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Aberrant: Ba'alt - Re: About me....


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Please post in this section what the peoples (general public) would know about you.

Please cover whatever powers or abilities or skills are known and which powers/skills/abilities you do your best to hide.

Please present it here as whether or not you are a public face of THE TEAM or secret power of it.

Also, please post anthing that you might have voiced opinions about to the public, if at all.

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<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Glean said;

Glean, or Karan Argot, is of mediterranean decent, at least thats what his male part looks like. You see, OOC, Karan has a dorm rating above 5 hich gives him 2 completely seperate and individual human forms. He claims that the true one is Karan, the male, and not the hot blonde.

Glean posesses the power light speed in connection with all of his movements and with mastery on it, his top speed would make most of the starfleet vessels from Star Trek seem slow. Quantum protects the area around him and he can hit light speed in atmospheres if he desires.

He is also very good at makinf many many force fields and is a master of bioluminessence. Oh, and he always glows brighter than a 1 million candle power flashlight at minimum when in nova form, with concentration he can dim a bit but is still hard to look directly at.

He seems very smart but really is niave with many of things thatrelate to life as a nove adn ever since what Genine calles his second eruption at ERI when you all were there, he has become more distant even from nova kind. He has attached himself to Quinn and most recently to Allison and Zephraine and calls himself their "Regulators."

Karan is also a "action" man and rather impulsive at times.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Zephraine said;

Zeph is an Enigma, wrapped up in a Riddle.

No, wait. That's Quinn. wink.gif

Zeph is a man of many seasons. He is a master linguist, a team leader for PaxCon teams, a cook, guitar player, multi-sport athelete, administrator, poet, operative, and much more.

He is the man of Mad Skills, for sure.

In recent times, Zeph has expanded his understanding of all forms of communications. He has become more intelligent and articulate. Still, his progress in power isn't nearly as stark as it is with other novas. He still doesnt' possess any of the nifty, flashy powers that are so much the nova trademark.

Since he hangs out with Glean a great deal, he keeps a pair of wrap around sunglasses handy.

Appearance: Zephraine is of mixed Greek-Syrian heritage. He is darkly tanned with black hair. He is tall and graceful with a strong build. His most noticable trademarks are his easy, warm smile, and his never-say-die attitude.

He has no physical aberrations, nor seems to be blessed/marred by taint in any way.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Tangent said;

Quinn is an Enigma, wrapped up in a..... Wait nevermind. smile.gif

Appearance: Tangent has no phsyical aberrations of note, aside from when he is maxxing his powers (read below). His brown hair is cropped short, except for his bangs which are long and white.He is six foot two inches in height and weighs close to one hundred and eighty pounds. He has a tendancy to make his clothing reflect whatever mood he is in that day. Usually very casual attire with Tshirts stating witty comments on them.

He is a mystery to himself and even to Asche. He seems to be an untapped source of Psionic might but he doesn't have the attitude that seems to go with having access to said powers.

He is intelligent yet somewhat impulsive and much like Glean can act before he thinks from time to time. He tends to brood about what was revealed to him about his taint. Which some of you may or may not know depending on if you have spoke to Genine, Glean or Zephraine about him. If you have and they wished to share the info (You can decide that between them) then you know his own power threatens to kill him. He has been diagnosed with a Farahcytic cancer. Bascially his MR node is gradually replacing every other cell in his body. As it is now, whenever he truly uses his power toward his upper limits he causes severe damage to the normal cells surrounding his MR coils. This is why he sometimes acts rather melancholy but for the most part he just puts it out of his mind.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->


<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Chronos said;

{Everything here is public knowledge}

Doctor Chronos

Appearance: Although obviously a nova, Chronos has no aberrations. What is left of his hair after male pattern baldness is white/gray, and he has a goatee. He appears to be a very fit 50 (think Patrick Steward). Focused, driven, and powerful, the combination of his appearance and personality are awe inspiring. Doc stands an impossing 6'1" and has brown eyes.

Background: Doctor Chronos maintains a very high profile and is an internationally recognized figure. Although he doesn't work for them, Doc is on excellent terms with Project Utopia and has worked with them. Chronos appeared on the scene several years ago, and what, if anything, he did before eruption is unknown. Doctor Chronos is a medical doctor, researcher, philanthropier, and high level political activist.

Chronos gives lots of money to a large number of political causes and charities. He well known for staging medical/media events known as "a day without pain" where he swoops into a hospital after a large accident and heals all the victims. On a number of occasions he has brought back police or firefighters (he would say "heroes") from near death and is well thought of in these circles in Washington and New York. Doc never charges for healing.

He founded and runs "Temporal Solutions Inc", which is rumored (although not proven) to turn the old and rich into the young and less rich. In the past few years, a number of celebrities have been caught being younger than they should be, it seem likely that Chronos is responsible for some or all of these, although this is largely conjecture. Chronos largely operates out of New York and Washington.

