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Aberrant: Ba'alt - Re: Chronos' Activities

Dr. Chronos

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Chronos reflected on his accomplishments for the last two years and was less than satisfied.

In the realm of the world?s development, things were coming along. Several modest, but effective, medical inventions or innovations had been introduced which were starting to significantly affect the world?s poor. The new time clinic was up and running. It?s growth rate, and influence roughly parralleled his previous clinic on the Earth. Ditto it?s income, a low ten digit number. The over all message, that short term ethical behavior and long term effects on profits was even starting to be heard. Reforming the labor and educational systems would take even longer and require more funding and much more political influence, but the trend lines were sufficient.

In the realm of his personal development, things were coming along. Despite several kidnapping attempts and various other corportate skulldugery, he hadn?t needed to kill anyone. This was amoung his most difficult of accomplishments. In comparison, joining the mage?s guild had been easy. A combination of bribery, a forceful personality, and sheer power had made up for an initial lack of magical knowlege. Later he?d found that he was a ?quick? study. His personal relationship with Eve was continuing but he wasn?t sure where. Par for the course with relationships he guessed. Smite had been a good teacher and he was now proficient with a sword. This might help when the orbs were turned on. It might not.

And in the larger scheme all of this was almost certainly irrelevant. They hadn?t removed or attempted to activate the orbs. At some point it had to be acknowledged that it wasn?t just procrastination and Allison?s vision. Fear for Eve was just the start. The problem Chronos had slowly come to realize was terror at the stage after next. They rejoin the larger game. And then they have to make moves.

The typical baseline could perhaps image seven bricks before needing to extrapolate. With no effort Doc could picture every individual brick in the building. It was even easier to turn the population data stored in several databases into a million faces. And he was going to have to cause the deaths of this number of people or far more. War and revolution was a bloody business. Worse, Big and Bad was originally a force for good. The timelines before he imposed order had cross time undead plagues. Massive war as the high technology areas enslaved and exploited the more backwards worlds. At the time they were passed, Big and Bad?s empire and ?rules? seemed like a good idea.

And Chronos was going to dismantle it. And the bad times would quickly come back. And he could easily imagine every face of those who would suffer and die. Asche might had chosen poorly. Why the day of orb activation kept being pushed back was now obvious. Less obvious was what he could do about it.

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