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Orb update

The Orbs each have what is referred to as a ?true-name? which empowers it user full access to its powers. Without the knowledge of the truename the user is at the whim of the Orbs limited sentience. Also, not knowing the true-name will cause any power or gift form the Orbs to be accompanied by some form of disadvantage. That is, for instance, one of the orbs might grant the user immunity to harm from any source. In turn however, the user might not be able to deliver any attack in return. An orb of silence might also render the user mute or unable to communicate by any means. The disadvantages are not permanent and will normally last only as long as the accompanying power is being used. Again, knowledge of the true-name renders the ill effects void or severely diminished.

Now all of the information you have found on the Orbs comes from asking questions of Eve or doing research in the Anelonian archives that she decompiled for you all to have access to. These archives would fill countless volumes of books if printed in their original format but instead are stored digitally. Anything on the Orbs or their history is seemingly purposely cryptic and hard to fathom or understand.

Each of the Orbs was once part of a weapon, a sword to be exact, and granted powers when wielded. House Rathien, just after the AllWar, had gathered up all of the 15 ?Lord Banes? as they were called originally and locked them up in a dimensional rift. The history gets cloudy hard ot follow at this point. Some history tells of House Rathien and House Carlisle forming a think tank and discovering a way to destroy the swords and their attached orbs; another tells of a second set of swords that Ba?laan had made as an ?insurance? policy should all of the weapons be brought to bear against him at one time. In either case, you know now that 16 orbs are embedded in Eve?s lower abdomen that was once in the hilts of these swords. Each Orb was designed with a certain purpose in mind and represents absolute sovereignty in a certain area, thus their being called Incarnates. It was always these Incarnates that powered the weapons and not the sword itself that possessed any power.

Each Incarnate was created in concert with Ba?laan and a person called Mulhorann or T?se Murlo in the old tongue. Shortly after their creation, Mulhorrann was found dead, a victim of an unforeseen cave-in at his forge.

It is known that there is not a force in existence that can deliver harm or coerce the Orbs; they simply work after forming a sort of friendship with a user. The problem with this is, if they don?t like a person, they will simply be lost in hopes that another user might eventually find them again.

Artificial Intelligences cannot use them so Eve is merely a host like the weapon?s that once served the same purpose.

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Chronos said;Interesting. Do we have an idea what "fields" the orbs cover? Is there any record of someone using more than one orb?<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

On Fields or functional influence of the Incarnates.

Answering the second questions first is easy; yes. There are several records of people using more than one orb at a time up to two; unfortunately most of the users only had two hands in which to hold one of the Lord Slayers, thus records being of only 2 being used simultaneously. The only conflict being with War Incarnate not allowing any other Incarnate to be wielded as long is it was also being wielded. The Incarnates in their present base form have not been recordedly wielded with any other orbs in tandem.

Now in regard to the fields or areas of influence of the Incarnates the following is about all the information ever available to the most well versed in the Orbs, also referred to as swords. Below is a listing of some of the known functions of the Orbs when they were in the hilts of the swords. It is believed that the blades acted as a focus for the Orbs power so now it is believed the orbs functions will be more vague and expansive in their particular spheres of influence.