Powers: Doctor Chronos is a very strong temporal manipulator. He can stop, accelerate, or decelerate time with ease. He can create temporal clones of himself, and reverse time to undo injuries. Unnaturally lucky, chance always seems to work in his favor. Chronos is superhumanly intelligent and manipulative. A medical prodigy, he has a number of patents for medical technology and drugs.

Limitations: Doc greatly prefers to touch objects/people when he subjects them to temporal manipulation, although he has skipped doing this on several occasions. Chronos is only slightly tougher than a baseline (his eufiber helps). Because his "healing" abilities are temporally based, they only affect injuries and only if the injury occured within a limited number of days. Chronos is morally against violence and has had to hire bodyguards to protect himself from baselines.

Everything below this point isn't public knowledge. You can judge for yourself what you are likely to know.

? Doc does restore youth to the ethical rich for money.

? Doc doesn't age, nor does he need to eat or breath.

? One of Doc's "bodyguards" (Crumble) is a much younger version of himself.

? Doc's temporal abilities are much stronger than publicly known. Doc can age something into oblivion with a touch. He can attempt to repair faults in time, and can sidestep through time.

? Doc's primary focus in life is to avoid the war that he saw coming during his eruption.

? Doc is less than 6 years old.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Irini said;

Irini 'Serendipity' Mikhailova

Appearance: Irini is beyond the peak of baseline beauty into the low superhuman range, her pale skin and tousled dark hair giving her a rather exotic look. She is about 5'6" in height, customarily slender but able to change her body in response to the desires of others without drastic alterations to her appearance like skin tone or hair colour. Her only aberration at present is her eyes, fields of night-black complete with stars. Dormed down, Irini becomes slender and blue-eyed, with supermodel looks.


Irini Mikhailova is a recent addition to the team due to being 'recruited' by Pax Concordat after being caught breaking into one of their employees' homes. She is still reticent about her former life, admitting only to being a prostitute and thief before and after eruption, and having worked with the enigmatic shapeshifter Smith on a mission in Russia once. Her specialty is covert operations: thievery, seduction, infiltration and stealth.

Powers: Irini's most powerful abilities revolve around gravity. She is able to manipulate microgravity to cling to walls or walk on ceilings, alter fields to create 'walls' of force to protect herself and others, fly at relatively low speeds and just make things lighter or heavier. Her body has altered itself to suit her talents - she is possessed of enhanced athletic ability, heightened survivability in hostile enviromental conditions and some greater resiliency than normal - and has more strength than her slim frame might suggest, though only good by baseline standards. Her mental talents are near to the peak of baseline capability but her most obvious enhancements outside of her gravity powers are to her social abilities. Irini has low-level superhuman attractiveness and charisma, able to alter her appearance and behaviour on subtle levels to become more seductive to an individual, and she is extraordinary persuasive.

Limitations: Irini is self-taught and rough-trained with her abilities, and she is more likely to rely on her seductive powers than anything else. Her demeanour is sensual, determined and self-centered, something that could rub team mates the wrong way if she did not also attempt to try and have everyone getting along. She has never been in nova-level conflict.

Everything below this point isn't public knowledge. You can judge for yourself what you are likely to know.

- Irini erupted under abuse from her pimp in Moscow, a man with links to the C-Z Megasyndicate named Yuri Badin.

- She spent six months as an illegal alien in the United States until she had stolen and earned enough to get a visa, then citizenship. She also holds citizenship in Russia.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Smith said;

John Smith (aka Mr. Smith, Smith)

Appearance: Depending on the situation, he can look more or less however he wants. However, most of the time, Smith appears to be a young-ish, dark haired Caucasian, quite handsome by baseline standards. He rarely wears anything other than his black suit and trench coat (which the more observant among us might note is actually an extension of his own self, and not a separate article of clothing).

His good looks are mitigated somewhat by his tendency to shift parts of his body into unsettling forms for trivial convenience. Occasionally, particularly under stress, he shifts unintentionally, typically sprouting tendrils or otherwise becoming notably more grotesque.

Background: Over the past months, Smith has clearly become less suspicious of most of the other team members. However, he still refuses to volunteer information about himself or his background and shamelessly sidesteps direct inquiries in that regard.

His paranoid nature has not decreased in general. Indeed, he has gradually become increasingly withdrawn and humorless. Naturally, he politely refuses to discuss his change in demeanor.

Powers: Smith is first and foremost a shape shifter. His morphic capabilities have grown significantly since his introduction to the team. His ability to clone himself and mimic the quantum powers of others are extensions of his shape shifting.

Smith's mind has gradually closed itself off to all forms of psychic contact. Those who attempt to make mental contact with him, weather their intent is friendly or hostile, find the experience distinctly unpleasant and disconcerting. A marked increase in intelligence came with the development of his mental opacity... along with the aforementioned changes in demeanor.

