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Public Profile

Real Name: Rena Morgan

Occupation: A career lawyer before her eruption, Rena Morgan completed her bachelor's degree in History and her law degree at the Harvard Law, graduating valedictorian of her class in 2000 at the age of twenty two. She passed the New York State bar in the same year, clerked for Alex Kozinski from 2001 until 2002 and for Justice Ginsberg in 2003; she was then hired by the firm of Sullivan & Crowell in New York for their litigation and appeals department. While she remains technically employed by the firm of Sullivan & Cromwell since her eruption, the legal issues surrounding her enhanced persuasive abilities have made court appearances from her both unusual and subject to signifigant litigation.

Legal Status: Miss Morgan has no known criminal record.

Identity: Public

Nova Name: (None)

Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA, USA

Age: 29

Known Relatives: Anna Morgan (mother), a professional architect living outside San Francisco.

Eruption: Undocumented, though probably sometime between March and July of 2006

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 125lb

Eyes: Gray on the left, green on the right

Hair: Deep brown, cut just below her shoulders.

Distinctive Traits: Beyond her impressive beauty, which is unquestionably quantum-boosted, Rena's most distinctive feature is her mismatched eyes.

Physical Traits: Rena possesses the strength of an average woman who engages in light physical activity, but both her reflexes and stamina have been signifigantly heightened by her eruption. They still, however, remain within the nominally human range.

Known Quantum Powers: Rena's social skills are all well above the theoretical maximums for a basline, as is her appearance, and she seems to project an aura of authority and fascination that often has people starting to obey instructions she's given before they finish hearing them.

Abilities/Special Skills: In addition to her legal training and her excellent social skills, Rena also has a certain skill with exotic visual art.

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Character Sheet for Rena Morgan


STR: ●●

DEX: ●●●● (graceful)

STA: ●●●

CHA: ●●●●●(compelling)

MAN: ●●●●● (smooth)

APP: ●●●●● (striking)

INT: ●●●●● (analytical)

PER: ●●●●● (human frailty)

WIT: ●●●●● (intuitive)


Drive: ●

Athletics: ●

Endurance: ●●●

Resistance: ●●●

Legerdemain: ●●

Awareness: ●●

Investigation ●

Academics ●●●●●

Bureaucracy ●

Linguistics ●● (French, Latin)

Arts ●●●●●

Biz ●

Rapport ●●●●●

Intimidation ●

Style ●●●●

Subterfuge ●●●●●

Command ●●●●●

Etiquette ●●●

Perform ●●●


Eufiber: ●●

Influence: ●●

Resources: ●●●●

Followers: ●●●●

Willpower: ●●●●●●●●

Quantum: ●●●

Taint: ●


Mega Manipulation: ●●●● (Trickster)

Mega Charisma: ● (Commanding Presence)

Mega Appearance: ●● (Awe-Inspiring)

Quantum Powers:

Hypnosis: ●●●●●


Dominate: ●

Emotional Manipulation: ●

Invulnerability (Mental): ●

Telepathy: ● (Channeling Extra)


9 NP - Abilities, Backgrounds, Atts

12 NP - Mega-Manipulation 4 (Trickster)

9 NP - Mega-Charisma 1 (Commanding Presence), Mega-Appearance 2 (Awe-Inspiring)

3 NP - Dominate 1

3 NP - Disorient 1

3 NP - Invulnerability (Mental) 1

3 NP - Emotional Manipulation 1

3 NP - Telepathy (Channeling) 1 (Taint +1)

5 NP - Hypnosis 5

Remaining NP: none.

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