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Star Wars: The Sith War - Character: Padawan Sparrow


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The young woman who was to become the Jedi Sparrow grew up on the Agricultural world of Trang Gerant, not far from the Galactic Core. Her parents were mechanics at the local space port, giving the young girl a wider view on the world. Growing up, she showed a detached and peaceful nature that allowed her to mediate disputes amongst her playmates. It was of little surprise to her parents, deeply religious sorts, that a passing Jedi spotted her natural talents and she was off to the Jedi Academy.

At the Academy, she was given the name Sparrow for her unassuming nature. She was a diligent, if not extraordinary, student, well-liked by both her teachers and her fellow students.

Sparrows skills were soon directed toward the Consular aspect of the Jedi arts and she soon showed an aptitude and love for the gentle Healing Arts of the Force. Recently, her teachers have decided that she should expand her working knowledge of the force beyond the Academy halls. She has been partnered with another Padawan and sent on her first mission.

It's a simple mission and shouldn't take long. All they have to do is locate a runaway noble scion and return her to her home. How much trouble could that be?

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