Limitations: Smith's greatest flaw is probably his paranoia. He consistently expects the worst of any situation and trusts no one. Recently even his wry sense of humor has been largely subsumed by brooding nature. Those with an eye for such things might also note that when he does respond with emotion to anything, there is a distinctly feigned quality to the behavior, as if he is more concerned with responding 'appropriately' than displaying his actual feelings... if any.

Smith's shape shifting process and many of the final forms he selects are typically frightful and unpleasant in nature. He doesn't seem to mind.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Vixen said;

The Vixen

Appearance: The Vixen is a strikingly distinctive nova. She resembles an amalgam between a fox and a woman. She's covered in black, orange and white fur from head to toe, has a fox-like muzzle and, most unusually, three foxlike tails. She still have white human-like head hair and startling green eyes.

When dormed, she looks normal - a Caucasian woman in her late 20's whose only standout features are her white hair and green eyes.

Background: The Vixen has been a wandering soul over the past couple of years, sighted all over the world. She is formally affiliated with Project Utopia, but rarely seems to do any real work for them.

Powers: Vixen possesses a very wide array of superhuman powers. The most commonly noted are flight, projection of fire and energy, telepathy, hyper-keen senses and telepathically projected illusions. Rumors of other powers are just that: rumors.

Non-Public Knowledge:

Vixen maintains a secret identity as a researcher for Project Utopia, Dr. Roxanne Richardson. She maintains a distance between this side of herself and her 'nova' side, to try and keep a semblance of normality in her life.

Vixen's less public abilities include heightened dexterity and social skills, the ability to hypnotize with her voice, the ability to turn invisible and intangible, and the ability to copy mental templates of baselines and novas, mimicing skills and even super-powers.

Vixen is taint 0. Her aberrations are less severe and off-putting than they were five years ago, but still present and quite noticable.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Smite said;

Smite (aka ..Take your pick...)

Appearance: As non-descript as you can be. Around 5'9", average build, blackish brown hair, hazel (green or brown depending on the light) eyes, and a smile that is not polished but lacks any noticable flaws. Quite possibly the most average person you could ever meet.

This helps greatly with evading police reports in most countries.

Background: 'Company' man since the cradle, he is highly trained and highly effective. He spent most of his life making the world save for American Interests. He came into his nova existance with the death of several Teragen Novas, and has had a Hate/Hate relationship with them ever since.

Powers: Lethality in a bottle. Smite possesses increased strength, stamina, and martial arts skills. But his most note worthy abilties are his virtually unparralled speed, incredible endurance for punishment, and devestating energy weapon for which he is named.

Non-public Knowledge

-Smite spent most of his life killing people as did his parents. His family trade has been assassinations and killings since for as far back as they can trace.

-He is personally responsible for a fair number of nova deaths, most specifically those experienced by the Teragen and other similar groups. He has also disappeared a number of particularly effective members of the Church of Archangel Michael, and several other baseline extremist groups.

-He has been slowly laying roots within Pax Con, and trying to make changes to increase their effectiveness.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Zero said;

Alton Roth, Doctorate in Physics

AKA. Dr. Zero

Zero stands about 5'9 with medium length dirty blonde hair and boyishly pretty features. His body is lean muscle and subtly athletic. To notice any of this, however, might take some time as space constantly shifts and warps around him making him anywhere from a funhouse mirror to a intensely crisply clear vision. Moreover, when he is an agitated state, space swirls and eddies around him to reflect that in a fashion that can be both interesting and spooky. When someone gets angry and all the light in a room curves away from him, it can lead to ghost stories. Over the years, however, these effects have grown to highlight his features making him quite lovely to look at when in a good mood. He tends to dress simply and comfortably, torn jeans and wife-beaters and either no shoes or worn hiking boots. He shapes his eufiber to match these preferences. He also has a leather jacket that is almost 20 years old, passed down by his father.

Dr. Zero is something between Einstein, a spring break beach comber and a buddhist monk. When he erupted, he was exporing the field he would erupt into, spatial physics, and quickly picked up his doctorate after his ability to manipulate space itself manifested. You might find Zero partying in Ibiza one moment, expanding the fields of spatial physics in a lab the second and meditating on a coral reef the third. He enjoys that he can lead such a diverse lifestyle and works to relate his eccletic activities to each other.

Though known for his mood-swings in the past, he spent his time and ability to travel over the past 5 years making himself into what he refers to as "Something greater". He favors adventures and, with his ability to travel anywhere he can calculate instantly, he has them frequently. Those of you who knew him find that he has chilled out and become much more likable and reasonable in the time. There is a quality of self-dicipline to him that was not there before.

Zero likes to tell stories of the places he has been and the places he plans on going to. His list of aquantences ranges among some of the most notable faces in the world, including Count Orziaz, Andy Vance and Lotus Infinite.

