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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - From the Depths to Consume, Destroy...Renew.


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It was time again. Time to revisit the haunted shreds of past wars within the zones of nothingness. This was the third one.

"I will be quick! I will be sparing, but I will be vengance!!!" she cried with closed eyes as her physical speed reached it's pinnacle performance and euphoria encircled her every being. Dorming back to Misyrennies, she braced for unimaginable pain.

She locked onto a large swill of demons like a fighter jet in a dog fight. They were near some of the civilians and the more danger loomed, the more ferocious she became. The sword came down in guard style in front of her as she collided with them all like a 10 ton piece of sledge. A defining bang was heard and the damage to her body was severe. It threw the demons around like shrieking bowling pins and black goop slapped against the reinforced armory walls adding to the explosion of sound!

With great concern for her teammates, Misyrennies got up slowly as her left knee buckled and snapped backwards! "Wuuuuaaaarrrrhhhh"!!! She screamed as blood spurted from her nose and mouth. It was a bad situation...if she did not kill quickly, it would all be over. As soon as that thought crossed her mind, she stumbled forward putting her entire weight down onto several demons close by. The sword plunged into one and followed through into another...It was very hungry; So much that it completely consumed them, crushing their bodies into quantum foam and revitalizing Misyrennies instantly.

The few minutes that remained were not kind to her what so ever. A quick commanding of the demons to challange her resulted in an even larger mass of demonic swill which branched of from her to Georgi in mid fight. This caused her to become much more adrenaline filled and she rampaged with huge circular swings of her sword. On each attempt to injure the seemingly endless mass of hell hounds and spider demons, she would absorb multiple scratches and bites flinging her fur and flesh skyward. The more she fought the more enraged and full of energy she became until she was almost skinless and unrecognizable.

In short respite and massive agony, she threw her head back belching out an unearthly and echoing hiss as her energy hit critical mass.

The now smaller swarm of creatures flung themselves violently towards her to finish the hiroga off entirely. Smiling half-heartily in a final effort...bloody hair covering her wounded eye, Misyrennies buried the "Astrial Vessel" into the ground. The sword sheered through the metal floor and arose around the impious swill in the form of several razor sharp, three meter blades that resembled teeth. Jutting forwards, they bit soundly into the horde, constricting them together into a solitary ball of shredded matter. The sword then consumed them by stretching them out into a thin line and pulling them through the hilt and into her veins as refined quantom.

With new life and almost no energy she collapsed at the sight of a massive monster heading her way...with Gerogi attached to it!!!

Misyrennies immediatly dormed down out of pure fear and raised her sword over her head defensively. "I am ready to die"!


Opening her tear-filled eyes slowly, letting a drop fall as she was to arise, her heart began to sink. The creature's husk was an awesome sight...Georgi had appearently killed it right before thier life was to end, but Georgi appeared very still and vulnerable. Yua inhaled and exhaled deeply, starting to cry with emotion she had never experienced.

"Come on Georgi"... She whispered as she let out a quick sniffle.

"Get Up". Her hands Aurated a green mist as she lay her head apon his shoulders. The mist crept from her hands to his chest hopefully revitalizing him. Yua then collapses from exhaustion.

((OOC: This is the first use of the Spirit Command "Mercy"

EP Remaining: 5))

(The following sequence takes place in Yua's mind as she lay


Blackness is all around. Neon tracers of blue and green spire around her like funnel webbing in the tides of a supermassive blackhole. There is air here to support her lungs...It is preordaned. It is a duel.

Her eyes open sluggishly as this awesome sight comes into view. a set of molten yellow eyes peer at her from the darkness.

Enemy: "You live to challange me, Misyrennies, but not for

long. Your life will be discarded no matter how immortal

your quantum fibers may seem to you little girl.

Yua: "It is not something I willingly come to seek. It is an

addiction; an addiction to killing your kind and sealing

the deal. Something my ancestors never accomplished...

something left uncared for.

She feels the familiar smirk cross her face. The sin of Pride and of foolishness common to a rookie "Millenium Knight".

Enemy: "You see little girl...You are about to realize why they don't

speak of us and why you never should have found this

place you call "The Spine".

Slowly it's shape is reveled...then it's face. It peers into her as her heart gives out; she cannot raise her sword. She cannot scream. She can only die as it Consumes, Destroys and Renews.

Enemy: "Sleep Child"

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