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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Neil Preston

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Neil Preston

Real Name: Neil Preston

Nicknames: "Doc Honeymoon"

Occupations: Physician

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States; living in Brazil for the past ten years

Identity: Moderately Famous

Aliases: None

Place of birth: Boston, Mass. USA, Feb. 14 1992

Age: 33

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Father (Craig T. Preston), Snow Blossom Ramirez (daughter)

Group Affiliation: Doctors Without Borders

Base of Operations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Eruption: June 18th , 2013

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 187lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Marks: none

Strength Level: High Human Potential

Known Quantum Powers: Bio-manipulation

Abilities/Special Skills: Neil Preston is an exceptionally skilled physician, plus is capable of working disaster relief in the most horrific of circumstances.

Personality: A strong pacifistic streak that has been eroded over the years - has seen his share of human suffering and misery.

Personal Interests: Hiking, learning new languages.

Background: Neil Preston has been to over half of every nova conflict, natural disaster, or other calamity for the past decade. He’s been named as a Humanitarian of the Year, race-traitor, and more often than not, savior. Neil is so much his profession, few people know the nova behind the talents he puts to use. He has few close friends, no romantic life, and no circle of constant associates.

This is not to say that Neil isn’t well like. Quite the contrary, as many aid agencies all over the globe have called upon him at a moment’ notice and worked his hardest non-stop for weeks. He even works in some of the most dangerous war zones and always for free. When the crisis passes, he moves on to the next global hot spot and doing it again.

What is somewhat surprising is his fame amongst elites who know that if they land on his table, they will get the best medical treatment available. This has earned Neil a good many friends … and some enemies in the elite profession. His enemies are manly those sour that they didn’t get the kill they felt was rightfully theirs. In response, Neil suggests their tunes may well be different when it comes to their turn under his ministrations.

The only people close to Neil are his father, the Boston Cop Craig Preston and his daughter Snow Blossom. Neil is estranged from his child’s wife, Selena Ramirez, also a nova. Craig, universally know as the Nova “Preston”, is a Precog. Though his father is a nova, Neil is still considered a first generation since he was alive when his father erupted. His daughter, nine now, has a rocky relationship with her father, though they often communicate through the Opnet, instead of in person.

Influences: Medical 3, High Society 2, Elites 2, Aberrant 1, Teragen 1, Utopia 1

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Name: Neil Preston

Handle: None

Date of Eruption: June 18th 2013

Date of Birth: February 14th 1992

Concept: Wandering Healer

Nature: Caregiver

Strength: 5 Dexterity: 5 Stamina: 5

Might – 3, Athletics – 3, Martial Arts – 3, Endurance – (5), Resistance – (5)

Perception: 5 Intelligence: 5 Wits: 5

Awareness – 3, Academics – 3, Bureaucracy – 3, Computer – 3, Linguistics – 5, Medicine – 5, Science – 5, Biz – 3, Meditation – 3, Rapport – 5

Appearance: 5 Manipulation: 5 Charisma: 5

Style – 3, Diplomacy – 3, Streetwise – 3, Command – 3, Etiquette – 3, Instruction – 3


Allies – 5, Contacts – 5, Followers – 5, Influence – 5, Node – 2, Resources – 5

Influences (Medical 3, High Society 2, Elites 2, Aberrants 1, Teragen 1, Utopia 1)

Merits: Iron Will (6), Taint Resistance (5)

Flaws: Debt (2), Pacifist (1)

Quantum: 6

Taint: 2

Aberrations: None

Quantum Pool: 32

Willpower: 10


Bio-Manipulation – 6(Body Manipulation, Form Manipulation, Growth, Health Manipulation, Age Alteration, Shield)


Mega-Stamina – 5(Health)

Date       Item                                Rank  Gain/Spent  Balance
01 JUL 08  XP Earned for June                    -      20         20
04 JUL 08  Biomanip. Extra: Affect Microbes      -      -7         13
01 AUG 08  XP Earned for July                    -      20         33
01 AUG 08  Biomanip. Mastery I Extra             -     -33         00
01 SEP 08  XP Earned for August                  -      20         20
01 OCT 08  XP Earned for September               -    
20         40
01 NOV 08  XP Earned for October                 -           20         60
01 DEC 08  XP Earned for November                -
20         80
01 JAN 09  XP Earned for December                -
20         100 
01 Feb 09  XP Earned for January                 - 20         120
01 March 09 XP Earned for Febuary                - 20        140
01 April 09 XP Earned for March                  - 20 

Force Field (Projectile/Area Effect/RQC) Mastery I   -16  144
Mega-Intelligence 1&2 (Medical Prodigy, Taint Resistance)   -16  128
Mega-Stamina (No Raise) (Adaptability,Hardbody,Regeneration, Resiliancey x2)    25    103
Extra-Health Levels (Bruised x3, Maimed x6)    -18    85
Invulnerability (Physical Broad Category/Impervious) Mastery I   -12     73
Invulnerability (Energy Broad Category/Impervious) Mastery I   -12     61
Boost[stamina] (Other/Extra Stat[int.]/RQC) Mastery I   -16    45
Mega-Perception 1 (Analytic Touch/Taste,Quantum Attunement)   -11    34
Mega-Wits 1 (Natural Empath)     -6       28
Warp 1 (Selective Permiability) Mastery I   -16   12

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I added a bunch of new powers, but I don't want to think that Neil has an epipheny or something like that. I've been toying with his character sheet off-line for the past several months and he's been growing and evolving in my mind as I get ready to hopefully write a story about him. No one freak out please.

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