Those who can sense quantum can see some amazingly sharp spikes in Zeros signature... its likely unlike one you have ever seen. PM me for details if you can sense such things

Things only friends would know...

Zero used to be deeply worried about others opinions of him... due to his bi-polar disorder, he felt that he was a pariah among Novas. He has since figured himself out and gotten over it

Zero speculates that he is unable to dorm down and considers that a low priority to worry about

Zero has Teragen connections and will strongly defend Teragen philosophy, though he does not call himself a Terat

Zero has both his nipples pierced and, as rumor has it, a few others that he just smiles and winks when asked where.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd--><!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Rackham said;

Rackham Reed

Appearance: Rackham is six foot three, has a wiry built and weighs 170 punds. He has startlingly clear blue eyes which he usually hides behind shades. He is tanned, has blond curly hair and seems to be in his early twenties. He has a pleasant voice and talks with a very slight Cockney accent. While not in any way shy, Rackham usually waits a while before he opens his mouth. He is usually well dressed but relies on others (tailors) to select what to wear. He prefers black or dark clothes.

Background: Last year Rackham made his first appearance in London as a nova private investigator. After a short run of highly successful 'find the missing person' cases he went to NYC to further his career. He quickly raised his fees and made the news a few times (nothing major). He is publicly known as a nova, though his powers, if any, are unknown.

Powers: Rackham thinks better and faster than any baseline. He is extremely observant but displays no overt nova powers. On occasion he has displayed superhuman charisma but he usually tones this down, staying in the background.

Limitations: Rackham is still a crunchie who needs to eat, sleep, breathe and eat some more. He recently found out that he is poison to Eufiber.

What you might know:

- Rackham has been de-aged by Doctor Chronos.

- Rackham can be very evasive about his past. Most people never realize it, but he skillfully steers any conversation away from anything before his first 'public' appearance in London.

- Rackham understands French very well, but has never been heard speaking it. He speaks English with varying degree of Cockney accent.

- For more information, refer to what ST deems you might know.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Wraith said;

Daniel Fox aka Wraith

Appearance: Daniel stands around 6'1", white blonde hair cut short, ice blue eyes, fair skinned, very well muscled but proportioned such that it isn't really noticable unless he takes his shirt off, which he rarely does. Of course he can look like anything he wants because of his shapechanging abilities, but around the group he usually stays to this true form described above.

He often wears blue jeans, black tshirt, black combat boots, and a long leather threnchcoat. Of course like his body the clothing being Eufiber can be made to look like whatever he wants or needs.

Background: Wraith was a lonely rich kid, who was seeking meaning to life. He studied philosophy and sought out teachers to train him in all things spiritual and physical. He finally erupted while trying to expand his conciousness through the use of payote in the American Southwest. Unfortunately, shortly after his eruption the Nova crisis occured in which thousands of novas were murdered. He was refered to the team and joined them just in time for the final confrontation with the bad guys from the alternate Earth.

Powers: Shapechanging, Bodymorph Shadowform, Flight(via Gravity Control), Claws, Transmit (Shadow)

Limitations: Shadows play over his body, the more negative his emotional state or the more agitated he becomes the more obscured he becomes. In order to use his power Transmit he must have shadow availible. He is also heavily into philosophy and might become destracted by new sources of insight or new ways of thinking.

What you might know: Few people other than the original members of the group know him as Daniel Fox, to the world he is Wraith, and goes by that name even amongst his friends. He keeps his private self very seperate from his Nova life for fear of causing his parents business interests from suffering as well as his own desire for privacy. Within the group he is known for his martial arts and melee abilities as well as his shapechanging, and more recently his ability to transform into a living shadow. With this latest accident he has revealed that he can transmit through shadow and fly though he hasn't really specified that his flight is based on Gravity manipulation.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Glean said;

Karan Argot, aka Glean

Appearance: Karan Argot stand at an even 6 foot and has a medium dark complexion of the people you might find dwelling in or around Pakistan. The rest of his features, his dark blonde hair, green eyes and chiseled structure convey a different heritage though. He has the build of one that works out and can easily intimidate baselines with raw stature. Karan typically wears light fitting slacks and a thick cotton shirt as well as a nice dark brown pair of doc's. He has not been known to wear eufibre and never asks for any either. He has recently been made aware of his second baseline form which happens to be female. He has not come up with a name for her and is rarely in her form, if ever. Glean has a problem with being able to dorm into an attractive woman.

Background: Karan has no memory past the day that Doshi came to ERI during the PaxCon teams investigation. Although he does retain knowledge he acquired prior to that, he has no idea where it came from. Genine Ebherhart has informed him, form his personnel file that Karan was born in 2065 in Cleveland Ohio of well to do parents who shortly and conveniently enough after his birth were killed in a train wreck. Go figure. Karan erupted at 19 with the powers of flight, toughness, and was able to manipulate light to the degree of making light fade, turn it into walls or shoot lasers that could rupture most military grade body armor. Karan also supposedly did a couple of jobs for Devries or Extelon (another Elite company) but never made anything of it. It was during the teams investigation at ERI that Glean truly became aware.

