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Aberrant: Ba'alt - Re: The World Serpent Inn


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To some, Tanelorn. Others, the Inn at the edge of time, and to yet others, simply The Timeless Tavern. Whatever its name its all the same inside; myriads of people all the time and from many times.

Some of the denizens could be a primal (god or god-title) in disguise or on vacation perhaps because in here everything except the food and drink are safe from harm. Violence just cannot happen. Some claim to have seen someone get too drunk and rowdy that they raised a hand in violence only to never bee seen again. Some claim there is a Pultyte enforced dungeon beneath the Inn where violators of the Ban on violence are held; some even say that it is these people that are turned to Pultytes for a millennia to redeem themselves. Whatever the case is, it is hard to find anyone that wont simply walk away from an argument rather than get to the next phase.

Gunthor can serve anything in the manner of food and drink. he takes whatever coin or currency you might have and will convert it to monits as change. "Monits are accepted almost universally by those that matter" is all he ever will say when asked.

The Inn is superspatial, that is, it has much more space inside than would be seen from the rare glimpse of its structure from outside. Rooms in the Inn are much bigger and spacious than cold be possible otherwise as well. The d?cor of each room is directly pending the general group occupying the room. If the group is of low tech origins, the room will be likewise. There are rumors of some significance of traveling the floors of the Inn via the stairs or the elevator; some say that one is the path of good while one is evil. Others say it walking the stairs means you will die after a long and rich life while the elevator means you will die in your sleep or by some other unexpected event.

Time also flows differently here. In relation to true time it is on average much slower. SO slow in fact that one can stay here for 32 hours while only minutes pass outside. It has been known however to reverse this relationship at times for unknown reasons. Perhaps Gunthor controls it although when confronted he never commites to it and says it?s the ?Proprietors? doing.

More to come??

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