points spent on force field.

OOC Info:

For those who're wondering about some of the non-canon, player-created stuff on this sheet, here's the pertinent info:

Click to reveal..
Digitigrade Legs

Like those of a quadrupedal animal, the nova's legs are altered to facilitate running and leaping. The nova with this body modification multiplies his base running speed and leaping distance by 1.5. Kicks from the nova with this body modification inflict an additional +1 die of damage as well.

Quadrupedal Locomotion

A nova with this body modification is fully capable of both bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion, and can switch between the two modes of movement as an automatic action. When moving on all fours, the nova's base speeds for both running and sprinting are doubled. This is fully cumulative with the Digitigrade Legs and Hooves body modifications, although the nova's hands will not become hooves. The nova's spine can still function as a highly-efficient arch and cantilevered bridge, and his limbs will have (or can temporarily develop) all the necessary alterations (including a restored subclavius muscle) needed for moving comfortably and efficiently on all fours. If this body modification is taken at the one nova point level, the nova's spine and arms will actually change their shapes to allow him to function in "quadruped mode". The only drawbacks to this are that 1- the nova's manual dexterity will be impaired (+3 difficulty on appropriate Dexterity rolls) while he is using them as additional legs and feet, and 2- the alterations are blatantly obvious.


When it comes to running, you excel more than others. Your Dexterity is doubled for determining your Run, and your Sprint is Dexterity x 4. Additionally, you gain +2 on all Endurance or Athletics rolls that involve running.

One Man Army[Enhancement]

Being outnumbered in a fight is bad news for normal folks, but this simply isn’t so for some Mega-Dexterous novas. Novas with this enhancement are never outnumbered, they simply have more targets to choose from.

System: The nova receives +1 bonus die to his attack pools for each opponent after the first when in close combat against multiple foes, up to a maximum of +4, and does not suffer any penalties for fighting multiple foes. Also, the nova can get up to [Mega-Dexterity] additional actions whenever she faces four or more opponents – the ratio is 1 action for each opponent after the third. These extra actions can only be used for close combat maneuvers, and are penalized by -2 to Initiative. This enhancement costs one point to activate, and lasts for the duration of the scene or combat, whichever comes first.

((NOTE: This is a hybrid between the One Man Army knack from A! and the One Man Army enhancement from Sprocket's Compendium. The A! knack will grant a maximum of 1 extra action, whereas this will give a nova more, provided she has enough mega-dex, and is facing off against enough opponents. The enhancement from the Compendium granted auto-sux when facing multiple opponents, not dice, and it was Permanent in duration. I thought this was too powerful, so I toned it down some.))

There's also a couple of "free" flaws on his sheet (i.e. flaws for which he gains no extra BP's) that I made up myself. Here's the details on those:

Carnivore (-0 pt) This is essentially a cross between the Dependence (meat) flaw and the Allergic (plant-matter) Aberration. There wasn't a canon Flaw for me to take for this, so I'm making one up. Basically he's a True Carnivore (like cats, lions, tigers, etc) and he can only survive off of meat. Attempting to consume plant matter (not just vegetables, but fruits, bread, that kind of thing) can actually harm him. While he can (and probably should) eat small amounts of plant matter as a means of getting more fiber in his diet, eating any significant quantity of anything other than meat causes him to become violently nauseous, throw everything up. This inflicts a Bashing Health Level of damage and he loses 1 die to his pools for a scene (cuz he's all shaky from just having voided a poison from his system). If he somehow ingests truly large quantities of foodstuffs other than meat, the effects will be proportionately more severe.