  • Entropy Incarnate: Has influence over statistics, randomness, luck, and impossible events near and about the user. No one is known to have ever known the true-name to this Incarnate.</li>
  • Deception Incarnate: Alters perception of information, cloaking.</li>
  • War Incarnate: Alters and increases intensity of offensive capabilities; renders user nearly completely impervious to harm; no defense has ever countered the attacks of this weapon. Has no power over defenseless targets. It was the War Sword that started the Allwar and destroyed Ba?laan?s StarHaven.</li>
  • Vengeance Incarnate: Brings balance to those that ?owe? you or have wronged you. The Orb itself remains the final arbiter in regards to what it feels is right or wrong; Protects wearer while on a path of vindication or vengeance.</li>
  • Serenity Incarnate: Healing; love, re-creation; opposes Unlife and Oir; User cannot be killed while wielding nor can the wielder cause harm; Seems to alter the users? outlook while activated into a positive peaceful manner.</li>
  • Truth Incarnate: Influence over knowledge, information gathering, and ingenuity. Answers willfully any question precisely as asked; Users in past experienced increased seemingly random events around them.</li>
  • Thought Incarnate: Amplifies thought processes, psionics, Akasic manipulations, etc; Causes slave or hive mind mentality in minds around user and user has complete domination over the minds; causes insanity and/or loss of health in user and slowly dominates users mind into total dependence on the Incarnate.</li>
  • Security/Fury Incarnate: When user is acting in defense of a defenseless group he will experience near Omniscience over the defended area as well as near complete immortality.</li>
  • Death Incarnate: Delivers unhealable (except by Serenity Incarnate) and slowly intensifying wounds; causes aging and loss of desire to live in targets; causes user to age and/or lose vitality at accelerated rates.</li>
  • Matter Incarnate: Control over the natural elements; allowed wielder to dig through any natural element at unbelievable rates.</li>
  • Justice/Strategy Incarnate: No ?unfair? advantage/power/situation can be used against wielder; wielder was immune to effects he himself did not possess or have immediate access to; Made wielder unaffected by the ban while wielded; Imbued strategic genius and near omniscience to wielder regarding their enemies in times of war; ensured wielder never used any ?unfair? advantage over enemies.</li>
  • Wyrm Incarnate: Nothing is known of this weapon save for its ability to deliver tremendous damage above and beyond the normal Lord Slayer?s ability. (All swords delivered much higher damage than typical for their type regardless of wielders strength or skill. This itself might be a clue to power of the rest of the Orbs as well)</li>
  • Incarnate of Stars: Made to be used against higher technologies or to enforce ban possibly. Wielder could not be harmed by non-man powered distance weapons, explosions, etc; Empowered user with ability to detect ban violations within a galactic scale.</li>
  • Dawn Incarnate: Altered reality subtly in favor of wielder. Nothing else is known as after its first use by Lilysivanya it collapsed into orb form. This is what inspired House Rathien/Lonn to research the collapsing of all the weapons.</li>
  • Night Incarnate: Seemed to emulate Deception Incarnate on some levels with stealth and general cloaking but was much more empowered in darkness; Had ability to remove itself and wielder from witnesses memories; blocked all forms of communication in its area when cloaking activated, including wielders. Was only ever wielded by Lord Rathien (Kuhall aka Asche) before his journey to pre-ban Earth.</li>
  • ???? (16th)Incarnate: When in sword form, it looked like any of the other blades except for its blood red pommel. IN orb form it is the only orb that is not mostly cloudy dark-grey in color; it is still blood-red in coloration. Believed to be a combination somehow of all the other 15 Incarnates.</li>
All of the Incarnates besides the 16th are cloudy dark-grey when not in use. When activated they all take on distinguishing features; Night become black with a starry night sky visible, Justice turns crystal clear and displays a set of scales, etc. All of them, when in the possession of someone, emit a vibration and deep thumping sound full of Bass when in the vicinity of another Incarnate. This ?vicinity? seems to be about 500 feet depending on the knowledge of the true-name.

All of the Incarnates, before they were removed from their blades, were completely impervious to marring, scratching, or damage from any source save the War Incarnate, which seemed to be made to destroy the other Incarnates. In their present form of Orbs, they all appear to be impervious to harm from any source including each other.

All of the Incarnates are believed to have the ability to generate abilities as needed to benefit the user, especially after truename is known; the Incarnates "want" to be used.

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Dr. Chronos said:


1) RE: Justice/Strategy Incarnate:

If the wielder was immune to the ban, does this mean it could be activated without 'calling' to the big guy?

2) Similarly, it sounds like "Night" sounds like it could be activated without a call.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Theoretically, yes. The concern comes from not knowing the true-names. All of the Incarnates have some sort of 'balancing' power or disadvantage in using them. There is no telling what might happen even if Justice Incarnate was used. It does however, seem to be one of the most logical Incarnates, next to Night, to couple with another or activate first.

Justice seemed to work for and against the user in that it made things fair. That is, if you were using it and tried to psi-blast someone who themself did not have psi-blast or a defense to it, then your psi-blast simply would not work. I did however work the other way around only ignoring itself in the equation. Ultimately the Incarnate is hypocritical in this regard.

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Dr. Chronos said:

3) Is it possible that the Incarnate of Stars predates the ban? That the ban comes from it? That it is the ban?<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Interesting theory but I dont beleive so. Perhaps its here to reinforce the ban even after Ba'laan is overthrown?

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Dr. Chronos said:

Further, it seems to me that combining the Justice Incarnate with the Stars Incarnate would enforce the ban on the big guy or perhaps even prevent him from enforcing it or it might even destroy the ban. Claiming that "only I" can use time travel seems to be a pretty unjust thing to say/do.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Very good and logical deduction. It is likely that these 2 orbs were what allowed House Carlisle to shirk the ban and its effects.

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