Something about the spatial disruption or the temporal fiasco triggered something else inside his body to shunt off his brain and he collapsed. Genine attributes as similar to an eruption, a second eruption, but we have not been able to conclude that as positive. He lied in a coma for almost a month until he woke up a changed person.

Powers: Gleans ability to manipulate light has intensified tenfold since his awakening and he now has manifested the capability to breach the threshold of the speed of light with all of his movement forms. His light manifestations are able to reach many miles away and can number in the hundreds as far as individual manifestations. He also seems to have an uncrackable mind that even Genine has not been able to get, even with drugs and Karan being dormed. This came to his dismay as he wanted to learn of his past. To a limited degree, Glean can also force nova's to shut down as if dormed when he concentrates. He is still learning his new capabilities and is very secretive about much of it as he does not want to be used or relied upon for anything.

What you might know: Glean and all of his quantum constructs resist mental energy. That is, they all seem "slippery" to TK and foggy to telepathy. If he were to put a dome around Tangent, Tangents Telepathy would be reduced somewhat passing through the dome. Glean also is very reserved in using any of his powers and has a few things he can do that he ahs kept utterly secret even from Genine. He feels ashamed of what he has become because his new level of power has separated him from his old peers. Glean does not believe he is a nova, he thinks he is "something else."

Also, since the event with Tangent in New York, Glean has claimed to hear 'voices' when ever he is in the dark. This usually leads him to brightening up the area.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->


<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Smith said;

New World Report:

Lots of people have seen Smith... but few if any of them know it. In accordance with Zeph's suggestion he has set what clones he can spare to covert integration with certain areas of society (just what areas would be contingent on a mega-brains evaluation of the most useful areas). When he needs to do something major in the public eye he imitates the form of some sort of technology, someone's power manifesting or (with permission) another team member. Otherwise, he stays out of sight entirely. A zero-presence profile remains one of his personal major goals.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->


<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Irini said;

New World Report:

Irini has changed since arriving on this world. Her dark hair has grown longer and she has learnt to mask her beauty (and her eyes) with the average features of a young, blue-eyed Slavic woman. While she is easily one of the most recognisable faces of the team, in Russia, she is quite popular.

Her demeanour has softened a little, but now and again, the streetwalker shows through her semi-cultured facade. She spends most of her free time with Quinn these days, and a smile often wreathes her face.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->


<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Wraith said;

New World Report

Wraith has been seen by millions in photographs standing in Doc Chrono's shadow, or Doc Zero's, or Irini's, or anyone other member of the them making some public appearance. Of course he did so pretending to be their body guard. He has also made a few appearances as Himself around the San Francisco offices and other places, but generally low key and never flaunting his powers. He has also been seen as an older gentleman looking very much like Einstein (if Einstein was not famous in this world he will actually use him as his model). In this elder guise he dicusses philosophy and religion and generally acts as an intellectual when meeting with people of this world. When using disguises he will make an effort not to become at all agitated so that shadows do not dance over him and give away who he is. In his own form he will not worry about the shadows.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->


<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Alan 'Brimstone' WeierAppearance: Brimstone is an unassuming man, standing 5'9" in apparently ruffled jeans, button-up shirt, and lab coat. Despite his eruption and abilities, he still uses a pair of reading glasses when perusing his notes. His eyes are typically downcast, as if he's embarrassed to be even taking up space. A shy man, it often takes much prodding to get him to speak. However, his becomes quite animate and passionate when speaking about topics of high intellect and especially geology.

Background: An introverted student most of his life, Brimstone was never known for social graces outside of defending dissertations or delivering lectures. He was renowned in the field of volcanology as a baseline, leading several expeditions even as a graduate student. After receiving his doctorate, he upped his work in the field. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong day to investigate an active volcano in the Pacific Rim. While working on the rim of the crater, built up gasses were released on the unstable rock face Brimstone was standing on, sending him into the lava below. Instead of being liquefied and dying instantly, Brimstone erupted and changed his body into magma. With his newfound powers and knowledge, he went on to become one of the foremost minds on geology and volcanology.

Powers: Brimstone has the ability to change his physical body into molten rock and the ability to create and control the same material. He also has an enhanced intellect and some resistance against energy.

What you might know: Brimstone seems uncertain at times with his place in this new world, as if he still doesn't know what he should be doing with his powers. But in the heat of the moment, he becomes far more confident and decisive, excited with his abilities. Afterwards, he seems almost amazed with the results of his powers.

