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Hello and goodbye


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Hello everyone. I appologise for my long absence, but work and life have kept me busy. I've been lurking in the background of the forums for a few months, but I haven't been able to work up the interest or creative energy to start posting again, so instead I'm going to open up my characters for everyone's use, in case there are any loose threads left that their involvement would help solve.

Jager, if you don't mind acting as an intermediary, I'll PM you with the login info for Alchemist and his two children. You can pass that on to anyone who's interested.

Now for the background and details that may be of interest to people who read my fictions. All of the information in the profile here is accurate, although the links to my stories are all broken now.


However, many of these stories hint at a hidden background and a history not mentioned on these forums. The truth is very simple in essence: Glenn Roberts designed the nova sterility drugs. It was long before his erruption, in 1997 when he first started working for the fledgeling Triton Research Division. He was one of the brightest and most skilled biochemists of his day, and he was used in a secret project, and there is the possibility that he had his intelligence boosted by a nova called 'Mentor'. This would make 'mentor' a pre-n-day nova, but it doesn't matter very much to the story whether this happened or not, so I leave it up to your imagination as to whether this occurred.

What definitely did happen was shortly after N-day, when Proteus first started to use the drug Roberts developed, they had a nova erase his memory of this development, and crudely insert a few false memories and and a compulsion not to examine these things very closely.

This is the reason why 'Utopia' keeps such a close eye on Alchemist once he leaves Triton - should he ever manage to recover those memories, he would be a serious security breach. The only thing that keeps him alive still is the fact that they believe his memory erasure to have been made permanent and absolute as of 'There's hell to Pay' and his impressive and public distrust of telepaths.

As for any other inconsistencies in Alchemist, they can generally be explained by one of three things.

1. Alchemist's primary motivation is the survival of the Nova species. This may be an unconscious response to his ties to the nova sterilization program, but I put it in to give an ironic twist to that when it eventually came out.

2. Alchemist is has a mild case of paranoid schizophrenia. This is not an abberation, it is simply the product of his overactive sense of persecution and a genetic predisposition. His condition was heightened when he went blind, and began to focus on Jager, since he was the only person that Alchemist became incapable of sensing.

3. Alchemist has a soft spot for children. If he sees a kid in danger, he reacts, instantly and efficiently and without any care for consequences. This is why he was the first to get to Amped in 'A scared child', why he agreed to meet with Timeslip in 'Dinner for three', and why he effectively made Clark a ward of the Windy City Knights in 'Lost Children'. This trait goes double for his own children.

To answer the question of 'Where has he been?', I leave that up to all of you. If you want an easy way out, Alchemist was a student of Teras ever since he temporarily joined the Harvesters, so it is possible he went into Chrisalys and the Knights were covering for him.

If anyone has questions or comments, I'll be checking back here for the next few days.

Thanks for everything, RPG-Post, it's been a lot of fun.

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