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Aberrant: Ba'alt - Re: Snee Discoveries


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Pardon my delay. But here it goes anyhow....

Chronos and Brimstone actively worked on dissecting and observing the makeup and general physiology of the dead Snee. Besides the details they discover firsthand is information from Eve or the PaxCon datapads. Below are listed details on this Snee found.

The Snee that was captured was considered to of the warrior caste and a very young broodling at that. He was only 3-4 days old and was not fully developed in his psyche or physical development. He would have been much smarter and tougher if he had been fullgrown (8days old) and connected to the queen via the hive mind. You see, the Snee only has a rudimentary animalistic mentality when not attached to the hive consciousness; Separated they are no more than a rampaging wolf or any other wild animal. If this one was not attacked first, it might not have attacked the humans nearby and reacted like a mountain lion when encountering a group of hikers. Most become barely sentient after separation from the hive mind.

The brain of the Snee is very undeveloped and needs to be connected to the hive mind to be a complete ?individual? consciousness. Once connected, the Snee can act alone and does have a very limited form of freewill until needed by the queen. In that case, the queen simply wills it and controls the Snee to her bidding. A single queen can control upwards of 7500 individual consciousnesses. The control from the queen is telepathic and has range measured in several lightyears. Few telepaths have ever been able to sever the connection; even fewer have been able to pierce the hive-consciousness and take control of Snee or locate a queen.

Warrior castes are usually the type of Snee encountered off of their ships or out of their den. There are however 2 other types of Snee; Worker, and Breeder; this besides the single queen for every few thousand Snee. The Den is usually made up of about 60% warrior, 25% Worker, and 15% Breeder and consists of a single queen. Ships sometimes can have as many as a few dozen dens when the Snee are looking for expansion planets for food and natural resources.

The following is details on this Snee eliminated by Smite, Smith, Chronos, and Brimstone.

  • Snee can spit acidic saliva up to 2 meters away. This acid is also secreted when the Snee is wounded or hurt. Using projectile forms of explosives on them is highly NOT recommended and has claimed many lives in first encounters with many races. Acid delivers up to 120 aggravated wound levels. Burning, soluable in oil. Snee rarely, if ever, use this as a weapon.


  • Snee are virtually immune to radiation and heat effects Soak 100+ to radiation/heat


  • Physically, Snee seem capable of mega strength. Eve reports Snee rending armored starship hulls with claw and fist to enter enmasse. Reportedly in the range of hundreds of tons is their lifting capacity. They are also abnormally dexterous and rugged. Regeneration rates of Snee are also noted as extremely high.


  • The Snee are also unaffected by environmental extremes, including increase or decrease in atmospheric pressure.


  • They can see in various light spectrums and have a spectacular scent processing ability.


  • Snee cause fear and often are surrounded by panicked victims given in to irrational fear and terror. Willpower 5 or less gets no resistance. Otherwise, willpower roll, difficulty 2 to soften the terror.


  • General damage resistance of this Snee was enough to quantify the soak at around 50 lethal and bashing. As it is aged to maturity, this number is theorized to be as high 150/90.</li>
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