Handy-helpful info: If you've seen Bringing Up Baby, he acts lot like Cary Grant's character. Or if you've seen Superman, think Christopher Reeves' portrayal of Clark Kent.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->


<!--quoteo--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->Ileana said;

Ileana 'Trekker' Yarin

Appearance: Trekker is one of those individuals who is neither attractive nor hideous but merely average in looks and height for a young woman, her racial background difficult to determine beyond some kind of Slavo-Mediterranean mixture. She has a thin, deceptively fragile build and surprisingly pale skin for someone who spends so much time outdoors but her hands are work-roughened and her musculature is quite wiry. Her straight dark hair is cut a trifle shaggily at the shoulders, usually gathered into a topknot or ponytail for the sake of convenience while her eyes are large and blue. With a preference for secondhand clothing and bright plastic jewelry, Trekker's most distinguishing feature is the smile that transforms her features from average to pretty.

Background: Ileana Yarin is from somewhere in Eastern Europe, most likely Romania or Armenia based on her physical appearance. She loves to enjoy herself, especially by dancing or painting, and can speak with some knowledge on the Old Masters, the Impressionists and the Pre-Raphaelites. Like most of the strangers, she appeared quite suddenly, and claims that she just woke up in a strange new place. In this new world, she has continued the trekking for which she is named, and acted as a team surveyor until the disappearance of Irini Mikhailova. The exact details of her eruption are unknown, though she alludes to a sexual encounter gone wrong.

Whatever her background, a good many people would call Trekker a very friendly, cheerful and vivacious young woman with a smile that can melt the hardest of hearts. She always makes a habit of learning basic phrases in the language of wherever she is visiting, she respects local customs and will use her telekinesis to lift heavy objects or other helpful tasks. While she is not the powerful Tangent, the luminescent Glean or the divinely beautiful Irini Mikhailova, Trekker is a familiar and popular face, especially in Europe.

Powers: Trekker has publicly demonstrated minor telekinetic powers, enhanced dexterity and charisma. There is some indication that she might be able to fly, but she has not revealed anything like that yet.

What you might know: Ileana is/was Irini Mikhailova.

Handy-helpful info: In game system terms, the only powers Ileana uses in public are the Gravitokinetic technique from Gravity Control, which is defined the same as Telekinesis due to her control of microgravity, the Seductive enhancement from Mega-Charisma and Physical Prodigy from Mega-Dexterity. Her Cipher is 4-6 at least outside of the team due to her being an alternate identity; her Contacts, Influence and Resources have not yet been defined. tongue.gif<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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"Jedi Knight" Richard Thorne

Appearance: Richard is a man in his mid thirties, with just enough fat on him to fail military standards without actually looking overweight. His brown hair is starting to go gray at the left temple, but his beard and mustache are still the same shade of mud brown they've always been. His eyes are an almost perfect royal blue crayon shade, but rather than looking exotic or intimidating, they just look odd. He is almost always found wearing brown robes with the hood pulled back, and though he usually wears perfectly servicable clothes underneath the robes, he complains bitterly if situations force him to be 'out of uniform.'

Powers that could be discovered with a little bit of observation: Richard can move metallic items around with his mind (magnetokinesis), a skill that he mostly uses to return his lightsaber to his hand. Armed with his weapon, he's skilled at deflecting most any energy or physical projectile directed at him, and he occasionally can befuddle the weak-minded into believing things (These are not the droids you're looking for). While he's not capable of passing vehicles, he can move faster than the best human athlete, and better than some nova ones.

Skills and abilities: Richard is obviously a master swordsman, and his skills at physical competitions relying on speed and tactics over strength are top-notch as well. He knows a little bit about computers, is qualified in first aid, and would make a competant diplomatic assistant.

Background that could be found out by conversing with Richard: Richard Thorne is from a world not too different from late 1980's Earth. He taught driver's education at a high school and spent most of his time with the SCA-equivalent on his world, before he somehow got drawn into the vortex and into hibernation with the group. Somewhere in the vortex, the entirety of the fiction of the Star Wars universe got put into his head, causing (or perhaps caused by?) his eruption. While Richard knows full well that the Force and the Jedi Council are complete fictions, he nevertheless feels that the ideals are worth fighting for, especially given the Big Bad he's been told about. He hopes to find (or perhaps create) more Jedis to help him.

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Rama Sri Shivananda

a.k.a. The Singularity

Appearance: When he is first awakened from stasis, Rama appears to be completely baseline, albeit at the peak of development in nearly every area (See Powers and abilities below) He is of apparently mixed East-Indian heritage and by human standards is heart-stoppingly gorgeous. Dark hair and eyes complement his lighter skin, while years of yoga have chiseled his form into a sculpture. Every curve and angle is flawlessly put together and perfectly proportioned. He seems a bit shy or possibly self conscious about the attention his looks garner him, but his soft spoken demeanor belies the clear and charismatic strength of his voice.

