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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Monster

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IC Information
composite drawing based on eyewitness accounts

No one is sure who or what this nova is, though it seems to have adopted the moniker "Monster". The only sighting to date is a family in Kentucky who claimed it rose out of the earth while they were picnicking. The details of that encounter are being surpressed, and there is no more information available to the public.
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OOC Information

Real Name: Rachel Winters (unknown, Winters presumed dead)

Nicknames: Monster

Occupations: Hunter

Legal Status: Publically unknown; was a US Citizen before declared dead

Identity: Both Public but currently unrelated

Aliases: None

Place of birth: Washington, D.C. (July 3, 1991)

Age: 34

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Immediate family: Father and Mother, divorced; two siblings and several step-siblings

Group Affiliation: none, presumed dead

Base of Operations: formerly, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Eruption: Rachel was trapped in a cave and erupted to survive

Height: 11'4" long, 5'8" at the shoulder

Weight: 600lbs

Eyes: n/a

Hair: Mottled brown

Distinguishing Marks: Furred, quadipedal, no eyes or ears

Strength Level: 50 tons

Known Quantum Powers:

Monster is extremely strong and tough, healing damage as quickly as it occurs, on those times that she actually gets hurt. She has the ability to attack with any limb, including her six foot long tail. She is fast and doesn't appear to be hampered by her lack of eyes or ears. She has claws and teeth which are able to pierce better than natural weapons. In particular, her teeth are quite nasty, as they resemble a shark's. She doesn't lose them and regrow them as sharks do, but they don't seem to wear like a shark's either. Even her canines are serrated.

Monster can achieve greater speed than most novas due to her four-legged stature. While she can achieve the upright position, she's not physically comfortable doing so and will quickly return to four legs as soon as possible.

Abilities/Special Skills: Monster can - and will gladly - empty a keg in two minutes flat.

Personality: Monster is jumpy and feral in her responses. Surprising her can result in being attacked; running from her can incite a chase as you trigger a response in her. But she can really party, too and enjoys kicking back and having fun.

Personal Interests: Trying to grow wings and hunting.

Background: Mammoth Cave is one of the largest cave systems currently explored in the US. There are many passages and twists, and large areas of the cave are closed to the public. There is a reason for this, as Rachel Winters found out one summer.

An adept caver, Rachel had no fear of the cave itself. She and three friends slipped into the restricted areas and began to explore. Mammoth Cave's boundaries are known, so the four were extremely excited to find a dead end that contained a hole going down into an unexplored branch. That excitement turned to dread when a cave in closed their passage.

Lost and cutoff, the four struggled to find another way and failed. Within a couple days, their end seemed emminant; they were out of food. While the cave offered drinking water, they found themselves unable to catch food. When one of the cavers died, they made the hard decision to eat his flesh. Things went bad from there.

When the food ran out again, one of Rachel's friends tried to kill the other. Shocked, Rachel cowered while her friend was killed. She found the strength to react only when she realized that she was next. Desperately, while he was still injured, she struck out at him, and killed him with teeth she'd never had before.

She saved her life, but was completely alone, in a dark cave, with no way out. And in the darkness, in her loneliness, Rachel cracked. As she ate the bodies of her friends, one dead by her hand, she became convinced she was a monster. And slowly, her body changed to match that perception, and to allow her to survive.

In early 2025, Monster found her way out of the cave system. Her story begins in the wilds of Kentucky.

