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Star Wars: The Sith War - Character: Micki Shen-Jon

Micki Shen-Jon

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Micki Shen-Jon:

--Heir to the Duchy of Kakarfoon--

Abilities: STR 10, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 14, WIS 14, CHA 14

Vitality: 20 Wounds: 14 Defense: 15

Speed: 10 Base attack bonus: +2 Reputation: +1

Initiative: +2

Fortitude save: +3 Reflex save: +4 Will save: +5

Melee attack bonus: +2 Ranged attack bonus: +4

Feats: Light Armor Use (free, see posted errata), Starship Operation (human bonus feat), Gearhead (1st lvl feat), Spacer (3rd lvl feat)

Bonus Class Skill: Pilot

Class skills: Computer Use 1, Diplomacy 1, Knowledge (starship systems) 2, Knowledge (technology) 1, Pilot 6, Sense Motive 2.

Cross-class skills: Astrogate 3, Climb 1, Escape Artist 1, Gather Information 3, Hide 3, Listen 1, Move Silently 1, Repair 3, Search 1, Sleight of Hand 1, Spot 1, Tumble 1.

Equipment (carried): Blaster (hold out), Flight Suit, Macrobinoculars, Medical Kit, Recording Unit (audio)

Equipment (stowed in ship--pending purchase of ship, obviously): All-temperature Cloak, Breath Mask, Computer (starship diagnostics), Fire Extinguisher, Glow Rod, Toolkit.

Credits: 11,945 (+1200 24May08; +840 25May08; +1140 26May08, 27May +1020cr, 28May +60cr, 29May +420cr, 30May +360cr, 1Jun +180cr)

Bio: Oldest daughter of the Shen-Jon dynasty, Micki has been groomed from birth to someday assume the mantle of Duchess of Kakarfoon. Unfortunately for the plans of the current Duke and Duchess, their daughter lacks the patience for politics and diplomacy, and has always looked skyward for inspiration instead of inside the halls of government. Despite the best efforts of the servants, protol droids, tutors, and (least of all) her parents, she has grown into a 16-year-old tomboy who would rather throw a ball around with the boys or turn a spanner rather than host a tea reception. Micki has become a popular figure around the Kakarfoon City spaceport, and is welcome among the tight community of regular veteran spacers and mechanics. Nearly every day, she finds a pretext to slip away from the manor to check out her coveralls from a rented locker and spend the afternoon learning starship repair and how to fly.

The Duchess, ever-patient, shows no signs of relenting in her quest to mold her eldest daughter in her own image. Despite her younger sister Tana's aptitude for social protocol, she insists that the older sister be the one to take the reins when the time is right.

The Duke, her father, is almost entirely too busy to bother with the upbringing of Micki, and is frequently away from home on official business. He has a doting sort of affection for his daughter, but allows his wife a free hand in the running of the manor and the family.

Davith Wessiri is a veteran space pilot and decorated ace in a long-forgotten border clash in the Outer Rim. He spends his semi-retirement in the spaceport in the capital city of Kakarfoon, never far from the starfighters which are his first love. Davith has been giving flight lessons to Micki for the past three months. Ordinarily a girl of her age would already have a speeder license and be well on the way to free-flight, but Micki's mother had withheld that training from her, considering flying one's own vehicle to be beneath their station.

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The Yoyodyne Fleetworks YF-172 "Puddle Jumper"

First introduced nearly a century ago, the venerable YF-172 has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and solid--if underperforming--super-light transports in the Outer Rim. No larger than a starfighter, the YF-172 is noteworthy for its complete lack of offensive weaponry and only modest defensive capability, instead placing its reliance on the speedy 2X-class hyperdrive and ion engine combination. While the YF-172 will win no races against modern starfighter threats, in its day it outpaced all but the most dogged pursuers. Now, a pilot must choose their routes with care, as that edge has been eroded by more modern and faster starfighters.

Seating only two, with a minimum crew of one, and carrying only 65kg of cargo, the YF-172 was positioned as a diplomatic courier and pleasure ship. The miniscule cargo capacity made it impractical as a cargo hauler, except when trading in very small items of very high value. Over time, a large number of YF-172s have been modified to include dual flight controls, making it a popular primary flight trainer. It's gentle handling characteristics make it well-suited to this task, although a skilled pilot can still extract eyeball-flattening maneuvers from the ship.

It is this potential for maneuverability that lead a large number of riggers to add weaponry to the otherwise unarmed YF-172, making a moderately successful raider or escort fighter. However, facing a purpose-built fighter, the wise YF-172 pilot would choose to disengage. Only a few combat-ready models remain to this day, mostly due to combat attrition after poor tactical decisions. These combat losses gave the YF-172 an undeserved reputation as a widowmaker.

(Size: diminutive (6m along its longest axis), 6 metric tons, DR: 5, Armor: 10, life support / min. crew: 1-2, 65kg cargo capacity, 1 week of consumables, 2x hyperdrive, ion engines: average maneuverability & ramming speed, 10 point shields, 40 hull points, and NO WEAPONS.

Total construction points: 37. Cost new: 72,000 credits. Per the ship guide, used ships are new/2, so cost used is 36,000 credits.

Players are strongly encouraged to use this design if they wish. YF-172s are common, and modified YF-172s with all manner of interesting weapon/shield/engine loadouts outnumber factory-stock models nowadays. I can assist players with possible re-designs. I'm good at this sort of number crunching and have the ships rulebook.)

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Since I can no longer edit posts, here's the result of her continued efforts to save up credits: 27May 1020cr, 28May 60cr, 29May 420cr, 30May 360cr, 1Jun 180cr. New total savings: 11,945cr.

(Math geeks will be delighted to learn that my average D20 roll so far has been 10.875. A D20's average is 10.5. Regression to the mean really works!)

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