As a Deva (loosely translated as god or angel) Rama undergoes a startling transformation. Inside, his brain tissues become a crystaline substance as his node pulses and grows. Part of his vastly enhanced intelligence comes from the increased efficiency of using light to transmit information through the laticework of neurons and synapses. Externally he becomes an avatar of the great Hindu Gods, most notably that of his namesake, for Rama is an aspect of Krishna. His skin turns a vibrant blue/indigo color and his Node has become a shining third eye, with socket and lids set vertically into his forehead. His eyes as well have become shining clear crystals. Despite the nature of his appearance, which may seem odd as written, he is nonetheless even more breathtakingly beautiful. As Krishna is both the divine lover lover and protector, he is capable of exuding both a seductive passion that transcends ethnicity, as well as the supernatural calm of the peaceful guru.

While he usually wears his Eufiber as a baseline for it's utility, it is almost always in the form of loose comfortable clothing. When he undergoes his transformation however, it becomes an incredibly ornate armor, appearing to be cast in gold. It is supremely articulated, with many layers of fine overlapping plates covered with ornamental engravings and flowing etched prayers in ancient Sanskrit. Topping off his exotic appearance is an ornate helmet, fit for a Raja, with layers of wide flaring winglike crests. Usually his face remains visible but he can create a war-mask at will and always, his glowing Node-Eye shines visibly through a gemstone set in the helmet's forehead.

Background: Those with history or knowledge of the canon setting would be quite suprised to learn that this gentle human is the secret dormant identity of one of Earth's most powerful and influential Novas. As a baseline combat medic for the Indian Army, he was sent into the deadly Kashmir combat zone, performing the grim and thankless task of tending to the baseline support forces in the shadow of Titans. His eruption occured during an exceptionally violent 5-way skirmish between Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, DeVries and Utopian Novas, instigated by a 6th group of disguised Proteus operatives. The ensuing madness, stress and massive quantum energy triggered Rama's exceptionally potent Node like an tactical nuke. All of the quantum for miles around was absorbed into his now wide open 3rd eye while powerful gravitic shockwaves thrashed the now powerless and confused Novas. Fleeing the scene at Mach Speeds nobody knew quite what had happened and Rama Shivananda was declared KIA.

After spending a month in seclusion mastering his abilities and coming to terms with his new perspective on the world, Rama reappeared in dramatic fashion, warping into DeVries main headquarters and negotiating the most generous contract in Elite history, creating his own rules and demanding ethical satisfaction in his work. Taking on the fearsome identity of DarkStar, he acted most commonly as a trump card and negotiator...just showing up would often be enough to end the conflict or at least get people talking. Despite making massive amounts of money as an elite and in special XWF appearances, he became famous for using it to found the most revolutionarily effective peace organizations since the Aeon Society. In fact, he could often act where Utopia's hands were tied up in politics and quickily became a champion for baseline concerns. It is noteworthy to mention that after a year as an Elite, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

At that point, having established his popularity he left DeVries on good terms to become an independant Heroic Force of Nature. As The Singularity he used his vast intelligence and powers to become nearly ubiquitous...always appearing just where he was needed, seemingly without rest, although many wondered about his occasioanl dissapearances from the public life altogether.

Powers and abilities:As a baseline, Rama is in almost every way the pinnacle of human development. While easily overshadowed by the exploits of novas, he remains nearly superhuman to any baseline's standards. The only area he in which he is but average is in the arean of guile. With his strict adherance to honesty in all things, he simply never developed the knack some seem to possess for manipulation.

As a Nova, first and foremost, Rama's eruption has altered his conciousness. Not only has his intellect blossomed into seemingly limitless depths but he is now attuned into the quantum levels of reality. The curvature of space/time is now laughably obvious and it is from this awareness that he manipulates the grosser forces of gravity. Flight, nearly unsurpassed strength and the ability to open interstellar gates in space/time are his forte. It is worth noting that his strength comes not from brute force, but the application of powerful gravitational forces. For example, even though his powers are incredibly nascent in their development, he is able to generate gravitational forces with a mass equivalent to nearly 30,000 standard Terran metric tons.

Aside from his medical and military training he has begun to look into nano and bio technologies along with more traditional forms of computing, engineering and robotics.

Limitations: Despite the common opinion that Mega-intelligent Novas have difficulty relating to baselines, his transformation has only facilitated his understanding and ability to communicate. It has however tended to make him overconfident in his abilities and he has yet to face any true challenges. He does know this about himself and has done his best to mitigate it by spending periodic time dormed down, living humbly as a baseline among baselines and reflecting on how best to wield the power he has been gifted. As a baseline his is commited to the Yogic ideal of Ahimsa or non-violence. Sometimes he questions the vast power and uninhibited personlity of his alter-ego and he can be reticent to undorm.

Everything below this point isn't public knowledge. You can judge for yourself what you are likely to know.

His foresight and Intelligence led him to anticipate the coming Aberrant War. Aside from his ascetic retreats, he also spent time collaborating with the Daedelus Legue and the Survivors to try and find a nova homeworld.