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Birth Name: Rachel Winters

Alias: Monster

Nature: Survivor

Eruption: Trapped in a cave

Allegiance: Tannin and Teragen (Harvesters)

Character Sheet

Strength (Bulky) ●●●●● Perception (Acute) ●●●●● Appearance ●●
Mega-Strength ●●●● Mega-Perception ●● Mega-Fugly
Brawl ●●●●● Awareness ●●●●● Disguise -
Might ●●● Investigation ●●● Intimidation ●●●●●
Style -
Dexterity (Fast) ●●●●● Intelligence (Cunning) ●●●● Manipulation ●●●
Mega-Dexterity ●● Mega-Intelligence - Mega-Manipulation -
Athletics ●●●●● Academics - Diplomancy -
Drive - Bureacracy - Interrogation -
Firearms - Computer - Streetwise -
Legerdemain - Engineering - Subterfuge -
Martial Arts ●●●●● Intrusion -
Melee - Linguistics -
Pilot - Medicine -
Ride - Science -
Stealth ●●●●● Survival ●●●●
Stamina (Tough) ●●●●● Wits (Quick) ●●●●● Charisma ●●
Mega-Stamina ●●●● Mega-Wits Mega-Charisma -
Endurance ●●●● Arts - Carousing
Resistance ●●●● Biz - Etiquette -
Rapport - Perform -
Shadowing -
Weave -
Backgrounds Health Levels
Allies - Bruised (-0) ¤¤¤¤
Attunement - Hurt (-0) ¤
Backing (Teragen) ●● Injured (-0) ¤
Cipher ●●●●● Wounded (-0) ¤
Contacts - Initiative +15 Maimed (-0) ¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤
Dormancy - Crippled (-0) ¤
Eufiber ●●● Quantum ●●●●● Incapacitated ¤
Followers - Quantum Pool [30] ¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤
Influence -
Mentor - Soak Bashing Lethal
Node ●● Base Stamina Soak 5B 2L
Resources - Mega Stamina Soak 4B 2L
Armor 12B 12L
Willpower ●●● Eufiber 3B 3L
Taint ●●●●● ●●●● Base Total 24B 19L


Run: 57m (68.4kph/42.75mph)

Sprint: 123m (157.6kph/92.25mph)


Earthquake (Shockwave) - Monster may roll her four mega-strength as 20 damage dice to an area of 40 meters. Only those who make a Stength roll at difficulty +3 can remain standing. The surface struck suffers as if it had taken a normal strike from her.

"Look out for her tail!" (Omni-Dexterity)

Shrug it Off (Regeneration) - Monster can regenerate 4 lethal or bashing at the cost of one quantum each.

Sonic Skin (Hyperenhanced Hearing) - For one quantum point, Monster can add 3 dice to her Awareness, Intrusion or other appropriate pool. She can also spend a point to hear ultra/infrasonic sounds, Sonar and Radio Waves. As Monster has no ears, her skin serves as a sensory organ that picks up touch, sound and vision.

Scent is Tied to Taste (Bloodhound) - Monster can track by scent. As she doesn't have a nose, she uses her tongue for to scent the air.

"We Don't Need Eyes." (Ultraperipheral Perception) - Monster can "see" in all directions through her skin when she spends a quantum point and concentrating. Otherwise she only sees forward, as if she had forward-facing eyes like most predatory animals.

Flurry of Blows (Multitasking) - Monster can take multiple actions in each round.

Terrible Roar (Face of Terror) - By spending a quantum, Monster can change her terrifying appearance to become truly terrifying.


Low - Fur

Low - Bad Temper

Medium - Twisted Legs and Body

Medium - Disfigurement (loss of facial features, reconstruction of jaw, etc)

High - Permanent Power - Sizemorph Grow (always on)

High - On Edge


Sizemorph ●

(Sizemorph, Level 2,)

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: Permanent via Aberration

Extras: None

Effect: Monster gains +2 Strength, +1 Stamina and one extra Bruised level, as well as doubling her height and mass. This also raises her Dexterity by two only for the purposes of running. Enemies facing Monster gain an additional die to attack or spot her.

Thick Skinned Bitch - ●●●●

(Armor, Level 2)

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: None

Extras: None

Effect: Monster gains +12L/+12B against all bashing and lethal attacks.

