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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Georgi: Pain is only an illusion


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Georgi trailed after Yua, who moved with lightning speed towards the Armory. As he rounded the corner, the hallway opened into a large room. On the wall to the left was a giant hangar door. The door was at least 30 meters tall and twice as wide. Behind that door was the lifeless surface of the moon. Near the doors was an abandoned jumper. In the middle of the room was a large, semi-flattened stone building. On the side of it was a metal door that looked almost like a bank vault. To his horror, hundreds of black shapes swarmed chaotically around it, their screams of maddening frustration echoed through Georgi's helmut. Inside the beseiged Vault were the survivors. They had no choice. They would have to eliminate the demonic mass that squirmed around the Vault. Already he could see Yua starting her assault on the creatures.

Quickly and calmly, he removed his rifle, attached the scope, and lay down to get a good firing position. He pushed the first of several magazines, that included sabot rounds, into the rifle and began aiming at the larger creatures.

"Поцелуй мой русский осел!" He yelled, as he squeezed off a round. (OOC: The translation to English is a little funny.)

The creature struck was decapitated cleanly. Its head bonced off a nearby demon and rolled towards the jumper. The bullet continued until it hit the concrete wall of the armory. Where it struck, a dinnerplate sized chunk of concrete was exploded; showering concrete dust and shards over the raging hordes.

He took aim and fired again. This time the beast shuddered as the round blew away the top half of its head. Again, a hunk of concrete came flying off the Armory's walls. After seeing how much damage the sabot rounds were doing to the concrete, he didn't want to stray his aim too near the hangar doors. A rapid decompression would suck the milling hordes from the armory, as well as toss aside the multitudes just outside the door. I would also doom Lily, Yua, and all the survivors in the Armory. He needed to hope the Armory's walls were thick enough to take the punishment.

The next 10 or so creatures exploded into gore. Yuan was now firmly engaged with the horde, and he had to make sure not to hit her. Their numbers seemed endless. Each time he fired, a gutteral sound rose from the depths of his lungs. A large pool of blackened ichor began to coalesce underneath the demons. It grew in size and depth with each death.

"BLAM!" This time the creature spun around several times, like a lopsided top. Its body careened off several other demons before smacking into the side of the Armory. Georgi had switched to his regular sniper rounds. "BLAM! BLAM!" The shots came much faster now, as he took out one in mid-air, as it pounced on Yua. He kept firing until that magazine was exhausted.

The hordes had started to concentrate on Yua, and they we as think as lice on a third world dictator. Each sabot round now made a large hole in the mass of teeth and claws. There was no way to tell how many were blasted into blackened goo. Yet almost instantly, the gap was closed by more demons. He still had several rounds left, maybe if he placed the shots right, he could take them out in large groups.

"CLICK!" It was the unmistakeable sound of a round jamming in the firing chamber . There was no time to clear it.

Georgi left the rifle where it lay as he drew his MP-90 with his right hand and his knife with his left. He moved closer.

At 5 meters he opened up with a full spray. Limbs and chunks of deomon flew out of the black mass, as the bullets shredded them. A release of the empty, a quick slap in of a new mag, and he fired again. Black demon blood sprayed in all directions, coating his suitl, as their bodies were riddles with holes. It got their attention, as a wave of demons now surged towards him. He replaced the mag and met their charge with his own. A primal voice came from georgi, as he isssued a promise:

"Я беру вас в ад вместе со мной!"

All he could see was black, as they swarme over him like ants on a piece of candy. He could feel their stingers and spikes nicking his skin as they got through his armor. In return, he slashed with his knife, and pummeled with his gun. Wet noises were audible as the knife met flesh and blood coated his hand. The submachine gun left deformed skulls and empty eye sockets where he pummeled them. Occasionally a larger spike would penetrate deeper into a limb or into his torso, but his remarkable regenerative abilities healed whatever damage was done.

It seemed like hours had gone by, but it was in reality, only a few minutes. The number of demons seemed to have lessened. He was able to see Yua, who looked like she was on her last legs, but was still fighting. Lily looked exhausted too, but he could not see if she was in hand to hand combat. Georgi was tired too, his hands were numb from slashing and pummeling.

Georgi screamed as a spike entered the middle of his torso and came out the other end. He had focused on his teammates, and failed to notice a large demon had cued on him. Now, a 4 foot long spike impaled his body and pinned him to the ground. What was worse, he was not able to reach the creature's body, as it stalked towards Yua's backside. He calmly holstered his weapon and sheathed his knife before doing what he had to do next.

"You will not kill my friends!" Georgi growled to the demon as he reached out and grabbed the spike with both hands. His body exploded with pain as he pushed himself further onto the spike. Blood began to squeeze between his cleanched teeth, as he fought back unconsciousness. Again he pulled with his hands, and again pain rocketed through his body, as another foot of spike pushed through him. He heard gurgling noises as the blood began to pool in the bottom of the helmut. The flesh surrounding the spike had healed, and each time he pulled himself closer, he re-tore the healed flesh. One final yank and he was at the base of the spike and against the demons body. It was cold against the skin on his stomach.

"We are now one!" He grunted, as his left hand came across with the knife, planting it to the hilt in the creature's right temple. Using the knife as a handle, he pulled the demon's head closer to him while he brought up the submachine gun to the other side of it's head. With blood coming from his mouth, Georgi smiled and pulled the trigger. The demons head vanished in an expolsion of gore. Now dead, it's spike came loose from the floor. With a grunt, Georgi fell off the sword-like spike and onto the ground. Blood pooled underneath his body. There was silence.

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