No Off Switch (0pt, cannot take Dormancy)

Also to note: The Dragon Bone & Dragon Flesh "background" is really just Eufiber with a different name. Basically, Tannin's hide, and to a lesser degree his flesh and bones, have developed similar properties to the prehensile hair that Anibal Buendia grows and sells as living colonies of Eufiber. However, there are a few key differences between how Tannin's "eufiber" works and how normal Eufiber works. First of all, since his "eufiber" is really just his skin, it's limited to only taking on shapes, colors, textures, and patterns that might concieveably be found on a dragon or large reptile. He cannot mimmick clothing, uniforms, jewelry, or other man-made materials. Another limitation is the "eufiber tendril" created through use of the Weave ability. Since Tannin's "eufiber" is represented by his scaly hide, he can't just form a scaly tendril any old place he wants to. It might be believable to say that he's got an exceptionally long reptilian tongue, and use the mechanics for a eufiber tendril, but that would the only exception I can think of. The one and only real benefit he gets from this alternate form of "eufiber" is that his can't be stolen (or at least, not easily). Thematically, however, it provides the very cool effect of giving him some interesting protean abilities, but without having to take some sort of weakened Shape Shift, or having to come up with an entirely new power/background. Mechanically, it's identical to Eufiber + Weave, except that it's got a few limitations normal Eufiber doesn't, so I think it's balanced and fair, but in the end that's a matter of opinion (but the Mods approved it, so I'm golden! Nyah! wink )

Date       Item                                Rank  Gain/Spent  Balance
01 JUL 08  XP Earned for June                    -      20         20
13 JUL 08  Power: Invisibility (L2)              1      -6         14
13 JUL 08  Extra: Enhanced Effect (Inviz)        -      -6          8
13 JUL 08  Body Mod: Foot Pads                   -      -3          5
13 JUL 08  Body Mod: Macropod                    -      -3          2
01 AUG 08  XP Earned for July                    -      20         22
01 AUG 08  Ability: Rapport                      2      -2         20
01 AUG 08  Mega-Stamina                          2      -5         15
01 AUG 08  Enhancement: Regeneration             -      -5         10
01 AUG 08  Mega-Perception                       2      -5          5
01 AUG 08  Mega-Wits                             2      -5          0
01 SEP 08  XP Earned for August                  -      20         20
01 OCT 08  XP Earned for September               -      20         40
29 OCT 08  Mega-Strength                         2      -5         35
29 OCT 08  Mega-Wits                             3     -10         25
01 DEC 08  XP Earned for October                 -      20         45
01 DEC 08  XP Earned for November                -      20         65
29 DEC 08  Mega-Strength                         3     -10         55
29 DEC 08  Mega-Stamina                          3     -10         45
29 DEC 08  Bloodhound                            -      -5         40
01 JAN 09  XP Earned for December                -      20         60
02 JAN 09  Manipulation                          4     -12         48
02 JAN 09  Subterfuge                            1      -3         45
02 JAN 09  Mega-Manipulation                     1      -6         39
02 JAN 09  Mega-Appearance                       1      -6         33
02 JAN 09  Enhancement: Enhanced Touch/Taste     -      -5         28
01 FEB 09  XP Earned for January                 -      20         48
01 FEB 09  Armor w/Superheavy/Mastery (L3)       4     -21         27
01 FEB 09  Subterfuge                            2      -2         25
01 FEB 09  Enhancement: One Man Army             -      -5         20
01 MAR 09  XP Earned for February                -      20         40
01 MAR 09  Specialty: Multiple Opponents         -      -1         39
01 MAR 09  Specialty: Smell                      -      -1         38
01 MAR 09  Diplomacy                             1      -2         36
01 MAR 09  Extra: Impervious (Force Field)       -      -6         30
01 MAR 09  Extra: Mastery 1 (Force Field)        -      -3         27
01 MAR 09  Force Field w/Impervious/Mastery (L3) 2      -7         20
01 APR 09  XP Earned for March                   -      20         40
26 JUL 09  Mega-Strength                         4     -15         25
26 JUL 09  Mega-Stamina                          4     -15         10
26 JUL 09  Enhancement: Resilient                -      -5          5
26 JUL 09  Enhancement: EMV                      -      -5          0
01 AUG 09  XP Earned for July                    -      20         20
01 AUG 09  Enhancement: That Creepy Feeling      -      -5         15
01 AUG 09  Enhancement: Blindfighting            -      -5         10
01 AUG 09  BodyMorph (L2)                        3     -10          0
01 SEP 09  XP Earned for August                  -      20         20
01 SEP 09  Mega-Stamina                          5     -20          0

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