Shark's Maw ●●●●

(Claws, Level 2)

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: None

Extras: Aggravated

Effect: Monster does 3 dice of aggravated damage plus successes per attack, to a maximum of 5 damage. She only gains this with a bite attack.

Razor Claws ●●●●

(Claws, Level 2)

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: None

Extras: Armor Piercing

Effect: Monster had three dice to a successful attack when she strikes with her claws. For each success over the first one, Monster reduces her opponants' soak by two.

The Lady Doth Protest ●

(Psychic Link, Level 1)

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: None

Extras: None

Effect: Monster cannot speak aloud, but can use this power to talk to one person at a time. Unfortunately, some quantum quirk causes pain, but no damage, to the person to whom she is speaking.

Body Modifications

Tendril (one nova point / three experience points per 2 meter tendril)

Monster has a 13 foot tail which she can use as another limb, due to her Omnidexterity. She can inflict Strength +4 dice in bashing when she lashes an opponant with her tail.

Quadrupedal Locomotion (one nova point / three experience points)

Monster is capable of quadrupedal locomotion. When moving on all fours, the nova's base speeds for both running and sprinting are doubled. This is fully cumulative with the Digitigrade Legs body modifications. Monster's spine can still function as a highly-efficient arch and cantilevered bridge, and his limbs will have (or can temporarily develop) all the necessary alterations (including a restored subclavius muscle) needed for moving comfortably and efficiently on all fours. Monster's spine and arms have actually changed their shapes to allow her to function in "quadruped mode". The only drawbacks to this are that 1) Monster's manual dexterity is impaired (+3 difficulty on appropriate Dexterity rolls), and 2) the alterations are blatantly obvious.

Digitigrade Legs (one nova point / three experience points)

Like those of a quadrupedal animal, Monster's legs are altered to facilitate running and leaping. She multiplies her base running speed and leaping distance by 1.5. Kicks from her inflict an additional +1 die of damage as well.

Foot Pads (one nova point / three experience points)

Monster has resilient pads on the soles of her feet. Not only do they allow her to walk silently, they are also tough enough that she can walk on hazardous surfaces (such as hot coals, ice and broken glass) without losing her footing or getting herself injured. In game terms, Monster adds a bonus of +3 dice on Stealth rolls for the purpose of walking silently and on Athletics rolls to avoid losing her footing on awkward surfaces. Note that Monster must be barefoot in order to use this body modification.

Macropod (one nova point / three experience points)

Another body modification found only in novas with Digitigrade Legs, this grants Monster elongated feet that are optimized for jumping, much like the rear feet of a kangaroo. This body modification doubles her leaping distance (counting the 1.5 multiplier already provided by Digitigrade Legs). However, she faces difficulties in operating foot controls such as used in vehicles designed for baseline humans, and will have to either shape any footwear from a eufiber colony or have it custom-made.

Extra Health (one nova point / three experience points)

Monster has six additional Maimed health levels.

Experience Log

+20/00 - JUL08 - XP for June

+20/20 - AUG08 - XP for July

-15/40 - AUG08 - Claws 4 (Shark's Maw)

-15/25 - AUG08 - Claws 4 (Razor Claws)

Total: 10 remaining

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Date       Item                                Rank  Gain/Spent  Balance
01 JUL 08  XP Earned for June                    -      20         20
01 AUG 08  XP Earned for July                    -      20         40
08 AUG 08  Claws (Shark's Maw)                   4     -15         25
08 AUG 08  Claws (Razor Claws)                   4     -15         10
01 SEP 08  XP Earned for August                  -      20         30
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Date       Item                                Rank  Gain/Spent  Balance
01 JUL 08  XP Earned for June                    -      20         20
01 AUG 08  XP Earned for July                    -      20         40
08 AUG 08  Claws (Shark's Maw)                   4     -15         25
08 AUG 08  Claws (Razor Claws)                   4     -15         10
01 SEP 08  XP Earned for August                  -      20         30
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