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Aberrant: 200X - Dr. Robert White

Dr. Robert White

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Dr. White, R. PD SO

Name: Robert White

Occupation: Pediatrician, Surgical Oncologist, Child Psychiatrist

Age: 37

Education: BS Biochemistry- UCSD; M.D. and PhD (Psychiatry) from John's Hopkins University,

Family: Widowed, parents died when he was 8, a 14 year old son in boarding school.

Nationality: U.S.A.

Residences: New York City; La Jolla, Ca.

Dr. White is a well known and respected pediatric doctor and surgeon. His skills are sent to whichever Children's hospital has the most critical kid or baby. Much of that work, is done free of charge. The bulk of his wealth comes from his private practice. For more than a decade, his name has been synonymous with excellence in the field of pediatrics. He is also a frequent guest lecturer at the UCSD medical school where he received his undergraduate degree.

Robert loves his work as much as he does children. Raised an orphan after his parents died, he was put into foster care. It was there that he took responsibility and looked after the health and welfare of the younger children. That same desire to help children motivated him to excel and achieve throughout his life.

Being an albino from birth, Dr. White had to show others that he could achieve in the face of doubt. Many of his patients, however, think he looks 'cool'. They like to tease him about having the last name 'White' and being so white. He takes it all in stride, and jokes along with them. To everyone else, he is charming, educated, and pleasant to be around.

His job, however, is a difficult one. Every day he looks into the eyes of children, who will invariably die from cancer or other illnesses, and tells them everthing will be alright. Even with the recent breakthroughs in medicine by novas, children still get sick and die. It is Robert's responsibility to try and heal them.

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Character Sheet:


Soon after completing a 12 hour surgery, in which his patient died, Dr. White collapsed. He was rushed to an emergency facility where it was determined that he had a cerebral-vascular attack (stroke). An MRI determined that the CVA had wiped out most of cognitive and perceptual abilities. As his son and others sobbed at the side of his father's bed, some latent aspect of his consciousness heard their cries. That cry was joined by others, as his consciousness reached out to others in pain. For an infitessimally small moment, he glimpsed the misery inherent in all human minds; a universal unconsciousness. A few moments later, he opened his eyes to the astonished shouts of the mourning.

A new examination showed that his brain had rewired itself. His eruption caused a regeneration of his brain material. It was however, rebuild differently, which explains his enhance perceptual and cognitive abilities. After testing, it was determined that he surpassed all but a few fellow Nova in perceptual abilities.

He continues to practice medicine.


Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●●● (Quick Fingers), Stamina ●●●● (Tenacious),

Perception ●●●●● (Sensitive), Intelligence ●●●●● (Excellent Memory), Wits ●●●,

Appearance ●●●, Manipulation ●●●, Charisma ●●●● (Genial)


Athletics ●, Legedermain ●, Melee ●, Stealth ●, Endurance ●●●, Resistance ●●●, Awareness ●●●●, Investigation ●●, Navigation ●, Academics ●●●●, Bureaucracy ●, Computers ●, Intrusion ●, Medicine ●●●●● (Surgery, Pediatrics), Science ●●●, Survival ●, Biz ●, Rapport ●, Style ●, Streetwise ●, Subterfuge ●●, Etiquette ●●


Cipher ●●, Eufiber ●●●, Resources ●●●●, Contacts ●●●●, Influence ●●●●, Node ●●


Willpower ●●●●● ●, Quantum ●●●●, Taint ●●●●● ●, Quantum Pool 28


Mega-Stamina ●, Mega-Perception ●●●●, Mega-Intelligence ●, Mega-Charisma ●


Regeneration, That Creepy Feeling, Psychic Awareness, Mental Prodigy: Medical, Soothe


Internal Compass (1)


Telepathy (Surreptitious extra) ●●, Teleport ●, Psychic Shield ●●●, Pretercognition ●, Mental Blast ● (AP extra)


Eye of the Beholder, Aberrant Eyes (glowing), Sensitivity (sadness).

Quantum Power Descriptions:

Window into the soul: Telepathy. Using his extreme perceptual abilities, Dr. White is able to penetrate the minds of others. He does it by connecting to the miniscule part of that universal unconscious he could still grasp. From there, he 'skims' the fragment that represents that person's mind, and slides into their mind. They don't even notice it is happening.

Psychic Leap: Teleport. Seeing a place with his mind, Dr. White is able to travel. First, he visualizes the spot, then once his consciousness is there, he 'makes' his body follow. In a flash, his body and mind are one again at the new location.

Psychic Tower: Psychic Shield. A tower is a form of defense against assault. For Dr. White, it is a matter of visualizing his subconscious surrounded by an inpenetrable wall. So far it has proven to be an effective defense against unwanted intrusion. Coupled with his Psychic Awareness, he is often able to counter and trace someone initiating a psychic attack against him.

Glimpse into possibilities: An interesting abilty gained from his view into the universal unconsciousness, is the ability to perceive all outcomes which may come to pass in the future, or have already come to pass. He doesn't like using it on his child patients, as many of them are very sick. To know whether they live or die ahead of time would affect his medical treatments.

Psychic Knife: Mental Blast (AP Extra). Understanding the human mind and it's fears and weaknesses, have given Dr. White the ability to exploit that weakness. In doing so, he can bypass most of their defenses and cause a massive overload of someone's mind, rendering them unconscious.

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