He has seen how his powers have grown and realizes that eventually he will be able to manipulate gravity enough to generate true Quantum Singularities. This level of power and responsibility does scare him as he could become a true force of Galactic Destruction. For now he does his best to walk the path between Vishnu, the Preserver and Shiva, the Destroyer.

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Eve mas Rathien

Appearance: Eve has no distinguishing characteristics that mark her as nova, sove for perhaps being very beautiful to maybe Mega App 1. She stands about 5'8" and seems to weigh about 130 pounds. If you were to actually pick her up you would know she weighed much more, into the 400# range. Her hair is dark brown and she has blue eyes that seem to sparkle anytime a question is asked of her; she LOVES to teach.


Background: Eve is what Asche calls a "Keeper." Not meaning she was one to not let get away, Eve purpose was to oversee the functions of the space station orbiting the dark side of the moon for the millenia since he and her were here to protect the precious "common ancestor bloodline." She was created to be a storehouse of information and to record everything done by House Lonn, more like an official historian. For the first 50 years of her life she travelled the galaxies with the Queen of House Rathien, Lathan, until it was deemed Eve was ready for assignment. Eve was the first Keeper of 12 to be given complete freewill when she came back in time to accompany Asche in his defense of the bloodline.


She is skilled at nearly everything you can think of and knows volumes more than she will ever tell; she has been brought up in a strict Prantic Knight code of ethics. This is the way of the Paramander whose beleif it is to not give anything out not earned or deserved. This prevents her from outright telling answers to most questions but instead she might point one the right direction to find it themselves.

Powers: Eve does not have any outward powers to spek of save perhaps cyberkinesis and regeneration abilities. She is very mega intelligent and analytical and rearely if ever speaks rashly or out of control. It is only recently that she has let her hair down so to speak, and let herself be made a fool or the laughing matter of the team, all in fun. She knows her way around gadgets and recently has been seen making technological devices out of seemingly scrap discarded by the rest of the team.

She has demonstrated the strength, dexterity, stamina, wits, and manipulation of a Mega level.

Limitations: Eve is limited by her strict and unbreakable code of ethics and sense of duty to House Lonn and Pax Concordat.

Everything below this point isn't public knowledge. You can judge for yourself what you are likely to know.

  • Eve is almost 13,000 years old.</li>
  • Eve is a replicant made by House Rathien.</li>
  • She has the orbs embedded in her abdomen and does not want them out.</li>
  • She has complete freewill, but like any devout follower of a cause, adamantly refuses to compromise her code for any reason.</li>
  • Eve is highly invulnerable to harm.</li>
  • Eve is in love with Doctor Chronos.</li>
  • She has also secretly set up her own lab in which she has placed all her backups and reinforced it for all she is worth. The lab is not in Jack's building and is perhaps in Kara's place as Kara is one person she trusts implicitly.</li>
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Whisper is the consummate social chameleon; the psychoemotional equivalent of a shapeshifter. Though her body stays the same, her ability to change her apparent beliefs, emotions, personality and so on are great enough that at times one could almost believe her face and body DO look different... She has an uncanny ability to match her apparent self to whoever she's with, to evoke the reaction she's looking for....and to do so with subtlety.

Because of her talents in that area, discovering the 'real' Whisper is nigh impossible, and she likes it that way. Her needs and goals seem simple enough, and centered around fulfilling her desires. In any given situation, she demands the best comforts available...though her needs scale with her situation. If she found herself homeless, she would certainly want the biggest box around to live in...perhaps with nice pillows made of cast off clothes...and if rich, she will recklessly indulge her taste in comfortable extravagance. And yet, she isn't a possessive person in the least, and should her things be taken, she'll not shed a tear...perhaps leaving one to wonder if she ever really cared about them at all.

She is fond of cats, and refers to them as 'the only creatures that will ever really understand me.'

Whisper is tallish and slim, possessed of natural good looks and an angelic face that seems to radiate innocence. Although physically her beauty is on par with popular models or actresses...there is an intangible quality to Whisper's appearance that kicks the effect of it way up. A subtle, subconscious telepathic broadcast that causes her form to become idealized in the eyes of whoever looks at her, making her more beautiful (to each observer in different ways though) than any human has any right to be. She can also reverse this effect, causing herself to nearly vanish from the mind's eye...blending seamlessly in with a crowd, or making her appearance almost impossible to rememeber; so boring and unremarkable it seems at the time. Her hair is colored violet and falls relatively straight, aside from some straggles, down to her shoulders. Her eyes, nominally blue, share some of that coloration as well, with little rivulets of indigo and violet tucked away alongside the the cobalt.

Of her powers, Whisper is as cagey as ever. Often she'll deny having any at all...if cornered she'll admit "some small" telepathic ability that operates mostly on a subconscious level. But sometimes things h appen around her that make that had to believe...

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